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6 Natural Remedies for Vaccine Side Effects

by Andreea Laza

Looking for natural remedies for vaccine side effects? Here is a protocol that can help fight the negative effects and toxicity after the vaccines. But first.

Vaccine side effects can range from pruritus and skin rashes to severe inflammation of the heart (myocarditis, pericarditis), neurological problems including face paralysis, body numbness, and uncontrollable body tremors, lymph nodes inflammation, blood coagulation problems, including blood clots, severe hemorrhages, and many more others. For this reason, we have compiled together all the information we know so far on natural remedies, herbs, and supplements that can counteract the side effects of vaccines.

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6 Natural Remedies for Vaccine Side Effects

1. Shikimate

Shikimate or shikimic acid is an important biochemical metabolite, used as the base for the popular antiviral drug Tamiflu. The reason is that shikimate has powerful anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, as well as anti-blood clotting, and antithrombotic properties. Yes, not only does it fight viruses and bacteria, but it also prevents and fights blood clots, one of the most frequently encountered vaccine side effects.

Skikimate is found in pine needle tea (from green, edible pine needles), fennel tea, and Chinese anise seeds (Illicium verum). When making the pine needle tea, drink the oil/resin at the bottom too. Other herbs that are high in shikimate are:

  • Triphala (Haritaki and Bibhitaki fruits are loaded with shikimate)
  • St. John’s wort (whole plant)
  • Comfrey (leaf)
  • Feverfew (leaves and flowers)
  • Gingko Biloba (leaf)
  • Giant hyssop (Agastache urticifolia)
  • Liquidambar (seed pods)

Superfoods Rich in Shikimate

  • Schisandra berry
  • Wheatgrass and wheatgrass juice (young blades)
  • Sprouted beans – red kidney beans, moth beans, soybeans, mong beans, and alfalfa.
  • Carrots & fresh carrot juice

These herbs and superfoods are some of the best natural remedies for vaccine side effects.

Schizandra - 3 Highest Natural Sources of Glutathione - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Schisandra berry

2. Hesperidin

Peppermint and oranges (especially red oranges) have a high content of hesperidin, a chalcone similar to quercetin that deactivates the surface protein of viruses. One possible explanation is that hesperidin naturally improves blood flow and slows aging, reduces inflammation in veins, reduces the risk of developing varicose veins, and strengthens the walls of capillaries.

Normally, in just one teaspoon of organic and dried lemon and orange peels, there is enough hesperidin to feel its benefit. You can also boil the peels of organic citrus fruit and drink them as tea, alongside peppermint.

Other sources of hesperidin are mainly citrus fruit (limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit) as well as rose hips and bell peppers. Rosehip juice can bind to heavy metals and remove them as well as other toxic products from the body when combined with natural Vitamin C. Yes, citrus fruit peels are working on the vaccine side effects.

Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits Juice - Orange Juice

3. Dandelion Leaf

(Taraxacum officinale)

Common dandelion leaf has the ability to efficiently block the interaction between ACE2 cell surface receptor (an enzyme attached to the membrane of cells) and the surface protein D614, and its mutants D614G, N501Y, K417N, and E484K in vitro. Dandelion root is one of the most powerful detox herbs for the liver, while dandelion leaf tea is a strong depurative for the kidneys, liver, and the entire body.

To make the dandelion leaf tea add 10 g of dried dandelion leaf to a cup of water and bring to a boil. After the tea starts boiling, turn the heat off and leave covered for 10 minutes. Strain and drink as is, or sweetened with honey. Drink two cups a day, one in the morning on an empty stomach, and another one in the evening before bed in a three-week cure or longer in need. Dandelion leaf tea is one of the best herbs for vaccine side effects.

2 Home Remedies for Gallbladder Attacks – Dandelion

4. Coated Silver

Coated silver can block the sulfur-bearing surface protein from entering the body cells. Sulfur-rich amino acids on the surface protein interact with silver causing them to fold incorrectly, making it one of the helpful supplements/remedies for vaccine side effects. The dosage is 1-6 drops/day depending on the severity of the side effects.

5. NAC & Glutathione

(N-acetyl cysteine)

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent damage caused by free radicals, peroxides, toxins, and heavy metals. NAC accelerates detoxification because it restores glutathione levels naturally. More so, NAC has been observed to detoxify SM-102 too, making it a great tool against the vaccine side effects. There are other natural sources of glutathione, and supplements that boost glutathione naturally, that you can read more about here.

Highest Natural Sources of Glutathione - MyNaturalTreatment.com

6. Ozone & Oxygen Therapies

Ozone is one of the most powerful antibacterial agents in the world. All types of ozone and oxygen therapies are effective for the vaccine side effects because they help degrade the surface protein and other oxides. Drinking ozonated water, and doing ozonated water enemas can all be helpful in counteracting the negative side effects of vaccines.

Natural Supplements for Vaccine Side Effects

You can use the natural remedies for vaccine side effects alongside natural supplements that boost the immune system and detox potentially harmful chemicals. Use as recommended by a health professional.

  • Zinc – 30-80 mg/day depending on immunological pressure (read also natural sources of zinc)
  • Vitamin C – 1000mg/day (read also natural sources of Vitamin C)
  • Vitamin D3 – 10,000 UI/day (read also natural sources of Vitamin D)
  • Quercetin – 500-1000 mg twice/day (read also natural sources of quercetin)
  • PQQ – 20-40 mg/day – mitochondrial support
  • C60 – 1-3 dropper fulls/day (is a rich source of electrons that normalizes electron flow and fights inflammation)
  • Serrapeptase – 100-200 mg on an empty stomach/day (helps break down proteins into smaller bits, reduces fluid and debris around injured tissue)
  • Charcoal -2-4 caps/day on an empty stomach (activated charcoal is a natural detoxifier for the intestines and blood)
  • Resveratrol – prevents destructive oxidation

Crystals and Gemstones

There are powerful crystals that can be used to neutralize electromagnetism and energetic disturbances caused by vaccines. These crystals are specifically used to counteract radiation, Wi-Fi frequencies, and radiofrequency pollution and can be used to counteract the vaccine side effects.

1. Shungite

Shungite stones are extracted from the mines around the Shunga village, in the Karelia region of Russia. These rare black stones are made of up to 99 percent carbon (fullerenes, or 60 carbon atoms – C60), and the rest 1% nearly all the minerals on the periodic table. They are known for their ability to shield you from EMF emissions, that is electromagnetic radiation.

It is highly possible that a piece of shungite stone will counteract the electromagnetism caused by particles found in the vaccines. In addition, this healing stone reduces inflammation and oxidative stress can purify water, and kills bacteria and viruses. Wear a piece of shungite stone around your neck or take it with you in your purse or pocket to enjoy its protection.

Shungite - Natural Remedies for Vaccine Side Effects - MyNaturalTreatment.com

2. Black Turmaline

Another gemstone for protection from toxic energies and electromagnetic radiation, black tourmaline has the ability to stop EMF in its tracks, forming a protective barrier and soaking up the smog from phones, TVs, laptops, and other electromagnetic devices such as the ones found in the vaccines. Wearing or carrying a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket/purse, can help you tone down vaccine side effects.

3. Hematite

A 2016 study showed that anisotropic crystals absorb electromagnetic radiation from the electromagnetic waves. Coincidentally or not, the EMF absorbing hematite pertains to the class of anisotropic crystals. We say this because hematite is known for its protective abilities since the times of Ancient Rome when soldiers used it to shield their armor with it for protection in battle. Hematite is also known as The Blood Stone because, in addition to cleansing EMF smog, it also cleanses toxins and debris from the bloodstream.

Other EMF protection crystals that may help counteract the vaccine side effects are pyrite, citrine, and rose quartz.

Hematite - Natural Remedies for Vaccine Side Effects - MyNaturalTreatment.com

4. Shattuckite

This one is a totally different healing crystal from the other three above, it doesn’t have the same anti-EMF properties, but what it does is stimulate cell division and regeneration, repair DNA, and healing caused by genetically transmitted diseases, including radiation damage and offers strong support in viral issues. It’s a valuable tool at the moment to rid the body of disease and “cooling” the body from inflammation, and fight thrombosis and blood clots, because shattuckite is a powerful master healer.

To use shattuckite to counteract the adverse reactions of vaccines, hold it in your hand and look at its colors with the green/turquoise/teal and the “veins” that run through, and imagine these healing colored patterns flowing through your veins, through you.

Healing Foods for Vaccine Side Effects

A strong immune system can easily counteract the potential adverse events following vaccines because it enables the body to naturally flush out toxins and prevent inflammation, as human and animal studies show. For this, an alkaline, healing diet is key in strengthening the immune system against the inflammatory response and fighting vaccine side effects.

For this, we recommend a plant-based diet, a lot of fresh, organic, and raw fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of fresh spring water, enjoying the fresh air, and moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day.

  • Avoid alcohol, sugar, meat and deli products, junk and highly-processed foods, fast food, fried, refined foods, smoking, caffeine, chocolate, eggs, dairy, wheat, etc.
  • Instead, eat more raw vegetables and fruits. Herbal phytosterols prevent the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine and hot peppers, onions and garlic are very helpful. Replace sugar with dates, coconut sugar, maple syrup, and raw honey. Replace caffeine with herbal teas (yerba mate).
  • Reduce fats, even healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocado, and nuts.

Natural Remedies for Vaccine Side Effects


Blood Clots
Chest Pain
Heart Palpitations
Guillain Barre Syndrome
Heavy Menstruation
Lymph Node Inflammation
Body Inflammation

Given the potential side effects of vaccines, we urge you to consult with a health specialist if you experience any symptoms!

6 Natural Remedies for Vaccine Side Effects - MyNaturalTreatment.com

I really hope that the natural remedies, supplements, and crystals here will help you and your loved ones fight against the vaccine side effects successfully. Remember that you are a being of light, made from infinite love and abundance. Use your superpowerful mind to create the reality in which you are healthy, strong, and invincible. Much health to you! ?


Aimee Marie August 4, 2021 - 01:49

I love this site! Such critical information; especially in these crazy times. Thank you for your very informative and articles and recommendations!

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza August 4, 2021 - 06:05

Thank you so much, Aimee! My only hope is that we help as many people as we can. Much health to you! ?

glenda Lord August 7, 2021 - 03:32

Thank you for this interesting article, however I am disappointed you are supporting Amazon I refuse to buy from them and I source my products from independent retailers even if they are more expensive.

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza August 7, 2021 - 20:34

Hi, Glenda and I am happy you’ve found some useful information here. I understand your perspective, but we offer all this information for free and it’s a lot of research, time, and effort put into it. To be able to support ourselves and keep going we use Google Ads and Amazon Affiliate. We do not sell anything and we do not offer consultations, e-books, require subscriptions, or anything else for money, all the information we offer is free. The products that we link to on Amazon are also well-researched, and we link only to the very best natural supplement brands, the ones that are most human-friendly and we trust. I hope you understand our perspective as well and value the information here more than you feel disappointed by our small source of income from Amazon Affiliates. Much health to you! ?

Tressa August 12, 2021 - 21:02

I’m curious about only getting one. I only received the one but my fiance got both and he doesn’t have any symptoms. I do have an autoimmune disease of the liver.Do you have any information on side affects with only one. I did order the teas and I already use the vitamins that you mentioned. I have headaches everyday since then and I get bad muscle knots down my back. Thank you for all your hard work putting together this site.

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza August 13, 2021 - 15:31

Hello Tressa! Please consult a medical doctor for any health problems. According to the Medical Medium, autoimmune diseases are actually caused by a hidden pathogen that the body is trying to kill and get rid of, I really recommend that you read more about it here.
Muscle knots can cause a reaction in other areas outside the muscles including headaches, toothache, or ear pain. However, persistent headache and migraines are most commonly caused by inflammation of the phrenic, vagus, and trigeminal nerves caused by neurotoxins produced by the shingles virus, the presence of toxic heavy metals inside brain cells, or chronic dehydration (not drinking enough water and having caffeine, alcohol, energy drinks) and lack of proper oxygenation to the brain (too much time inside, not enough fresh air). Have plenty of fresh water, lemon water with raw honey, fresh cold-pressed juices, but pure freshwater is the best. A diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies is ideal. For headaches, try rubbing the area where your head hurts with essential mint oil, mint usually works on the spot for headaches, but be careful so it doesn’t touch your eye area.
I really hope all this information will help guide you back to health. Much love to you and thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. ?

Granny September 8, 2021 - 19:16

Thank you so much!! very good information. appreciate your sharing this! appreciate too your polite and kind responses to some not so kind or polite comments. God bless you!

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza September 8, 2021 - 21:39

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! ??

Maya October 12, 2021 - 19:16

Just wanted to add one thing – amla (Indian Gooseberry). Natural statin, per Dr. Michael Greger. You can get it at most Indian food stores in powder form. My husband was given a mandate at work, and he opted for the J, and with my nutrition background, I figured it was the easiest one to negate. I started him on natural blood thinners the week before, and had him pounding the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories 3 days before. I hope that dandelion root works as well as the leaves, as they didn’t have any of those at the store.

We’re currently on a water/partial juice fast, starting the day of the jab, with all the teas mentioned above, and a bit more. Still on the vitamins/minerals/antioxidants/anti-inflammatories. Juicing beets (nitric oxide and capillary health), turmeric root (anti-clot, anti-inflammatory), ginger root (anti-clot), and cilantro (metal binder). And the meds that shall not be named + zinc. So far, so good. The reasons I’m doing the fast too, is to keep him company (misery loves company, LOL), and worry that he’s shedding. Plus I haven’t done one in a while. I don’t like taking supplements during a fast, but kind of necessary in this case.

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza October 12, 2021 - 20:01

Hi, Maya! You’re doing a great job for supporting your husband, after all love is the best cure for the world we live in. Thank you for your feedback, and much, much health to both you and your husband! ?

Sheila Zahnd October 19, 2021 - 11:05

Hi! Every single product you suggest seems to be “out of stock” on the amazon site. I dont understand. I sit because I am in Europe??

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza October 19, 2021 - 12:33

Hi, Sheila! This could be the case, I am also located in Europe and I see many products out of stock quite frequently, I am sorry for this. You may find some alternatives on Amazon or in natural stores near you. Much health to you! ?

Rosemary Nolan November 6, 2021 - 10:14

I have comfrey infused olive oil I made would 1tsp of the oil do just as well or does it need to be tea, if so how much leaf, fresh, as I grow it, do I use?

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza November 6, 2021 - 10:38

Hi, Rosemary! Ideally comfrey leaf tea is the best way to use it in this situation. I hope I helped. Much health to you! ?

Fonda November 19, 2021 - 03:18

Just found you! Great info. Thank you for sharing your love and your work. Will study….

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza November 19, 2021 - 08:38

Thank you for your appreciation and kind words. Blessings and much health to you too!?☺️

Judith Bartlett December 15, 2021 - 17:24

Thank you Andreea very much for all this info & all your research and caring. I am still trying to find out about what to do about using citrus peels if they are not organic – so many mentions of benefits but ” of course organic” but I can’t find organic grapefruits, and the organic lemons are sometimes available but often not, so is it better to just forget about non-organic peels and use alternative things from your recommendations? (I’m also dealing with fatty liver & insulin resistance so lemons are relevant in more ways for me, tho apple cider vinegar also good) I have a Rife frequency board to ‘zap’/ treat all produce, and use veggi-wash, but I realise pesticides are used multiple times so are infused through the peel. I am in UK but produce esp citrus comes from many countries. I haven’t looked for blood oranges. Thank you.
Also wanted to say I love your section on crystals, and to add that a piece of Shungite in a water filter or mug of water is great way to cleanse and to structure the water and heal with water.
Again, much gratitiude for all your loving efforts and supporting health & healing..
Blessings & Health to all

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza December 16, 2021 - 16:44

Hi Judith! I am happy you’ve found the information here useful to you, much appreciated! Organic grapefruit peel is ideal, but if you don’t have it available where you are, you can try conventional grapefruit after a thorough wash. I have also researched natural remedies to improve a fatty liver, if you want to read, I leave a link here https://www.mynaturaltreatment.com/simple-natural-remedies-for-fatty-liver/
It’s important to have a set of beliefs that work for you, such as believing that nothing that other people do can affect you negatively and your physical and mental integrity and health are never impacted by the people around you. Your mind is a powerful tool. Much health and love!?


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