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7 Natural Remedies for Diabetes

by Andreea Laza

Diabetes Remedy

It is a known fact that diabetes patients need to face many challenges. Mainly diet restrictions and a healthier lifestyle overall, apart from the lifelong prescript treatments and drugs.

However, nature has alternative remedies, as these natural remedies for diabetes that we will present to you today, based on the simple yet efficient pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are great adjutants in diabetes and if you closely follow the instructions below you’ll find some amazing natural remedies for diabetes. Besides the healthy lifestyle and diet we recommend you to try this remedy below.

7 Natural Remedies for Diabetes

1. Pumpkin Seeds Remedy for Diabetes

  • Peel and finely chop 30 grams of pumpkin seeds and place them in a pot.
  • Add half liter of water over the seeds and start the fire.
  • Boil at low heat for not more than 10 minutes.
  • Let the concoction cool down and slip it.
  • Drink one cup of this concoction every morning on an empty stomach and another one in the evening, one hour before bedtime.

This remedy for diabetes is not harmful in any way, on the contrary, it helps reducing the blood glucose level and it is an excellent toner for the entire body.

Try it yourself and enjoy a better health condition.

Along with a strict diet that cuts off all the refined sugars and sweets from your diet, there are natural treatments that can ease your condition and even cure you.

2. Leek, a Home Remedy for Diabetes

Who would have ever thought that leek is a great natural stimulus for the proper functioning of the bladder and a great cholesterol cleanser for the clogged arteries?

Well, this home remedy using leek will definitely make you better and lower your cholesterol levels.

  • All you have to do is to pour in a pot over fire 2 l of white wine and when it starts to simmer add 1 kg of chopped leek, but only the white parts.
  • Continue to boil on medium heat until the content in the pot drops at half.
  • Drink a small cup of this concoction early in the morning before breakfast on a daily basis for a long period of time.

You will notice the improvements at the next medical exam. Indeed, this is an amazing home cure for diabetes that has already worked for a lot of people who have diabetes and it is also a great adjuvant for high GI.

Who has ever thought that green onion, shallots and onion in general is a marvelous natural hypoglycemic, perhaps one of the most efficient that nature has ever provided. That`s right!

Perhaps few of you know that a special diet that includes eating green onion every day on a longer period of time has beneficial effect even on more advanced forms of diabetes.

3. The Cranberries Natural Treatment for Diabetes

If you are looking for a long term treatment and adjuvant for diabetes, then you should try a complete cure based on one of the most powerful antiglicemic berries. We’re talking about the cranberries!

Here is how cranberries can help you fight diabetes and win. Keep in mind that the cranberries cure and the other cranberries based treatments need to be done intermittently, with pause between them.

  • Fresh Cranberries. Have plenty of fresh cranberries along the day, and even dried or frozen, if you can’t find them fresh anywhere. A 50-200 gr of fruits daily is just perfect!
  • Cranberries Juice. Drink 50-100 ml of fresh cranberries juice daily for 2 weeks out of a month. Pause and resume.
  • Cranberries Tea. Replace your daily water supply with cranberries leaves tea. Instead of this tea you can use the cranberries decoction by adding 1 tsp. of cranberries bark or root per 1 L of water. Boil on low fire for 30 minutes and have 1 cup three times per day. You need to make fresh supply of teas daily, because in 24 h of staying these teas lose their therapeutic properties. Drink your teas unsweetened.
  • Diet for Diabetes. Your diet needs to contain plenty of onion, garlic, carrots, lettuce, spinach, celery, nettles, cabbage. Add these fruits into your diet as well: cranberries, sour apples and lemons. Have 2 cups of unsweetened fenugreek tea every day and 1 tsp. of cinnamon in the morning, with breakfast.
  • Diabetes Restrictions. Avoid sugary foods and high glycemic foods as well as harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee or stress.

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4. A Remedy that Fights Diabetes with Shallots

One of the most effective natural remedy for diabetes is based on a special shallots tincture. This is what you will have to do to obtain the tincture:

  • mix 500 ml shallot juice with equal amount of ethyl alcohol in a 1 l bottle.
  • stir very well, seal the bottle and leave be for a few days in a cold place.

When the tincture is ready to use, have a teaspoon every day for one month period. Then stop taking it for another 10 days after which you shall resume for another month with this remedy. It`s best if you repeat the treatment monthly for 4 or 5 times a year. You will notice its benefits quite rapidly!

5. Sour Cabbage Remedy for Diabetes

Sour foods, such as wheat bran broth and sour cabbage have the property of lowering the glycemic index, that’s why they are so recommended. Follow a 3 weeks cure with sour cabbage as follows.

  • Eat a simple salad made of a medium sized sour cabbage on an empty stomach, in the morning.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to pause the treatment you’re already following. Run some medical tests before and after the sour cabbage cure and see for yourself.

Generally, 2-3 cures are more than enough with a week pause between them.

6. Potatoes Juice Remedy for Diabetes

  • Drink the juice of three grated potatoes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Follow this cure for 10 days.
  • Pause for another 20 and then resume the treatment.
  • It’s best to use organically farmed potatoes.

7. Remedy for Diabetes Insipidus (DI)

The green bean pods treatment is the best when it comes to diabetes insipidus, also known as DI.

  • Make yourself fresh juice of green bean pods and drink it in between the meals of the day.
  • The minimum daily quantity is 150 ml.
  • In addition, drink mulberry leaves tea and blackberry buds tea.
  • Also, include dandelion buds into your diet; in salads, preferably.
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