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Our editor is not a licensed medical doctor, clinical specialist, chiropractor, osteopathic doctor, naturopathic specialist, nutritionist, drug specialist, analyst, psychotherapist, or other officially authorized healthcare professional, practitioner, or provider of any sort. We do not offer medical, psychological, or other expert guidance or therapy, nor do we provide or prescribe any medical diagnosis, therapy, remedy, drug, or cure.

The data from this page/site is for informational purposes only and ought not to be viewed as healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescription. No part of this data should be viewed as healthcare advice, diagnosis, treatment or prescribing. No part of this data should be viewed as a claim of cures, a legal warranty, or an assurance of results to be accomplished. This data isn’t intended as a substitute for guidance from your medical doctor or other healthcare professional or any notifications or guidelines contained in or on any item labeling or packaging. You ought not to use this data for the determination or treatment of any medical condition or for the prescription of any medication or other therapy. You should consult with a healthcare professional prior to modifying or ceasing any current meds, therapy, or care, beginning any dietary regimen, exercise or supplementation program, or if you assume that you have or presume you could have a medical condition.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has not assessed any statement, claim, or representation made on or available from this page/site. Nor has the FDA assessed any food, product, or administration referenced on, or accessible from or through, this page/site. No food, product, or service referenced on, or accessible from, or through this page/site is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The data provided on and available from this page/site doesn’t necessarily mirror the opinions of My Natural Treatment, and is not guaranteed to be right, complete, or updated. This page/site isn’t intended to build a client relationship, and the access to or receipt of data included on or shared through this page/site doesn’t constitute such a relationship. Data published on this page/site is not confidential and can be reviewed by the general population. Thus, do not disclose anything on this page/site that you expect to be held in confidence.

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