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7 Natural Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural treatments for chronic hepatitis, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

Chronic hepatitis is a condition that affects the liver. At first, chronic hepatitis may not cause symptoms, but some of the most common ones include:

  • fatigue
  • slight discomfort in the upper abdominal area
  • loss of appetite
  • vomiting
  • body pain

If chronic hepatitis becomes more severe, people may experience the following symptoms jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), swelling of the abdomen, weight loss, muscle weakness, and confusion. If modern medicine has failed you, or you simply want to use something more natural to heal, we have here seven natural treatments for chronic hepatitis that use herbs and natural ingredients. You can use these remedies alongside the treatment prescribed by your physician.

Natural Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis

7 Natural Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis

1. Charcoal, a Remedy for Chronic Hepatitis

This is one of the most amazing natural treatments for chronic hepatitis with medicinal herbs. You need equal amounts of the following ingredients: olive pits, grape seeds, hemp seeds, vine branches, patience dock roots, and the aerial parts of greater celandine (leaves and flowers). Make sure the vine branches are old and dried.


Burn the olive pits, the grape seeds, and the hemp seeds in a cast iron pot until they get carbonized. Chop the patience dock roots and the greater celandine plant and then let them dry, then heat them up until they carbonize in the hot oven. Burn the vine branches in a smoldering fire. Then put them in a tightly sealed container for the next 24 hours, while they turn into ashes. Mix together all the charcoal powders from burning the ingredients and now you have your own homemade vegetal charcoal.

How to Use

Have 1 tbsp of the charcoal powder every 3-7 days (depending on the severity of your hepatitis), preferably before the meals. Take the charcoal with 1 tbsp of honey, with a fresh cold-pressed juice, herbal tea, or with water. Do not swallow the vegetal charcoal as is. If you suffer from acute viral hepatitis, 10 tbsp of vegetal charcoal will do. If you don’t want to prepare it at home, you can buy activated charcoal powder. Be aware! In the case of complicated hepatitis, such as acute liver failure or cirrhosis, the vegetal charcoal remedy has little to no benefits.

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7 Natural Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis - Charcoal

2. Natural Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis with Oils

Combine equal parts of chopped and dried St. John’s wort, yarrow, greater celandine, globe artichoke, and milk thistle herbs. Fill 3/4 of a glass bottle with this herbal blend and fill the rest of the bottle with natural, cold-pressed olive oil. Seal the bottle and leave the plants to soak for the following 15 days. Filter the infused oil through a clean gauze and pour it into an amber bottle. Keep away from sunlight. Have 1 tsp of the infused oil on an empty stomach, 1/2 hours before breakfast. Then lay down on the bed on your right side for a half-hour. These herbs are amongst the best natural treatments for chronic hepatitis.

3. Natural Treatment with Wormwood

In order to get your strengths back and feel healthy and strong again, you can use wormwood tea. Wormwood is a natural liver cleanser, parasites killer, and powerful antiviral, this is why the following is one of the best natural treatments for chronic hepatitis.

  • Steep 1/2 tablespoon of dried and minced wormwood into 150 ml of hot water for 15 minutes.
  • Strain the tea and drink in with small sips before the main meals of the day.
  • If you feel the tea is way too bitter (because wormwood is bitter indeed) you can add two teaspoons of honey to sweeten it after the tea has cooled down a bit.

Wormwood tea helps revitalize and tone the entire body, as it helps cleanse the liver from toxins and pathogens. Continue drinking the wormwood tea for two weeks and you’ll get your strength and spirit back, as well as your appetite and joy of life.

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4. Sea Buckthorn Juice Treatment

Another great adjuvant against chronic hepatitis is, of course, the sea buckthorn. Along with the strict food plan (little to no animal fats and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies) and a healthier lifestyle, fresh sea buckthorn juice is a fantastic remedy. For this remedy, you need ripe sea buckthorn berries.

  • Make one liter of sea buckthorn juice using a slow juicer and pour it into a large jar.
  • Add 250 g wildflower honey into the juice and mix.
  • Drink the entire quantity throughout the day.

Store the jar in a cool place during that day. This is one of the most effective natural treatments for chronic hepatitis.

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5. Beets Juice Cure for Hepatitis

Drink 100-150 ml of beet juice every day. Prepare the juice right before you’re drinking it, so it’s always fresh You can add 1 tsp of honey as beet juice can have a pretty strong taste. Continue the beet juice cure for 16 days and then do a medical checkup and see where you are. You can resume the cure after a 30 days pause. Take care of what you eat as well.

6. Natural Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis with Herbs

Make a simple infusion with equal parts of dandelion, globe artichoke, chicory, and milk thistle. Steep one tsp of the herbal blend in one cup of hot water and drink 3 cups a day. These herbs are great liver cleansers, which makes them one of the best natural treatments for chronic hepatitis.

7. Honey Remedy for Chronic Hepatitis

Add 25 g of propolis, 25 g of bee pollen, and 15 g of royal jelly in 250 g of raw honey and mix with a wooden spoon. Have a tbsp of this superfood honey daily. This honey remedy is one of the best natural treatments for chronic hepatitis, as the liver thrives on natural sugars from fruits and loves raw, natural honey.

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Natural Supplements for Chronic Hepatitis

In addition to the natural treatments for chronic hepatitis above, a B Vitamin complex is a great supplement for chronic hepatitis, namely B1, B6, and B12. Supplement with Vitamin E for two weeks, pause for 15 days and resume twice (3 months in total). Avoid fried foods and animal fats, and processed sugars, and replace them with fresh fruit, fruit juices, and natural raw honey. Exclude from your diet coffee, sodas, and energy drinks, and avoid smoking. Reflexology and acupuncture can also help.

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These are 7 simple and effective natural treatments for chronic hepatitis that we hope will serve you too. Do your best to support the liver with bitter medicinal plants, fresh fruits and veggies, the superfoods mentioned above, and lots of self-love and understanding. Let us know if these natural remedies have worked for you, by leaving a comment in the comment section below. Stay healthy, naturally!

Natural Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis

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