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3 Natural Treatments for Hepatitis A

by Andreea Laza

Hepatitis A Natural TreatmentsThe natural treatments for hepatitis A you are about to see are very helpful against painful cramps caused by hepatitis. They will also assist you in your recovery from this dreadful condition. Make sure you immediately go see a doctor before following any of these natural remedies.

3 Natural Treatments for Hepatitis A

1. Greater Celadine, The Wonder Remedy for Hepatitis A

Pick the plant when in bloom and naturally dry it inside, by keeping it in the shades of your house. When it’s dry, weight it, you’ll need 5 gr of dried plant. Meanwhile, boil 1 L of water. When it starts to simmer, take the pot off the fire, and leave it aside to cool for 10 minutes on the clock with a lid on.

After the pass of 10 minutes, add the chopped celadine and leave the decoction to infuse for the next 12 hours. Slip the content and add 200 gr of honey. Pour the preparation in a bottle and keep in a cool dark place. Start the treatment immediately.

Have 1 tbsp. of the greater celadine drink 12 times per day, one every hour, no matter you have eaten or not. This natural cure is 5 days for kids and 7-10 days for adults. 1 L of this juice will last for a 5 days cure, so adult patients will have to prepare a new dosage.

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2. Seabuckthorne Remedy for Hepatitis A

Again as in the case of chronic hepatitis, seabuckthorn is a wonder plant in treating and recovering from hepatitis A.

This time, make some seabuckthorn tea using smashed seabuckthorn berries.

  • Add two tablespoons of crushed seabuckthorn berries into 1 liter of hot water.
  • Cover the pot for 30 minutes or more and then slip the tea.
  • You may sweeten it with honey.
  • Drink the entire tea quantity throughout the day.

Undergo this simple natural treatment for hepatitis A together with the specific alimentary diet. You’ll be back on your feet after a few months. In case you also suffer from hepatobiliary cramps very annoying and painful, as a remains of the hepatitis A condition, you’ll need to follow a simple natural remedy and get back on your feet.

  • What you need to do is to mix 500 ml of St. John’s Wort tea with 500 ml of high quality olive oil, 500 g of wildflower honey and 100 ml of seabuckthorn natural juice.
  • Let the mix macerate for 1 full week, while mixing it several times on a daily basis.
  • After one week has passed, you need to slip the content.
  • Have 100 ml of the mixture every morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast. After that, lay on the bed on your right side for 30 minutes.

Do not forget to continue with the alimentary diet, without which this natural remedy will have no effects whatsoever. Follow this natural treatment for hepatitis A for one months and you’ll get rid of the annoying pains and cramps.

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3. Royal Jelly, a Natural Treatment for Type A Hepatitis

Mix 2 gr of high quality, locally bought royal jelly with 250 gr of honey. Have approx. 10 grams of this sweet remedy on a piece of wood, plastic or glass (but not metal) and keep it under the tongue. Under the tongue, there are two glands that allow the royal jelly to enter directly into the blood stream. In 2-3 weeks time you’ll regain your health back, thanks to this sweet natural treatment for hepatitis A.

Also, take greater care at what you eat, avoid cold and rest well! We wish you all great health! Stay healthy, naturally!

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