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5 Natural Treatments for Impotence

by Andreea Laza

Impotence Remedies - Potence with HerbsThe main causes on impotence in man are usually related to stress, sedentary, unhealthy eating and in the end getting fat. As long as you don’t try to cover up your impotence and hurry to see a specialist he might not prescribe you the usual pills that come with their own pack of side effects. These are the most efficient natural treatments for impotence. We hope they help you. Let’s begin!

5 Natural Treatments for Impotence

1. Fruits & Wheat, A Complete Natural Treatment for Impotence

This natural remedy for impotence has helped so many men since old times, hence you might just give it a shot. We recommend that all the ingredients you use for this recipe are organic and high-quality. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Thoroughly wash and clean (without peeling) 1.5 kg of celery root, 1 kg carrots, 1 kg Jonathan apples, 1/2 kg walnuts, 2-3 lemons, 2-3 oranges.
  2. Pass all the fruits and veggies through the grinder and mix the obtained composition in a plastic or enameled pot.
  3. Add 1/2 kg of honey and 1 L of  high-quality natural white wine over and mix once again, until the composition gets really homogenous.
  4. Pour the mix into glass jars, seal them and keep in the fridge for the next 7 days to macerate.
  5. Have 2 tbsp of this tasty remedy, 30 minutes before the 3 main meals of the day.

For the next 20 days of treatment, follow in parallel this remedy for impotence:

  • Have 60/80 gr of germinated wheat daily for lunch
  • You can have the wheat with compote or season fruits for the following 30 days.
  • Pause the treatment for a month and then resume it until the body is completely revived.

This is how you prepare the wheat:

  • Wash the wheat and put it in a jar filled with warm water.
  • Leave the wheat in the jar for the next 24 hours so it starts to germinate.
  • Rinse the wheat, place it in a deep bowl and keep it always wet.
  • Rinse the wheat every day until a tiny white spot will appear on the grains; now you know the wheat is ready for use.

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2. Horseradish & Honey Natural Treatment for Impotence

This simple remedy for impotence is based on a horseradish and honey decoction, easy to fix and easier to use.

  • Mix 25 grams of horseradish leaves with 25 grams of acacia honey and 100 ml of water.
  • Place the mix on medium heat over the fire until they start to boil.
  • Let it cool down and then slip the decoction.
  • Have a tablespoon of this mix three times per day, after the main meals, for as long as 3 weeks.

There is another delicious remedy for impotence based on honey. This is the recipe.

  • Add 3-4 tbsp of liquid honey in a 500 ml glass bottle, 1/4 tsp of pollen.
  • Fill the rest with spring water or purified water.
  • Seal the bottle and leave to macerate for 2 days at room temperature stirring once in a while.
  • Drink 2-3 cups of this impotence remedy daily on an empty stomach.

3. Shepherd’s-Purse Natural Remedy for Impotence

Make a simple shepherd’s-purse essence as follows. Wash and finely chop the freshly picked plants and then put them into a glass bottle. Pour 38-40°C refined alcohol over the plants until the bottle fills up. Keep the bottle in a cool place for the following 2 weeks. Use the shepherd’s-purse remedy to friction the abdominal area a few times per day, until the potency starts to reinstate. You’ll know when that happens.

4. Common Lady’s Mantle Tea Remedy

Scald 1 full teaspoon of plant into 1 cup of hot water and leave it to infuse for 30 seconds and then slip the tea. Drink 4 cups of this tea per day.

5. Hogweed Treatment

Prepare the hogweed essence exactly as you did the one above. Have 30 drops, 2 times per day along with the common lady’s mantle tea.

In addition to the natural remedies for impotence here, we also recommend to you that you start your own diet plan. Here are a few diet tips that you need to do.

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Diet Recommendations for Impotence

Firstly, you’ll need to stop that unhealthy eating and basically take this situation into your own hands:

Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E, flavonoids, calcium, magnesium, selenium and essential fat acids, in other words: more fruits and veggies, whole cereals, dark-green leaves vegetables, fish, sea foods, milk, mushrooms and cold pressed oils.

Drink as many fresh juices made of fruits and veggies. Eat raw sunflower seeds, peanuts, nuts every now and then (they are rich in Vitamin B). Replace refined sugar with brown unrefined sugar made from molasses, cut down on meat and other animal based proteins and on foods made with refined white flour. It’s really important that you give up smoking and alcohol as much as possible, and even better for good.

Besides these diet advice, engage in a sport, take on yoga or something that helps you relax and relieve the stress in your life. These natural treatments for impotence, along with the diet plan and a relaxation program will definitely do the trick for any men in need. Stay potent, naturally!

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