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6 Natural Treatments for Bloating and Gas

by Andreea Laza

Bloating and Gas Natural TreatmentsBefore we tell you how to follow this simple natural treatment for bloating and gas, we have to say that this issue is due to intestinal transit deficiencies and in most cases the main cause for this embarrassing illness is the deficient diet.

So, along with a proper diet we advise you to follow this natural treatment for bloating and gas, an old natural remedy that will definitely help you too as it did helped many more other suffering from this embarrassing and painful condition.

6 Natural Treatments for Bloating and Gas

1. Mint, a Natural Treatment for Bloating and Gas

What you need to do is to have a simple mint tea before the meals of the day. Use two teaspoons of dried mint leaves for 200 ml of boiling water and prepare a delicious and effective remedy for bloating and gas. Drink the tea at least three times a day, but there’s no harm in having more than three cups of tea a day and you’ll see some amazing results and in the end feel much better. You`ll easily get used to this simple natural treatment for gas.

2. Anise Remedy for Gas and Bloating

Perhaps the most efficient remedy for bloating even with kids, anise tea is simple to prepare and awesome. Pour 250 ml of hot water over 1 tsp. of crushed anise seeds. Leave the tea to infuse for 10 minutes covered with a lid. Have 1 cup of tea after meals. Anise has some powerful ethereal oil that soothe down cramps and stimulate the good digestion of fats.

In addition, have the natural extracts as follows.

Walnut buds extract and maple buds extracts are also amazing with bloating. Have 50 drops of walnut buds extract and 30 drops of maple buds extract in your tea, three times per day.

3. Herbal Mix Tea for Bloating

Mix together 1 tsp of the following 4 herbs: basil, marjoram, thyme and caraway.  Pour 500 ml of hot water over the herbal mix and drink it throughout the day. You can make the tea more concentrated if the bloating is more severe and painful.

Add caraway seeds in every meals that you have: in salads, teas and also eat them raw as they come. Have as many as you possibly can along the day. Daily enemas can also help if you do them for 10 days at least.

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4. Sour Cabbage, the Natural Cure for Gas

Eat raw sour cabbage as salad with a bit of oil and a few caraway seeds (this is a must). You can also add ground flax seeds and pumpkin seeds in the salad as well. In addition, have a tbsp. of olive oil after each meal.

The juice resulted from sour cabbage is also amazing. Have 1-2 cups early in the morning or when you feel painful bloating. Sour cabbage juice has powerful effects on the digestive tract, cleansing it completely from the residues deposited on its walls.

5. Wheat Bran Remedy for Bloating and Gas

Scald 2 tsp of wheat bran in 250 ml of hot milk. Let the brans soak for 30 minutes, then slip the milk and drink it on an empty stomach, early in the morning. Have another cup in the evening, 2-3 hours after having the last meal. Continue the cure for 1 full month.

6. Plum Remedy for Gas

Dried plums are also great against bloating and gas. Macerate dried plums in water for 12 hours. Eat them and drink the water in which they’ve soaked. Try among the remedies above, the sour cabbage, the wheat bran and milk and the dried plums cure and see which one works best for you. Stick with it until your bloating and gas problem is solved for good.

Bloating and Gas Prevention Tips

First and foremost, focus on changing the bad eating habits that caused you painful bloating and unpleasant gas in the first place.

This is what you should do in this regard:

  1. Chew you food slowly and very well before swallowing them.
  2. Reduce diary from your diet, as well as meat, saturated fats, spicy foods, sugar and sweets as well as coffee.
  3. Reduce the white bread as well as white flour based products.
  4. Eat as many fresh fruits as possible, but only 30/60 minutes before meals and not at the same time, because fruits ferment in the stomach and if combined with other foods they create bloating and gas.
  5. Have steamed veggies, germs and whole oats.
  6. Avoid fast-foods, deli and meat based products.
  7. Use less salt in your food.
  8. Drink liquids only 20-25 minutes before having a meal and an hour after, but never while eating!
  9. Drink 2-3 L of liquids per day, mostly flat water and the amazing teas above.

If you often suffer from indigestion and bloating, don’t hesitate to use this simple natural treatment for bloating from nature’s garden. Stay in good health and keep your digestive system healthy and in a good functioning state.

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