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3 Natural Remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome and The Truth About This Mysterious Illness

by Andreea Laza

Looking for natural remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome? We will share with you here natural ways that can help you recover from this condition. But first.

Guillain Barre Syndrome is a mystery illness for the medical community today because they don’t know what actually causes it. Hence, they suppose it’s the immune system attacking itself, although I have not found a single scientific paper proving this assumption. And I believe that if you want to heal something, you need to understand it first. This is why, before we get to the natural remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome, we have to understand what this condition actually is, what causes it, and how we can go about preventing it, first and then alleviate it.

Natural Remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome and The Truth About This Mysterious Illness - MyNaturalTreatment.com

The True Story Behind Guillain Barre Syndrome

For this, we have to go back a little in time, to the early 50, when it all started.

While most doctors today prize the eradication of polio following the mass polio vaccination of the mid-50s, the number of polio cases in the following years showed a lot of inconsistency with the official narrative. According to the 1957 issue of The Atlantic, there is not a direct reduction in polio cases after the vaccination with the Salk vaccine. Still, the medical consensus of those times was that polio was eradicated after the Salk mass vaccination, which is something still echoing today as (baseless) truth. But we know that scientific or medical consensus is not based on facts, but on a general agreement of something is true, as agreed by experts in the field.

Reduction in DDT Production Is What Led to Polio Cases Drop

The only true correlation between the decrease in polio cases was the reduction in the production of DDT, the miracle mineral of the late 40s, and other miraculously persistent pesticides including arsenic, lead, and BHT, that we now all agree are toxic poisons.

Natural Treatments for HIV Virus (AIDS) - The Turth About Polio and HIV
The increase in polio incidence dirrectly correlated with the increase of DDT, BHC, arsenic, and lead production in the US from 1945 to 1970.

The first medical study to show this causality was published as early as 1949. A more recent scientific article has put all the data together and concluded that polio, including post-polio syndrome, polio vaccine-induced paralysis, legionnaires, CNS disease, cancer, and AIDS may have all been caused by chemical poisoning with DDT. After all, how could you have possibly known you had polio or suffered from DDT poisoning? The symptoms were basically the same…

Natural Treatments for HIV Virus (AIDS) - The Turth About Polio and HIV - DDT Poisoning Description
The DDT poisoning symptoms highlighted in orange are the same as the symptoms of a polio infection.

Polio Was Never Eradicated But Redefined

It is impossible to tell whether the decrease in polio cases from 1955 to 1956 in the United States was the result of the polio vaccination or not, which was a novel vaccine at that time. One thing that clearly helped the “experts” draw this baseless conclusion was redefining the polio virus infection shortly after the vaccination rollout. This made the polio numbers drop very conveniently, “proving” that the Salk vaccine has eradicated polio.

Natural Treatments for HIV Virus (AIDS) - The Turth About Polio and HIV - DDT Poisoning Description
Redefining polio post-Salk mass vaccination resulted in a massive drop in cases in the following years, inducing the false idea that the vaccination has eradicated polio.

Truth be told, polio never ceased to exist, it just changed its name to acute flaccid paralysis, which is an umbrella term for many mysterious conditions we have today, namely:

  • aseptic meningitis
  • traverse myelitis
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Guillaume Barre Syndrome

Up to this day, there are no scientific studies to prove that the Salk polio vaccine has eradicated the polio epidemic, the one thing that actually helped eradicate it was redefining and rebranding polio shortly after the inoculations. The same condition under different names.

So Then What Did the Polio Vaccine Actually Do?

According to the CDC, one of the direct results of polio vaccination is vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP), which is an adverse event following exposure to the oral polio vaccine, leading to paralysis, the worst manifestation of polio. So basically, VAPP is exactly what the polio vaccine was supposed to protect you from. Of course, it’s a very rare adverse event, according to the same source.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the Salk vaccine for polio that few of us know about.

We don’t know what actually was in the polio vaccine, but we can only guess there was live polio virus instead of the attenuated virus (the well-known Cutter incident), and perhaps other toxic excipients, given that one of the direct effects of the polio vaccine is vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis.

The Link Between Polio and Guillain Barre Syndrome

Today, polio has changed its name to aseptic meningitis, traverse myelitis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis (MS), and Guillaume Barre Syndrome, but I’m pretty sure it hides behind other mysterious (mostly auto-immune) nervous system conditions too.

Polio has not been eradicated but has been rebranded as acute flaccid paralysis, and today, coincidentally or not, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) has become the most frequent cause of acute flaccid paralysis since the near elimination of poliomyelitis in the world, according to this study. So… if polio is acute flaccid paralysis, and GBS is the leading cause of acute flaccid paralysis, could Guillain-Barré Syndrome be …. polio? You’ve guessed correctly.

The Link Between Polio and Guillain Barre Syndrome - MyNaturalTreatment.com
The underlined symptoms of polio and Guillain Barre are the same, as well as the debut of the illness.

The Real Cause of Guillain Barre Syndrome

Polio, as well as GBS, is actually caused by increased body toxicity with pesticides, DDT, arsenic, lead, (medical) drugs, experimental medical treatments, and other toxic chemicals that are abundant in the highly-evolved modern society we live in. These poisons feed life-threatening pathogens (EBV, HPV, shingles viruses, etc) that come out of their latency when they are offered the ideal conditions to thrive and grow: toxins and stress. These pathogens attack the myelin sheaths of the nerves in the body, hence the plethora of mysterious symptoms and names of this aggression.

This is the truth about all demyelinating diseases of either the central or the peripheral nervous systems, including polio and one of its more modern names, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). Now that you know the truth about GBS, you are empowered with information and ready to make the best life decisions for you to cleanse and heal. The power is in your hands.

3 Natural Remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome

The natural remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome below can help improve the symptoms of this condition, as they support the natural immunity, help cleanse and detox the body and nourish it with the elements it needs for healing. They are not pills that you pop, and boom, you’re healthy, as nothing can replace a healthy and nourishing diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a harmonious relationship with yourself and others. But they do help elevate your vibration to enable your healing. Please consult a herbalist or a holistic doctor for personalized treatment. Now let’s get to the natural remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome.

1. Apitherapy Remedies for Guillain Barre

Royal jelly and bee venom immunotherapy (injections) are key in this alternative treatment for Guillain Barre Syndrome. Bee venom therapy helps restore nervous system functions such as movement, sensory, and coordination, and it also seems to stop the evolution of the disease. Royal jelly has a very important role in the treatment, namely, it regenerates the affected nerve cells due to its neuroprotective properties, and more importantly, has the ability to stimulate the formation of impressive amounts of stem cells in the body, exponentially boosting the self-healing mechanism. It is a wonder medicine!

Royal Jelly - Natural Alternatives to Prozac - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Royal jelly

The apitherapeutic treatment consists of the internal administration of royal jelly, propolis, pollen, bee bread, and honey. Bee products work as powerful detoxifiers thus boosting natural immunity, but they also help the remyelination of the affected nerves. Topically, massage the spine and the area with a bee venom ointment such as Apireven three times a week. This is the treatment for the first month.

After the first month of treatment which is the detox part, the treatment is continued with bee venom immunotherapy (injections), 3/week, while continuing taking the oral bee products. This treatment scheme is partially put together by The President of the Romanian Apitherapy Society, Dr. Ștefan Stângaciu, hence we recommend that you follow his advice, or consult with a local apitherapy practitioner.

2. Herbal Remedies for Guillain Barre

Alongside the apitherapeutic treatment, there are a few medicinal plants you can use that have strong antiviral, immune-boosting, and remyelination properties. We’re specifically talking about:

  • thyme essential oil (Thymus vulgaris)- powerful antibiotic and antiviral, aid in the recovery of the peripheral nerves; extremely useful for lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, vertigo, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroiditis Hashimoto.
  • bastard balm tea/essential oil (Mellitis melissophyllum L.) – fights peripheral nerve paresis, due to its harpagide content;
  • blackcurrant leaves tea (Ribes nigrum) – helps the normal functioning of the joints by improving their mobility, multiple sclerosis, etc;
  • stinging nettle tea (Urtica dioica) – powerful detox, reduces joint discomfort, normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin;
  • butterbur tea (Petasites hybridus) – muscle aches and paresthesias due to its musculotropic properties.
  • angelica powder (Angelica archangelica) has detoxifying effects and an extremely complex action on the central nervous system helping motor coordination and slowing down demyelinating processes.
  • ginseng capsules (Panax ginseng) – improve movement coordination, reduces painful seizures and vision problems.
  • licorice tincture (Glycyrrhiza glabra) – slows down degenerative processes in the central nervous system, having, among other things, similar effects to cortisone, but with much lower side effects.

These herbs are useful remedies in combating the inflammatory and degenerative processes affecting the myelin sheath, making them some of the best natural remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome. Other natural medicines that support the recovery of the peripheral nerves are brewer’s yeast (which contains B-complex vitamins), and sesame powder (useful in degenerative neuritis).

For alleviating muscle aches and paresthesias, one can also use topically capsaicin (hot pepper tincture salve), juniper salve, rosemary oil, arnica tincture, and common ivy salve. These are some of the most effective natural remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Thyme Oil - How to Make Natural Antiviral at Home - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Thyme oil

3. Supplements for Guillain Barre

N-acetylglucosamine (NAG) – powerful neuroprotective properties, prevents neuro-axonal damage by driving myelin repair, making it an amazing supplement for neurodegenerative conditions.

GABA – natural neurotransmitter (eg anticonvulsant in epilepsy) reduces manifestations in peripheral and postherpetic neuropathy – 1 capsule/day at lunch.

Vegan Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) – maintains the concentration of phospholipids in nerve and myelin cell membranes, stimulates the release of brain neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine), and has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties necessary in the treatment of demyelinating pathologies. – 1-2 capsules three times daily before meals.

Resveratrol – in addition to its strong antioxidant properties, resveratrol has anti-inflammatory and protective properties on brain nerve tissue, being able to stop the demyelination process and fight symptoms of vertigo or consequent cerebral ischemia, Meniere’s syndrome, or tinnitus. – 1-2 capsules a day, depending on the severity of the damage.

20 Natural Treatments for Kidney Stones - Grapes Stum
Black grapes are rich in resveratrol

Coenzyme Q10 – maintains the integrity of the myelin sheath due to its antioxidant protection of cell membranes, fights lipid peroxidation, and demyelinating pathologies. – 1-2 capsules daily, preferably in combination with vitamin E – 100 mg daily.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Lion’s mane mushroom is an excellent neuroprotector that stimulates the growth and regeneration of nerve cells due to its content of erinacine, and helps regenerate myelin. Reishi boosts natural immunity and significantly lower joint inflammation. Royal Agaricus is amazing in neurological disorders (encephalitis, hemiplegia, carpal tunnel syndrome, dermatomyositis, etc), and is a powerful detox that cleanses and protects the liver.

Vitamins D, C, A, and E – Vitamin D and C boost natural immunity, and speed up the recovery and healing time, while vitamin A has a strong antioxidant effect, supports the formation of white blood cells, and helps the formation of antibodies, and vitamin E reduces cell damage, supports the formation of new tissues and protects the muscles and nerves.

Diet for Guillain Barre Syndrome

Nutrition plays an essential role in fighting, but also in preventing this disease. For complete recovery from Guillain Barre Syndrome, and prevention we recommend a fairly strict diet: no sugar, no soda drinks, no alcohol, no margarine or animal fats, no food additives, no GMO foods, and no meat (wild-caught fish occasionally). Instead have plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, legumes (especially onion, garlic, and horseradish), raw seeds, flaxseed oil, whole grains, algae (spirulina, kelp), blueberries, blackcurrants, fresh orange juice, sea buckthorn, raw honey with royal jelly and bee bread.

A heavy metals detox is also recommended when confronting a neurodegenerative condition.

Another extremely important component in healing is psychological and spiritual. In order to overcome the disease, you must first overcome your fears, negative thinking patterns, doubts, worries, and fear, and decide to think positively, as this is the only way to find inner peace, the fountain of your healing. Your mind is the keystone in the cure of Guillain Barre Syndrome, as it is most often the determining factor in the onset of this disease (due to extreme and prolonged stress). Train your mind to know that you can heal, it’s in your power, and with proper diet, herbs, apitherapy, and supplements, you too can overcome this condition.

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If you’ve enjoyed learning about the natural remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome, and most importantly what is the true cause and name of this neurodegenerative condition, please share this article so more people can use this information. Much healing energy to you!

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3 Natural Remedies for Guillain Barre Syndrome and The Truth About This Mysterious Illness - MyNaturalTreatment.com

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