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9 Natural Treatments for Rheumatism

by Andreea Laza

Rheumatism Natural RemediesWe all know that rheumatism is a very painful and annoying condition that usually manifests in old people, however younger people can also suffer from it.

However, no matter the severity of your condition we have here 9 natural treatments for rheumatism that will definitely help ameliorate your condition.

9 Natural Treatments for Rheumatism

1. Meadowsweet, the Herb that Fights Rheumatic Disorders

For all of you who didn’t already know, meadowsweet is a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory and a great substitute for the synthesis pills and drug such as aspirin.

Meadowsweet has been used for centuries to treat rheumatism because it is know that it produces some substances called quercetin glycosides and phenolic glycosides that when the plant is administrated they turn into salicylates that are exceptional anti-inflammatory substances that reduce the articulation inflammation caused by rheumatism.

Besides the anti-inflammatory substances, this wild plant also contains tannins, active substances that decease the gastric secretion, protect the stomach lining and therefore can be used even in cases of gastritis or gastric ulcer. These tannins also reduce gastric acidity and thereby favors direct action of the anti-inflammatory properties of the salicylates. So, in order to benefit from the most of the meadowsweet secret natural healing powers you’ll need to follow this simple tea recipe below.

  • Boil 1 liter of water and add 40 grams of meadowsweet dried flowers into the pot.
  • Turn off the fire and cover the pot with a lid for about 10 minutes.
  • Drain the tea and drink 3 cups per day of this wonderful tea for a long period of time, until you’ll sense some amelioration in the articulations and feel better.
  • Let them stay for 4 hours after which you need to drink the decoction 3-4 times a day while it’s still warm.
  • Besides being highly beneficial, it is tasty too.

2. Weeping Willow, the Home Remedy for Rheumatism

  • Gather two handfuls of young willow branches.
  • Next morning plunge the willow branches into a plastic basin filled with 10 L of water.
  • In the evening, move the branches to another pot and scald it in 10 L of water.
  • Leave it to stay for 5 minutes, then pour the cold water in which the willow soaked into your bathtub.
  • Pour the hot water in which you’ve boiled the willow in the bathtub as well. The resulted water needs to be warm.
  • Get all your sore areas in this miraculous bathwater or your entire body if necessary.
  • When you get out of the water, apply on the painful areas the scalded willow branches.
  • You may use willow in another way as well. Boil 6 young branches of weeping willow and then pour the hot water into your bathtub.
  • Add also another 6 small branches of willow (unboiled). Stay in this bathwater for 35-40 minutes.

Don’t use soap and when you’re done get a bathrobe on your wet skin and get in bed. Cover yourself with a blanket and stay like this for 40 minutes. Also, you’ll need to add in your bathwater a small gauze pouch filled with wheat bran. If the rheumatic pains don’t go away after the first bath, repeat the baths with wheat bran only in 3-4 weeks since your first bath.

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3. Thuja Tincture, the Natural Cure for Rheumatic Disorder

This thuja tincture has proven to be very beneficial to rheumatism patients who experience strong low back pains.

  • Grind a handful of thuja berries using a mortar and macerate them with medicinal spirits, vodka or 60° moonshine in a dark glass bottle.
  • Keep the bottle in a dark place for the next three days.
  • Use the dark colored alcohol solution you obtain to anoint (not friction) the painful areas and leave to dry on its own.
  • When the thuja tincture is done, make another one using the same thuja berries and repeat the procedure until the tincture will not get the black color anymore.

If you make the tincture in winter time, keep the bottle in a warm area, rather than in a cold, chill place.

4. Birch Juice & Balm, a Natural Remedy for Rheumatism

The birch juice cure needs to be done in the Spring season and this is how you prepare it. Cut a finger size thick birch branch off a tree. Tie a cup around the tree, where you’ve cut the branch off so that the birch sap gets collected into the cup.

A long time ago, people used to drink the oak sap as well, but in smaller quantities, 1 tbsp a day at most. Birch sap revives your powers and is an amazing remedy for rheumatism. Moreover, birch is used for another simple and effective remedy: birch balm.

  • You’ll need 1 part birch buds and 2 parts fresh unsalted butter.
  • Alternatively layer the buds and the butter on the bottom of a clay pot and then close the pot tight.
  • Place the pot somewhere warm for the next 24 hours.
  • Use a mixer to mince the composition obtained and then add a little bit of camphor powder in the cream as well.
  • Mix well and put it somewhere cold.

In the evening, anoint the affected areas with this balm. You’ll sense a relief in the following few days.

5. Mint Remedy for Rheumatism

  • So, what you need to do is to prepare yourself a warm water bath and separately make an infusion of three hands of dried mint leaves into 3 liters of boiling water.
  • After 20 minutes or so, soak the liquid and pour it in the bath tub where you have run your bath water.
  • Plunge into the water and stay relaxed for about 15 minutes at least.

You will feel after the 15 minutes as the pain releases from your bones and muscles and people who have already tried this natural treatment for rheumatism say that it has a great healing effect and for about a week or so, you won’t feel again any rheumatic pains in your body.

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6. Horseradish Rheumatism Home Remedy

The horseradish cataplasm is one of the best analgesics in rheumatic pains. Mix one handful of grated horseradish with whole flour and a bit of water, until you get this thick paste. Place the paste in a cloth bag and place it on the sore spot. Let this horseradish paste take its effect until you feel that the area has warmed up really well, then take it off. Repeat the procedure as many times as needed, until the pain goes away for good.

7. Mustard Flour Cure for Rheumatic Disorder

Mix 200 g of mustard flour with warm water until you obtain a paste. Fill a gauze or cloth bag with the paste and place the bag on the knee that hurts so bad and then cover your knee with a blanket. Keep the mustard flour cataplasm on until you feel this burning sensation and then you can take it off. Repeat the procedure 6 hours later or the next day.

8. Acacia Flowers Treatment

Fill a glass bottle with acacia flowers until you fill it up and then complete the rest with petroleum. Seal the bottle and burry it in the ground for 1 month. After 1 month you can use this ointment on the sore areas. This natural treatment for rheumatism is great for knee osteoarthritis in particular, so if you suffer from this form of rheumatism we kindly recommend the mustard flour cataplasm.

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9. Rheumatism Cure with Apples

Still, if you suffer from a more chronic form of rheumatism there is another natural treatment that will help you out: the apple decoction. Cut 3-4 unpeeled apples and boil them into 300 ml of water for 10 minutes.

We hope that you’ve found here at least one great natural treatment for rheumatism among the old cures and remedies we’ve gathered here for you. Take really good care of yourself and trust the mighty power of nature!

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