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7 Home Remedies for Flatulence

by Andreea Laza

Flatulence Home Remedies and Simple CuresLooking for a home remedy for flatulence? Continue reading.

Flatulence can be a burden for anybody suffering from it, mostly if they have active lives and need to always keep things in control. Even more, the intra-abdominal tension and expansion of the abdominal area can be painful and often times hard to manage.

Although there are some home remedies that you can perform for flatulence, it is advisable to consult with a doctor to find the real cause for flatulence in your case. However, if it’s not that severe and you simply need a time off.

7 Home Remedies for Flatulence

1. Fennel, the Remedy for Flatulence

For those interested to find a natural remedy for this condition we advise you to have a simple cure with fennel fruits. Fennel fruits or seeds can be found at organic medicinal stores and are not at all expensive. You’ll need to use a grinder to mince the fennel fruits into a powder. Have a small teaspoon of fennel powder 30 minutes before the main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Very important! Using fennel tea for a prolonged period of time can have negative repercussions on your colon.

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2. Wood Violet Cure for Flatulence

This infusion is a great home remedy for flatulence, so you may try it with confidence. Add 1 tsp. of wood violet flowers in a cup of warm water and leave to soak for the next 12 h. The daily dosage is 2 cups per day, before or while you’re eating. Wood violets are very powerful medicinal plants and you can use them both fresh or dried.

3. Chamomile Flatulence Remedy

When flatulence is even more severe and it comes with palpitations and severe pain, make an enema with 6 cups of water mixed with chamomile. Ancient healers used to make water and soap and give to the sick to drink in order to cause strong vomit, that brought along relief. Then the patient was given a warm compress on their abdomen. The water and organic soap method was used also in case of poisoning.

4. Plantago Seeds Cure for Gas

Add a few plantago seeds in a cup of water and leave it to soak overnight. It will form a dense mass. Take one tablespoon of this decoction next morning, before breakfast.

5. Anise & Honey for Flatulence

Boil a tsp of anise seeds and a tsp. of honey in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Let the tea cool down and then slip it. Have 1-2 tablespoons of the anise and honey tea daily and say bye-bye to gas.

6. Wormwood Flatulence Remedy

Make a simple decoction with crushed wormwood and honey just like the anise and honey one. Drink it in the morning and you will see the rapid effect it has. If you add a bit of wormwood in the food that you eat, you will help diminish the gas volume inside your bowls.

7. Dill Seeds Cure Flatulence

Boil 1 tsp. of dill seeds in a cup of water for 15 minutes. Slip the tea and drink it while hot.

These simple home remedies for flatulence actually work. Give it a try if you wish to get rid of flatulence in a more natural way. Stay healthy, naturally!

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