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30+ Burdock Root Uses, Benefits, and Amazing Home Remedies

by Andreea Laza

Discover the many burdock root uses and why this root is one of the most powerful natural remedies in the world!

The scientific name for burdock is Arctium lappa. Arctium most likely comes from the Greek word “arktos” meaning ‘bear’. Lappa is believed to have Celtic origins, meaning ‘paw’. The Romanian and Bulgarian words for paw are also very similar: laba respectively lapa. Put together, burdock meansthe bear’s paw’. The reason for its name could be its large leaves remind of a bear’s paw. In Medieval France, burdock was also called the “plant of the kings“, because it was said to have healed King Henry III from syphilis.

30+ Burdock Root Uses, Benefits, and Amazing Home Remedies - Root

In This Article You Will Find:

The Life of The Burdock

Burdock is a biennial plant (lives two years). In the first year, it develops its root system and leaves. Then, in the second year, the burdock makes flowers and bears fruits, after which it succumbs. At first, the burdock plant is made only of leaves arranged in a rosette shape. The leaves are the plant’s photosynthesis lab, which feeds rich nutrients to the root, transforming its root into a marvelous nutrient deposit. From its nutrient-dense root, the plant shoots up a 2-meter tall strain full of flowers. In the fall season, the burdock flowers turn into the well-known thistle. They are actually the seeds of the burdock plant.

Burdock Root, The Natural Body Cleanser & Detox

In Europe, burdock root has been used for centuries as one of the most important herbal medicines. It was considered the most important remedy for cleansing the blood.

Recent studies confirm this: burdock neutralizes the free radicals in the blood stream.

It also helps eliminate excess urea and other residual substances from the blood and lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. The detoxifying properties of these miraculous roots don’t end here. Burdock is a natural cleanser for the colon and kidneys due to its powerful diuretic effect. Thus, it helps to eliminate excess body water through sweat and urine.

This is why burdock root is considered an autumn panacea

As you may know, detoxification is the first and most important step in preventing diseases. And this is what burdock does best. From mild infections to endocrine or tumoral diseases, burdock root prevents the installation and development of cancer tumors. Herbal doctors always prescribe burdock root to cancer patients.

30+ Burdock Root Uses, Benefits, and Amazing Home Remedies - Flowers

Burdock Root Is The Liver’s Best Friend

Due to its detox properties, burdock root helps cleanse the liver from the gunk that the liver has stored over time. It fights the viral and bacterial buildup in the liver as well as heavy metal toxicity. If you want to help your liver restore from disease, alcohol, or drug abuse, a 2 weeks burdock root tea cure is what we recommend with a kind heart. Easy and inexpensive!

Besides detoxing the blood and the liver, burdock is also a natural cleanser for the bile, colon, kidneys, skin, and lymph. It also protects the body from the negative effects of free radicals, which are one of the causes of cancer. Is a great natural aid against hair loss and numerous skin conditions. I cannot emphasize enough how miraculous this plant is, and how beneficial for our health!

How to Harvest Burdock Root

The season for harvesting burdock is autumn. Harvest only the plants that are at least one year old, that is before they start to flower. The parts that you can harvest are:

  • the root
  • the leaves
  • the strain (also called rhizome)

That is where the plant stores its nutrients. After harvesting, you should thoroughly wash the roots in cold water. Split them lengthwise and put them to dry in a thin layer, in a warm and cool place. The roots are completely dried when they become stiff and make an empty sound when you snap them. Store the burdock roots in paper bags in a dry and clean place.

How to Harvest Burdock Root - Burdock Root Uses, Benefits, and Amazing Home Remedies - MyNaturalTreatment.com

5 Homemade Remedies with Burdock Root

1. Burdock Root Powder

Finely grind the burdock roots using a coffee grinder. Sieve to separate the fine burdock powder. Store the fine burdock root powder in a hermetically sealed glass jar. Usually, burdock root powder loses its healing properties in 14 days after preparation. The reason is that it can oxidize fairly quickly.

  • Take ½ tsp (2 g) 3 to 6 times per day, before meals.
  • Keep the powder under the tongue for a few minutes.
  • Swallow it down with water.

The Burdock Root Powder is Recommended for:

2. Cold Burdock Root Maceration

Depending on the severity of the condition you wish to treat, the cold burdock maceration treatment can take around 3 to 6 weeks.

  • Add 2 teaspoons of powdered burdock root to a cup of water (200 ml).
  • Leave it for 8-10 hours at room temperature, then strain it.
  • Drink 1-3 cups a day on an empty stomach, at least 15 minutes before eating.

Burdock Root Macerate is Recommended for:

3. Burdock Root Tea

Add two teaspoons of burdock root powder to a glass of water. Let it steep for 6-8 hours at room temperature, then strain. Boil the resulting burdock powder (after straining the tea) for 5 minutes in a glass (200 ml) of water. Set it aside and let it cool down. Finally, combine the two extracts and drink the decoction throughout the day. This is the dosage for 1 day. You can also prepare only the hot tea and use it in various treatments. For best effects, drink 1 cup of this tea in a 14-day cure.

Burdock Root Tea is Recommended for:

30+ Burdock Root Uses, Benefits, and Home Remedies - Burdock Root Tea

4. Burdock Root Tincture

You can prepare the burdock root tincture following this recipe.

  • Put 20 tablespoons of burdock root powder in a jar.
  • Pour 2 cups of 40-degree alcohol over the powder.
  • Seal the jar tight and let the root soak for two weeks in a warm place.
  • Strain and store the burdock root tincture in small, dark-colored bottles.

Have 1 tsp of burdock tincture diluted in a little water, 4 to 6 times a day.

Burdock Root Tincture is Recommended for:

5. Burdock Root Balm Recipe

This simple balm is anti-inflammatory, soothing, and disinfectant, great for external use.


  • 40 g burdock root
  • 12 tablespoons of sunflower oil
  • 60 g coconut oil
  • 3-4 burdock leaves
  • 20 g beeswax

How to Make

Wash the root thoroughly and cut it into small pieces. Put in a jar and pour over the sunflower oil. Seal the jar and let it stay for 3-4 days, in a warm place, to macerate. Melt the coconut oil and beeswax in a steam bath. Finely chop the burdock leaves and combine all the ingredients together (including the burdock root and sunflower oil). Slightly warm up the mix, let it cool off. Strain and pour the burdock balm into a face cream container, or a small glass jar. Whatever you have at hand. Keep it in a cool place.

Burdock Root Balm Is Recommended for:

Burdock root medicinal recipes and home remedies.

What Is Burdock Root Good For? Conditions

If you suffer from one or more of the following conditions, using burdock root is recommended:

1. Cancer

  • lymphoma (including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma)
  • breast cancer
  • lung cancer
  • liver cancer
  • thyroid cancer
  • colon cancer
  • esophageal cancer
  • pharyngeal cancer
  • ovary cancer
  • bladder cancer
  • malignant melanoma
  • pancreatic cancer

2. Mystery Illnesses/Autoimmune

  • lupus
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • fibromyalgia
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Celiac disease
  • Lyme disease
  • all autoimmune diseases and conditions

3. Skin & Joint Disease

4. Hepatitis C

5. Kidney & Bladder Disease

6. Infectious Disease

7. Diabetes

8. Rheumatism

Burdock Root Uses for Symptoms

If you have one or more of the following symptoms, burdock root can help you:

  • Liver Problems: liver scar tissue, liver adhesion, stagnant liver, slow liver, overburdened liver, etc.
  • Digestive Symptoms: bloating, constipation, abdominal cramps, digestive discomfort, etc.
  • Pain & Discomfort: headaches, migraines back pain, neuralgia, myelin sheaths damage, bladder spasms, inflamed appendix, vibration or whirring sensations in the body, enlarged spleen, broken cartilages, any kind of body inflammation.
  • Imbalances & Sensitivities: glycemic imbalances, mineral deficit (including trace elements), food sensitivities, food allergies.
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Internal Parasites
  • Rapid Aging
  • Gum Disease

5 Burdock Root Uses to Prevent Disease

1. Cancer Prevention

Several lab research and experimental medicines have indicated that burdock prevents the onset and evolution of cancerous tumors in different locations in the body. Among other things, the active substances in the root of this plant prevent the malignancy of normal cells, under the action of carcinogens and radiation exposure. Moreover, burdock has specific actions in various cancers, such as those caused by hormonal imbalance or blocked excretion and detox body processes.

3 Natural Cures for Cancer Tumors

2. Burdock Root Uses for Breast Cancer

This treatment also applies to women who suffer from fibroids or mammary cysts at the risk of malignancy. Burdock has a hormonal regulation action, especially on the ovaries, that is very effective for breast cancer. Other plants that are often prescribed for breast cancer prophylaxis together with burdock root are red clover (Trifolium pratense), wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella), and watercress (Nasturtium officinale).

3. Burdock Root Uses for Colon Cancer

A 40-day minimum cure of 500 ml combined burdock root infusion a day is an excellent prophylactic for breast cancer. The cold burdock root macerate (recipe above) is recommended for preventing this type of cancer. One cup before each meal, in 2-3 months long cures, followed by a month of rest. Resume if needed. This treatment drains the stagnant fecal matter from the colon and helps maintain or restore the normal intestinal flora. Also, cold macerate burdock treatment has direct antitumor effects in the colon.

home remedies for colon cancer

4. Burdock Root Uses for Diabetes

Burdock tincture is recommended for diabetes. Take 1 tsp 4 to 6 times per day as a prevention method. The treatment with burdock tincture should be followed for 3 to 6 weeks, at least 4 times a year (1 time/season). You can alternate this treatment with the administration of other anti-diabetic herbs such as artichoke (Cynara scolymus), white mulberry leaves (Morus alba), and blueberry leaves (Vaccinium mirtyllus).

5. Burdock Root Use for Thrombophlebitis

A Chinese and a Japanese study, conducted in 1996 and 2002 on animals revealed that burdock-treated animals had a much lower predisposition towards blood clots and inflammation of the venous walls. In order to prevent this condition (including relapses), it is recommended to use the burdock root infusion treatment. Having a cup twice a day can be of great help.

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13 Internal Burdock Root Uses w/ Natural Remedies

1. Remedy for Diabetes with Burdock

A study conducted on induced diabetes showed that following a burdock treatment can reduce blood glucose by about 12%. Its effects can be enhanced by association with the chicory root (Cichorium intybus) or artichoke leaves (Cynara scolymus).

Burdock also reduces liver glucose production and stimulates insulin secretion in pancreatic cells.

For best results, the combined decoction of these three herbs is recommended.

  • Mix equal parts of burdock root, chicory root, and artichoke leaves.
  • Make 1 l of it and drink it daily.

Patients who already take insulin should be closely monitored by a specialist during this treatment. The reason is that blood glucose drops so rapidly that insulin doses need to be adjusted.

2. Constipation Remedy with Burdock

The indigestible sugars in the burdock root stimulate the formation of “friendly” Bifidus bacteria in the colon. They also increase the biomass of the feces and their water content, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, and improve elimination. For this, burdock root powder is recommended. Have 2 teaspoons of burdock root powder a day, in the morning and evening, 4 in total. The treatment lasts for three weeks and can be resumed whenever needed after five days of rest.

Constipation Relief Remedies that you can try at home

3. Burdock Root Remedy for UTI

Burdock is a great adjuvant in cystitis and nephritis, due to a category of active principles found in the root, called polyacetylene. These substances have a strong antibiotic effect, being a great help in treating urinary infections, both mild and severe. In addition, it has a strong diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Burdock root is also a mild antipyretic. That is, it lowers fever, being of great aid during acute episodes. For UTIs, a combined burdock root tea decoction (1 l/day) is usually recommended. It doesn’t interfere with any kind of medication, neither allopathic nor herbal.

4. Kidney Stones Remedy with Burdock Root

Burdock root is one of the safest and most effective natural renal diuretic and renal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is used to remove small kidney stones and to facilitate the migration of large stones already found on the ureter. Drink 1 liter of combined burdock root decoction per day. In parallel, hot sitz baths are recommended. Add burdock root decoction and greater celandine leaves infusion (Chelidonium majus) into your sitz bath basin.

Kidney Sand Remedies

5. Colon Polyps & Colon Cancer Adjuvant

Burdock root has direct antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it stimulates intestinal transit, the elimination of toxins, and normalizes flora in the colon, by neutralizing the free radicals. Therefore, burdock is recommended and prescribed for colon cancer because it has the property to slow down and even prevent the formation of tumors and metastases.

  • Use it as powder, 4-8 grams per day, in a 45-day treatment.
  • Pause for 15 days and resume if needed.

6. Psoriasis Remedy with Burdock Root

For psoriasis, a mix of equal parts burdock root and wild pansy (Viola tricolor) oftentimes works. For this, powder the two plants and have six teaspoons daily, on an empty stomach, before the main meals. This is a 90-day treatment, doubled by a vegetarian diet. 60% of the daily diet should consist of raw vegetables, fruits, and cereals. Have at least 3 l of liquids per day, in the form of fresh fruit or vegetable juices or plant infusions. Chamomile, lemon balm, and mint infusions are the best.

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7. Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure

In the beginning, follow a 4-6 weeks cure with combined burdock root decoction (cold and hot). Have 2-3 cups of this tea daily. Double the efficiency of the treatment by loading up on sea buckthorn and rosehip. These berries are loaded with Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. This therapy effectively prevents and combats rheumatoid arthritis, because burdock impedes the degenerative processes of the joints.

It has anti-inflammatory properties for the joints, and it helps stop the destruction processes within the fine cartilage tissues of the joints through its antioxidant action. You can use a burdock root balm for arthritis pain (recipe in this article).

8. Hepatitis Cure (Viral & Alcoholic)

Some Chinese studies have shown that burdock extract has direct antiviral effects. In addition, it protects the liver from the action of toxic agents, including alcohol.

  • To aid in hepatitis follow a 60-day burdock root powder treatment.
  • You can have one teaspoon four times a day, before meals, on an empty stomach.

This burdock powder treatment helps in the regeneration of the liver cells. Thus, it prevents the further evolution of hepatitis into cirrhosis or even liver cancer.

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9. Burdock Root for Antibiotics Side-Effects

Burdock root harvested in autumn contains up to 45 to 50% inulin. This amazing active principle is an aid in protecting the stomach during synthetic/conventional antibiotic treatment. It prevents digestive disorders caused by antibiotics, such as inappetence, stomach aches, and intestinal transit disorders, and it also helps prevent digestive candidiasis.

As such, burdock is an excellent aid when taking antibiotics.

Furthermore, it doesn’t inhibit the action of antibiotics in any way but fights the main side effects. You may take 4 tsp of burdock powder, four times a day, in 21 days-long treatments.

10. Vitamins, Calcium & Magnesium Deficiency

Burdock root is quite rich in vitamin C, vitamin B complex, Iron, Magnesium, and other trace elements. Even more than this, it helps the body to better assimilate these nutrients from food. Burdock root powder can help you better assimilate the vitamins and minerals. The recommended dose is 2-3 grams before the main meals.

11. Gout & Excess Urea Cure with Burdock Root

Drinking 1 to 1.5 l of burdock tea combined with other herbs per day in 5 weeks-long cures. This treatment mobilizes and helps to remove urea from the body, through urine and sweat. Do not be scared if in the first few weeks, your sweat and urine will get a very nasty smell. It is a clear sign that the cure is effective and that excess salt of uric acid in the body is eliminated.

12. Radiation Exposure Treatment w/ Burdock Root

A Japanese study conducted at the Okayama School of Medicine in 1984 showed that body cells are more resistant to the mutagenic action of radiation when helped by the active principles in burdock. As a result, people who’ve been exposed to different types of radiation are recommended to take burdock root powder. The recommended daily dose is 10 grams in 30 days long treatments minimum.

Burdock root is part of a very select club of natural remedies that protect the body from radiation.

Other herbs and natural products that help protect from radiation are herb Robert (Geranium robertianum), black tea, sea buckthorn, bee pollen, and propolis.

3 Home Remedies for Radiation Burn

13. Burdock HIV/Aids Adjuvant

A Chinese study conducted in 1996, revealed that certain active substances in burdock (called lignans) simply block the replication of the virus that causes this ailing malady. It is recommended to take powdered burdock root, as an adjuvant, 1 teaspoon four times a day, in 90-day long treatments.

Home Remedies with Burdock Root - Internal & External Uses

4 External Burdock Root Uses w/ Natural Remedies

1. Home Remedy for Dandruff

Prepare the burdock root tea (recipe in this article):

  • And 3-4 drops of Lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) in 500 ml (2 cups) burdock root tea.
  • Use it to rinse your hair, after washing.
  • Pour it slowly, by gently rubbing the scalp skin with your fingers.

The active principles in burdock and lavender are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungus. They fight parasitic flora from the scalp and restore the skin. Another way to use burdock for dandruff is this oil.

  • Fill up 1/4 of a jar with fresh red clover flowers (or 1/6 dried red clover flowers).
  • Add an equal amount of fresh burdock root, respectively, 1/6 jar of dried root.
  • Add the same amount of rosemary leaves.
  • Fill up the rest of the jar with castor oil.

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This natural hair oil fortifies the hair roots, stimulates the blood flow, and nurtures the scalp. It also accelerates hair growth and, of course, fights dandruff. Thus, burdock tea is an amazing natural treatment for dandruff.

Nettle Hair Rinse for Dandruff

2. Hair Loss Treatment with Burdock Root

In many regions in Russia, villagers have healthy and often long hair. The reason is that they use burdock decoction, combined with nettle leaves to wash their hair. They use it for the last rinse, leaving it for a few minutes on the hair. Then they wash it off with water. Drink burdock root tea infusion daily, especially in the cold seasons. The scientific explanation for the effectiveness of this hair loss remedy is that the two plants help the hair assimilate vital microelements in them. Another great remedy for hair loss is burdock root oil.

Burdock Root Oil Hair Mask for Hair Loss

Follow this recipe:

  • Combine 2 egg yolks, 2 tsp burdock oil, and 35 g of honey.
  • Apply the mask to the scalp and leave it on for 30-40 minutes.
  • Wrap a towel around your head.
  • Wash it off with plenty of water.

For best results, apply the hair loss mask twice a week.

3. Allergic Eczema Remedy

For allergic eczema, internal treatment with burdock decoction (1 l/day for 30 days) is recommended. For best results, apply burdock root and chamomile cataplasms topically.

  • Mix equal parts of powdered burdock root and chamomile plant.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of the mix to a bowl and pour warm water over it.
  • Stir continuously until a paste is formed.
  • This paste is applied to the affected area, where it is held for one hour and then removed.
  • Let the skin dry naturally.
  • Repeat both the internal and the external treatments daily until the eczema is gone.

This treatment is also recommended for atopic dermatitis. Internal treatment is generally recommended for atopies.

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4. Burdock Root Recipe for Healthy Skin

Burdock and wild pansy are probably the most effective anti-aging herbs from the European flora. Used together, they help the skin look younger, fine, and glowy. This root gradually cleanses the skin and removes skin irritation and excess sebum. Burdock root tea is also an effective treatment against hormonal acne and allergic skin problems.

  • Drink 600 ml of burdock root tea daily for beautiful, radiant skin.

Taken together with wild pansy in a tea combination, may increase its efficiency. Usually, the results are brighter, smoother, clearer, and more radiant skin.

Burdock Root Contraindications & Precautions

Burdock root has no known contraindications. The only precautions will be for diabetics, who need to adjust their insulin doses when following a burdock remedy, under the close guidance of a herbal doctor. Burdock seeds (only them, NOT the root) of burdock are contraindicated in case of pregnancy because they can cause uterine contractions. Burdock root, on the other hand, is safe to use during pregnancy because it prevents constipation, venous problems as well as mineral and vitamin deficiencies in the body. In very rare cases, allergic dermatitis has been reported after using burdock root applications externally.

Burdock Root, the King of All Roots

Indeed, burdock root is one of the most amazing natural medicines there is. It has tremendous liver detox properties and energetic grounding. Burdock has 50 times more powerful grounding action than any other root plant in the world. This simple root replenishes the liver’s ability to ground itself and thus gather the minerals and vitamins it needs to kill off any pathogens residing in it.

In addition, burdock root helps the liver clear off its scars, and cysts, and cleanse its lobes.

Burdock root goes very deep, detoxifying the densest toxicity in the liver. We’re talking toxic hormones from heavy metals, plastic masses, herbicides, and fungicides, giving the liver a well-deserved break. Burdock root contains all the minerals we know. In addition, it contains vitamins A, B, C, and K. Thus, it helps cleanse the lymph and blood and increase the white cell production, which fights pathogens, and cancerous formations. And there’s even more to it.

30+ Burdock Root Uses, Benefits, and Home Remedies - Fresh Burdock Root

The Spiritual Teachings of The Burdock Root

This mighty root plant not only purifies the physical body but also the emotional one.

Burdock is a wonderful depurative and detoxifying herb for the skin. That’s why we use it for this purpose. But skin-deep impurities are not those of the physical body, but of the emotional body. Anger, aggression, intolerance, and rigidity are some of the wounds of the soul that burdock brings out and heals. That’s why, when using burdock for detox, we may experience all those negative feelings that we hold inside, coming out to the light. Our own emotional garbage hitting us right back in the face. Well, it is all part of healing, you mustn’t be afraid.

Burdock brings about stability and temperance

Burdock is a wonderful aid for people who tend to exaggerate, to staunch, and also for those who commit too much and get too attached to their actions and goals. It is the perfect healing herb for anxious, stressed, fearful, undecided, and unsure peeps. The kind of people who are open to the world, and kind-hearted, yet so vulnerable to the negativity out there. Burdock protects them energetically, emotionally, and physically.


It builds our inner emotional defense mechanisms, by strengthening our personal values and in parallel to this, the immune system. This is why burdock is an amazing skin protector, very good at treating skin cracks, lines, and frostbite.

Burdock is the one herb defense army

It prevents and fights tumors, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Everything that’s potentially harmful. Burdock helps relax the ones with a bitter heart. It calms down their intensity and zeal and makes them less reactive to what happens outside of them. It makes you “less itchy” literally and metaphorically. That’s why burdock root is so soothing for dermatitis, alopecia, etc. The bitter, astringent, and sweet taste of burdock helps us detach from the outer world, and create a harmonious connection with our soul.

Burdock boosts confidence, contentment, and gratitude

The stability that burdock imprints in our thoughts and feelings is the outcome of the subtle purge of the soul’s impurities. These impurities are resentments, selfishness, rage, and exacerbated wishes. In one (well, two) words: psycho-emotional toxins.

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We hope that this article helped you learn more about the most important burdock root uses and benefits. There are many, and we actually believe this plant deserves an entire book, given the amazing healing that it does. Use burdock root to detention and de-stress, and ground yourself in the present moment by releasing the trauma of the past.

Please share the article so we can help more people. Stay healthy, naturally! ❤️

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