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5 Simple Natural Remedies for Rheumatic Fever You Should Try

by Andreea Laza

Simple Remedies for Rheumatic Fever

Rheumatic fever is a form of rheumatism that affects the joints mostly, at times causing atrocious pains in the patients. Here are some natural remedies for rheumatic fever that may calm down the symptoms and help out!

5 Natural Remedies for Rheumatic Fever

1. Weeping Fig Leaves Remedy for Rheumatic Fever

For this remedy you will need 750 ml of refined 90° ethyl alcohol and weeping fig leaves.

Immediately after you pull off the leaves from the branch pass them through the grinder twice until they are fine. It’s really important that after you grind the fig leaves you thoroughly wash the grinding machine with running water for 15 minutes and also that you wash your hands well with a natural soap.

  • Then put them in the alcohol.
  • Pour the entire content into a 1 l dark glass bottle.
  • The leaves quantity need to be enough so that you fill the 1 l bottle all the way up.
  • Seal the bottle well with a cork.
  • Leave the mixture of alcohol and fig leaves to sit for the following 14 days.
  • Then strain the content and the remedy is done.

Use the mixture to pad the areas that hurt due to rheumatic fever. Just pad it on, don’t rub!

In addition, take frequent willow bark baths. The best time to collect the bark is when the willow turns green, in the spring time. Sleeping on a mat filled with dried willow bark will help even more with rheumatic fever pains.

2. Horseradish Cure for Rheumatic Fever

Pour the following ingredients in a 1.5 L bottle:

  • 1 and ½ cup of grated horseradish, 1 cup of cold-pressed sunflower oil and fill the rest of the bottle with lamp oil.
  • Leave to sit for 10 days at room temperature, but make sure you stir the bottle 3-4 times per day in this time.
  • Slip the content and use this remedy to massage the painful areas caused by rheumatic fever.

Be persistent and the results will soon show.

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3. Beehive Produce Treatment for Rheumatic Fever

Here are some helpful remedies for rheumatic fever that use the best ingredients from nature’s pantry: beehive products.

  1. Before the 3 main meals of the day drink a cup of water in which you add 3 tsp. of apple cider and a bit of natural raw honey for a sweeter taste. Drink it sip by sip over 15 minutes and then you’re ready to eat.
  2. After the 3 main meals of the day have a mixture of 30 drops of propolis tincture and 40 drops of water at room temperature.
  3. At nighttime, friction the sore articulations, your back and neck with a simple black bryony cream mixed with propolis tincture and then another cream based on soft propolis extract that you can find available. You will experience almost instant pain relief.

4. Home Remedy for Rheumatic Fever with Black Bryony

Speaking of black bryony, a simple and effective remedy for rheumatic fever pains is the following.

  1. Grate the root of the plant on a fine grater and put it in a 1 liter plastic bottle.
  2. Pour rubbing alcohol over the plant until you fill up the bottle.
  3. Leave it to sit for 10-15 days, shaking it several times a day. Use this remedy to pad the painful areas 2-3 times a day.

You can even use it in a poultice that you can apply on over the day if this is easier for you.

5. Treat Rheumatic Fever with Burdock

Massage your painful joints every night with burdock tincture that you can make at home, following this recipe. Burdock is an amazing herb, we wrote an extensive article about it, uses, benefits and natural remedies. If you want to learn more about the king of roots, you can read the article here.

  • Add 20 gr. of burdock root in a small jar with a tight lid.
  • Pour 100 ml of 70° ethyl alcohol over the roots and shake daily.

After 8 to 10 days slip and the burdock tincture is ready for use. It is recommended that you prepare a larger tincture quantity at once, by using 50-100 gr of burdock root and 250-500 ml of alcohol.

The first results will show after just a week, but you have to be consistent.

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