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What Is Gemmotherapy Used For? List of Gemmotherapy Remedies

by Andreea Laza

Want to learn what is gemmotherapy used for and how to use gemmotherapy remedies for healing? Continue reading this article and find out. But first.

Gemmotherapy is a biotherapeutic method that uses glycerin extracts obtained by processing fresh embryonic plant tissues: flower buds, fruit buds, catkins (pollen-rich inflorescences), shoots (young branches), roots (young roots), inner bark of roots, the bark from young branches, sap or seeds. It is a new branch of phytotherapy, based on the concept of body “renewal“, through the regenerative power of the extracts obtained from young plants.

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What is Gemmotherapy Used For?

Gemmotherapy can be used in most chronic and acute conditions, ranging from sexual and hormonal imbalances to gut, liver, and kidney problems, and from respiratory tract afflictions to heart and circulatory system conditions. The list of gemmotherapy extracts below will give you more insight into what gemmotherapy is used for.

Does Gemmotherapy Work?

Yes, it does, but because it is a gentle therapy that targets the cause and not the symptoms, it brings healing in time. Therefore, the results may not be spectacular or very fast, but the healing is profound and long-lasting. For acute conditions, the results show after the first days of treatment, but a 2-4 weeks treatment is usually recommended for a deep rebalancing at the cellular level. Gemmotherapy is not to be followed over a lifetime, unlike most allopathic treatments for chronic illnesses. After 2-3 months or 6 months of treatment (in case of chronic illness) with gemmotherapy extracts, a medical checkup is recommended.

Is Gemmotherapy Safe?

Gemmotherapy products can solve health problems without the use of synthetic medicines, and most importantly, it is a mild form of therapy, free of side effects and contraindications.

The Complete List of Gemmotherapy Remedies

1. Gemmotherapy for Heart & Blood

Hawthorn Young Shoot Extract

(Crataegus oxyacantha)

  • Benefits: cardiac tonic, heart rate regulator, coronary vasodilator, hypotensive, antispasmodic.
  • Uses: adjuvant in angina pain (stages I and II), precordial pain, heart failure, altered heart rhythm (extrasystolic arrhythmia, palpitations), hypertension with altered heart rate; menopausal disorders (palpitations, insomnia, tinnitus, vertigo), circulatory disorders in obesity.
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Crataegus oxyacantha

Horse Chestnut Bud Extract

(Aesculus hippocastanum)

  • Benefits: protects and decongests blood vessels, and protects capillaries, by reducing bronchial stasis.
  • Uses: blood circulation disorders (bleeding hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal thrombosis, varicose veins), hair fragility, frostbite.

Lilac Bud Extract

(Syringa vulgaris)

  • Benefits: coronary dilator, and coronary antispasmodic in young people.
  • Uses: adjuvant in angina pain and coronary syndromes.
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Syringa vulgaris

Black Poplar Bud Extract

(Populus nigra)

  • Benefits: protects the arteries of the lower limbs, is vascular antispasmodic, restores peripheral circulation, and combats associated trophic disorders.
  • Uses: arthritis, thrombophlebitis, and predisposition to thromboembolic manifestations in the arteries of the lower limbs, osteoarthritis, and arthritis of the lower limbs with hyperuricemia, gouty arthropathy.

Common Dogwood Bud Extract

(Cornus sanguinea)

  • Benefits: anticoagulant, recommended when the heparin resistance is high.
  • Uses: adjuvant in myocardial infarction, prevention of heart attack, arthritis of the lower limbs, thrombophlebitis.
Common dogwood -Best Natural Alternatives to Blood Thinners - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Cornus sanguinea

Corn Rootlet Extract

(Zea mays)

  • Benefits: promotes healing of heart tissue after a heart attack and it lowers transaminases.
  • Uses: adjuvant in recovery after myocardial infarction, coronary insufficiency.

2. Gemmotherapy for Digestion & Gut

Cowberry Young Shoots Extract

(Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

  • Benefits: anti-infective and healing, regulates intestinal function, regulates the bacterial flora of the intestines and kidneys.
  • Uses: disrupted intestinal transit (diarrhea, constipation or alternation), colitis, colibacillosis.
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Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Fig Bud Extract

(Ficus carica)

  • Benefits: psychosomatic disorders; promotes healing and regulates gastric secretion.
  • Uses: duodenal and gastro-duodenal ulcers with pain; gastric dyskinesia, gastritis, colitis; psychosomatic manifestations at the gastro-duodenal level, depression, phobias, and obsessive neurosis.

3. Gemmotherapy for Liver & Kidneys

Heather Young Shoots Extract

(Calluna vulgaris)

  • Benefits: antisclerotic properties, anti-inflammatory, urinary tract antiseptic.
  • Uses: urinary tract infections (cystitis, colibacillosis, acute and chronic prostatitis, urethritis); chronic inflammatory processes (pyelonephritis, osteomyelitis), calcium oxalate kidney stones (in combination with other gemmotherapy products).
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Calluna vulgaris

Juniper Young Shoots Extract

(Juniperus communis)

  • Benefits: stimulates liver metabolism, diuretic, and depurative for the urinary, osteoarticular, and gastrointestinal systems.
  • Uses: liver failure, cirrhosis, alcoholic cirrhosis, recurrent hepatic colic, chronic hepatitis, glomerulonephritis, calcium, and oxalic nephrolithiasis, recurrent cystitis, renal failure, neuro-vegetative regulation in aerophagia.

Rosemary Young Shoots Extract

(Rosmarinus officinalis)

  • Benefits: activates liver metabolism (hepato-biliary drain), gallbladder and bile ducts (choleretic and biliary purge), and adrenal glands metabolism, male and female gonads; slightly increases blood pressure; lowers cholesterol; stimulates the brain.
  • Uses: biliary dyskinesia, mild hepatic insufficiency, obesity (as a laxative and biliary purging), helps regulate blood pressure in liver patients, oliguria (hepatic congestion), gallstones, peripheral circulatory disorders in the liver, triglyceridemia.

Attention! Rosemary young shoot extract will only be used by patients with epilepsy after medical consultation! It is not administered in the evening, due to its brain-stimulating action.

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Rosmarinus officinalis

Rye Rootlet Extract

(Secale cereale)

  • Benefits: supports the health of liver tissue, by directly stimulating liver cells.
  • Uses: infectious jaundice, acute and subacute hepatitis, persistent chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, psoriasis dermatitis, and psoriasis.

4. Gemmotherapy for Lungs

Dogrose Young Shoot Extract

(Rosa canina)

  • Benefits: anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, cure for inflammatory disorders of the respiratory system, stimulates phospho-calcium metabolism, analgesic in headache (by neutralizing tyramine, the causative factor).
  • Uses: relapsing rhinopharyngitis in children, common and recurrent bronchopulmonary episodes, allergic respiratory pathology, flu prevention, migraines, and vasomotor headaches, general exhaustion or slight tiredness, in children with growth disorders due to recurrent inflammations (otitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, tracheobronchitis) – together with blackthorn bud extract; bone decalcifications.
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Rosa canina

Wayfaring Tree Bud Extract

(Viburnum lantana)

  • Benefits: spasmolytic (reduces bronchial spasm) and antiallergic for the respiratory system, neurovegetative regulator.
  • Uses: asthma, chronic asthmatic bronchitis, asthmatic dyspnea, bronchospasm; hearing loss.

Hornbeam Bud Extract

(Carpinus betulus)

  • Benefits: antispasmodic and antihemorrhagic for the respiratory system and liver (heals damaged mucosa and soothes spasms).
  • Uses: spasmodic cough, spasmodic and chronic rhinopharyngitis, chronic sinusitis, tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, pulmonary complications.
Hornbeam Carpinus betulus - What Is Gemmotherapy Used For? List of Gemmotherapy Remedies - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Carpinus betulus

Apricot Kernel Extract

(Prunus armeniaca)

  • Benefits: antitussive, antiseptic, emollient.
  • Uses: cough, dyspnea, asthma, hiccups.

Attention! Should not be used in long cures and during pregnancy!

5. Gemmotherapy for Joints & Bones

Wild Grapevine Young Shoot Extract

(Ampelopsis veitchii)

  • Benefits: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and healing for hyperalgesic rheumatism with rapid evolution in joint deformities and ligament sclerosis. Supports the resorption of hardened areas.
  • Uses: adjuvant in chronic rheumatism with deformities, rheumatoid arthritis, deforming arthrosis, chronic evolutionary polyarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, vertigo caused by atherosclerosis.

Mountain Pine Bud Extract

(Pinus Montana)

  • Benefits: anti-inflammatory action in joint cartilages and regenerates the bone tissue.
  • Uses: chronic rheumatism, vertebral osteoarthritis, hip osteoarthritis, gonarthrosis, consolidation of fractures, osteoporosis, forms of decalcification in people (40 to 60 years old).
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White Willow Bark Extract

(Salix alba)

  • Benefits: anti-inflammatory, reduces fever
  • Uses: rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic neuralgia, fever, flu symptoms.

6. Gemmotherapy for Women’s Health

Raspberry Young Shoot Extract

(Rubus idaeus)

  • Benefits: regulates ovarian hormone production during puberty and menopause; uterine antispastic.
  • Uses: premenstrual disorders (breast tension, dysmenorrhea), hypogonadism during puberty (excessive body hair, underdevelopment of the mammary glands), ovarian cyst, metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, amenorrhea, metritis, vaginitis; uterine fibroids, imminent abortion; libido disorders; early aging in women.
Raspberry - What Is Gemmotherapy Used For? List of Gemmotherapy Remedies - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Rubus idaeus

Mountain Alder Bud Extract

(Alnus incana)

  • Benefits: anti-inflammatory for the female genital tract and osteoarticular apparatus; reduces milk production.
  • Uses: uterine fibroids, visceroptosis, and uterine prolapse; effective in stopping milk secretion.

Attention! Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

7. Gemmotherapy for Sexual Disorders

Hairy Birch Catkins Extract

(Betula pubescens amenti)

  • Benefits: supports the endocrine system, in male and female sexual disorders, due to its rich content in hormonal substances; is also an antihistamine (antiallergic).
  • Uses: frigidity, impotence, decreased libido, hypogonadism at puberty, sterility (in combination with other gemmotherapy products), rebalancing action in the gonads (sexual organs) and central nervous system.
Betula pubscens Birch - What Is Gemmotherapy Used For? List of Gemmotherapy Remedies - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Betula pubescens amenti

White Willow Catkins Extract

(Salix alba amenti)

  • Benefits: estrogen booster.
  • Uses: sexual hyperexcitability with nymphomaniac inclinations, masturbation, priapism, premature ejaculation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, uterine colics, pelvic pain, premenstrual syndrome, sterility with hypoestrogenism, menopausal disorders.

Oak Catkins Extract

(Quercus pedunculata amenti)

  • Benefits: the hormone-like active compounds support the development of the reproductive organs during puberty.
  • Uses: sexual asthenia in young people, gonadal adynamism, frigidity, delayed menarche (first menstrual cycle) and puberty, impotence.

Oak Acorns Extract

(Quercus pedunculata ghiande)

  • Benefits: promotes cellular functions and revitalizes the reproductive system.
  • Uses: depressive states with sexual asthenia during andropause, menopause, frigidity, gonadal dynamism.
What Is Gemmotherapy Used For? - Oak Acorn Extract - MyNaturalTreatment.com

Ash Seeds Extract

(Fraxinus excelsior)

  • Benefits: aphrodisiac.
  • Uses: libido disorders, impotence, sexual asthenia, azoospermia, asthenia, hypogonadism, testicular failure, male sexual senescence, sterility.

8. Gemmotherapy for Elderly

Giant Sequoia Young Shoot Extract

(Sequoia gigantea)

  • Benefits: effective anti-aging and revitalizing for the elderly, with geriatric action in increasing physical and mental strength; prevents and fights sclerosis, and has a beneficial action on the prostate and uterus.
  • Uses: neurasthenia, depressive syndromes, and anorexia in the elderly; senile osteoarthritis accompanied by painful osteoporosis; delayed bone fracture repair in adults; early-stage prostate adenoma, prostate hypertrophy; andropause, menopause, uterine fibroids.

The Benefits of Gemmotherapy

First of all, gemmotherapy is a mild form of natural medicine that uses plant extractions, free from side effects and contraindications. The postulates that lay the foundation of gemmotherapy believe that if plant life is what helps organisms grow and develop, it is logical that it can also intervene in unlocking the human cells that are no longer functional. This can be done with the help of the young part of the plants, which have the highest active potential for regeneration (multiplication).

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We hope that this article has answered some of your questions regarding gemmotherapy, namely what gemmotherapy is used for, whether it works or not, and if gemmotherapy is safe. Information is power, and the more we know the more options we have to overcome all challenges ahead. Stay healthy, naturally!

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