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Natural Treatment for Heart Palpitations

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and powerful natural treatment for heart palpitations, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home. But first.

Heart palpitations can oftentimes be the side effect of a stressful and exhausting work schedule or the result of an intense and prolonged state of anxiety. Still, in other cases, heart palpitations can point to a real heart problem caused by the adverse reactions of medical drugs and modern allopath treatments. Hence, when experiencing heart palpitations over longer periods of time, please consult with a specialized physician. The natural treatment for heart palpitations below uses a powerful blend of herbs, combined in a special way with proven efficiency, especially for heart palpitations.

Natural Treatment for Heart Palpitations

Natural Treatment for Heart Palpitations with Herbs 

Combine together the following herbs:

  • 1 part dried and minced valerian root
  • 1 part hawthorn flowers
  • 1 part motherwort herb
  • 2 parts linden flowers

Steep 2 teaspoons of this herbal blend into 200 ml (1 cup) of hot water for 15 minutes, and then strain it. Have two cups of this tea a day whenever you experience heart palpitations and another cup just for maintenance.

The Best Herbal Tea for Anxiety and How to Make It - Valerian Root
Valerian root

In addition to this herbal remedy, look into whatever is bothering you emotionally to lead to heart palpitations, but also into the medical drugs that you use/have used and their possible implications. When you know what is the cause of your symptoms, things come out into the light and they can be solved. In addition, eat as healthy as possible, namely fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, fresh cold-pressed juices, and plenty of water.

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Heart palpitations are not mainly caused by anxiety, but most likely by dangerous medical drugs, alcohol, a poor diet, and caffeinated drinks. However, when you heal emotionally, your physical body is also ready to heal. No matter what is bothering you, is not worth keeping unsolved, as this can damage your health. Be true to yourself, accept yourself as you are, and also make use of this simple natural treatment for heart palpitations to ease and resolve your symptom for good.

Natural Treatment for Heart Palpitations

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