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5 Natural Treatments for Rheumatic Pain

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural treatments for rheumatic pain, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

Rheumatic pain, as well as sciatica pain, can overwhelm you all of a sudden when you least expect it. However, there’s always a plant in nature’s garden that can fight against these unwanted situations. In addition to the natural treatments for rheumatic pain below, here are other things that you can do.

  • regular exercise
  • a balanced diet
  • stress reduction
  • plenty of rest

We have gathered here some of the best natural treatments for rheumatic pain that have been proven to work for so many. Let’s get into the remedies.

5 Natural Treatments for Rheumatic Pain with Garlic and Herbs

5 Natural Treatments for Rheumatic Pain

1. Garlic Treatment for Rheumatic Pain

In addition to being one of the most powerful natural antibiotics, garlic is also one of the most powerful best natural treatments for rheumatic pain. Here is how you can use it.

  • Put 100 ml of extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil and a grated garlic clove in a glass bottle.
  • Place the glass in the pantry and let it stay like that for 5 days.
  • Strain the content and keep the garlic-flavored oil in a dark glass.

Use the obtained oils to rub the sore areas, the back, the neck, or wherever you feel the pain in your body. Insist on the spots where it hurts the most and put a stop to the rheumatic pains that bother you so much. Continue this natural treatment for rheumatic pains until the pains have reduced significantly or stopped completely. Some have said their pains subsided within a week of treatment. Garlic oil is one of the best natural treatments for rheumatic pain.

2. Hot Pepper Tincture Remedy for Rheumatic Pain

Hot pepper tincture or extract is a simple yet effective home remedy that you can prepare at home following the directions below. The hot pepper macerate goes like this. 

  • Add 18 finely chopped red-hot peppers in a wide-mouth bottle and pour 100 ml of 40 degrees pure alcohol over them.
  • Let them macerate soak for 10 days nearby a source of heat (perhaps somewhere next to the stove or close by).
  • Strain the content and pour the macerate into smaller dark glass bottles. 

Pour a bit of this tincture on a cotton pad and anoint the sore area right before bedtime. If you’ll experience some skin irritation make sure you anoint your skin with marigold ointment before applying the red pepper tincture. This is one of the best natural treatments for rheumatic pain.

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3. Black Bryony, a Natural Treatment for Rheumatic Pains

The following is a traditional recipe for a natural salve made from black bryony roots (Dioscorea communis). This remedy has worked wonders for those who suffer from sciatica pain as well as rheumatic pain. Here is how to make it at home.

  • Get a few black bryony roots out of the ground and wash them thoroughly so the dirt goes off and then let them dry for a few moments.
  • Chop the roots and pass them through the juicer so all the juices come out.
  • Mix the juice with lanolin (equal quantities) and you’ll get this amazing ointment to anoint the sore areas with.
  • Use it several times per day by rubbing the painful areas and articulations.

It has no contraindications at all and the main thing it does is to warm up the articulations but it also stimulates the local blood flow and after two weeks after using it, you’ll see the pain diminishing. This ointment also helps increase the elasticity of the articulations. It is one of the most effective natural treatments for rheumatic pain.

5 Natural Remedies for Rheumatic Fever - black bryony
Black bryony plant (Dioscorea communis)

4. Pine Cones Remedy for Rheumatic Pain

What you need is to gather two fresh and large pine cones from an unpolluted area. This is really important! Then follow the recipe below to make one of the most powerful natural salves for rheumatic aches.

  • Wash the pine cones thoroughly and let them dry by themselves. 
  • Melt 50 grams of pork fat into a pan and then add the finely chopped cone pines into the pan. 
  • Let the pine cones macerate in the hot fat for 1-2 hours and then strain the salve. 
  • Pour the melted fat into a jar and let it cool down.
  • Cover the jar tightly with a lid and the ointment is ready to use.

Apply in on the painful areas and rub it in gently. Repeat daily, or whenever you feel pain. This is one of the best natural treatments for rheumatic pain.

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5. Walnuts, the Home Remedy for Rheumatic Pain

Another great rheumatic pain-killer that you may want to look into is walnut leaves and roots. Here are 2 natural treatments for rheumatic pain that use the miraculous power of this mighty tree. Here is how you can prepare use at home. Let’s start with the first remedy.

  • Pick walnut leaves and tear them gently, then sprinkle natural fruits alcohol (35-40°) over them.
  • Apply a thick layer of leaves over an approx 10*10 cm surface, where you experience the pain.
  • Bandage with a plastic wrap, as tight as possible, so the leaves don’t have any space left to “breath”.
  • Then secure the plastic wrap in place with an elastic bandage.

Do this procedure at night before bedtime, because the walnut leaves poultice needs to stay overnight. Your skin will stain a bit, but it’s not permanently. After 3-4 sessions you’ll feel the pains have subsided. Here is the second remedy with walnut.

Natural Remedies for Rheumatic Fever You Should Try

Walnuts Remedy for Rheumatic Pain – 2nd Recipe

Although this one needs more preparation time, it is very effective for rheumatic pains. Here is how to make it at home.

  • Dig a hole at the root of a walnut tree and cut a section of a smaller ramification from its root (5-10 mm diameter is perfect).
  • Wash off the dirt and put the root piece at the bottom of a 750 ml jar filled with either cold-pressed sunflower oil or olive oil.
  • Seal the bottle with a cork and beeswax and bury the bottle underground, so that the sunlight can’t reach it.

Do this procedure in the autumn, before the falling leaves season, and get the bottle out of the ground somewhere in January, when the ground is frozen. Use this miraculous ‘myrrh‘ to anoint the painful areas regularly and the results will soon show.

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Remember, all the natural treatments for rheumatic pain you need already exist in nature in one form or another. We really try to bring them to your attention and help you be a healthier person. Hopefully, you have found here some amazing natural treatments for rheumatic pain that will work for you as well as they have worked for before you. We believe that the best medicine is the traditional, natural one, based on plants and herbs, and we share all that we know to help as many people as we can. Stay healthy, naturally!

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