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15 Folk Remedies from The Caucasus

by Andreea Laza

If you are interested to discover ancient folk remedies from The Caucasus Mountains, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

The longevity of the people from the legendary region of The Golden Fleece is a good enough reason to believe that the folk remedies from the Caucasus are worth looking into. In Greek mythology, the area was referred to as one of the pillars of the Earth. The lifespan of people in The Caucasus Mountains, who still live traditionally, goes over 100 years in many cases. Have they found the fountain of youth for long life, or is it the folk remedies and cures that they have passed down from generation to generation? Either way, we have gathered for you some amazing folk remedies from The Caucasus region that you might want to read!

Folk Remedies from The Caucasus

15 Folk Remedies from The Caucasus

1. Old Caucasus Remedy for Diarrhea

Gather the membranes that separate the two pieces of walnuts inside the shell from 200 grams of whole walnuts. Put them in alcohol for 3 days. Slip and you will get a tincture. Have 6-10 drops of the vodka walnuts tincture 3-4 times a day with ½ cup of lukewarm water. Once diarrhea stops, interrupt the treatment immediately, so it won’t cause constipation.

Home Remedy for External Genital Polyps - Iodine Walnut Vodka

2. Folk Remedy for Indigestion

Drink ground mustard seeds with water in the morning on an empty stomach. Start with 1 mustard seed and increase the daily quantity with 1 seed, until you reach 20 mustard seeds. When you reach 20, decrease the dosage once again.

3. Herbal Folk Remedies for Colitis

Boil 2 cups of water and add 2 tbsp of sage, chamomile, and common centaury. Boil the plants for 1 minute in the water and let the pot aside with a lid on for 15 minutes. Have 2 tbsp of this tea every 2 hours. After a while, 2-3 months of treatment, when your colitis starts to heal, reduce the dosage, and increase the intervals.

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4. Home Cure for Constipation with Oats

The Caucasus people have plums or oats gruel, a sort of porridge. They also have 3-4 cups of seabuckthorn, apples, or dried cherries tea per day or 2-3 cups of pickle brine. For more constipation natural remedies, read also the 20 best home remedies for constipation.

15 Folk Remedies from The Caucasus - Oats

5. Pneumonia & Cough Folk Remedies from the Caucasus

The first one is a cough remedy for after pneumonia. Boil 2 dried figs in 1 cup of raw cow’s milk for a few minutes. Have 2 cups of this hot milk per day after meals. For a dry cough, the people from the Caucasus have another folk remedy. For this, you have to boil 60 grams of black pepper in 250 ml of white wine for 4-5 minutes.

Strain and drink while hot, twice a day. In addition, mix 1 large baked and mashed onion with goose fat. Use this salve to massage your chest and neck, at night, before bedtime. It is also recommended that you eat 1 tbsp. of this mixture every morning until the dry cough is over.

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6. Hemorrhoids Folk Remedies with Herbs

Denseflower mullein tea is a very popular cure for bleeding hemorrhoids. All you have to do is drink 2-3 cups of this tea every day in between meals. The bleeding usually stops in 2-3 days and it may even treat the condition for good. Prepare the dense flower mullein tea with 1 tsp of dried plant per cup of water.

7. Bronchitis & Chest Pain Remedy with Bran

Boil 400 gr wheat bran in 1 and a half liters of water for 10 minutes. Strain and add a bit of brown sugar into the decoction. Drink the water while hot. The daily recommended dosage is 2-3 cups of this decoction. Melt 1 tbsp. of pork lard on low heat and drink it while hot before bedtime. Start this treatment with 1 tbsp. of melted lard in the morning as well, 1 hour before breakfast. This is one of the best Caucasian folk remedies for chest pain associated with bronchitis. If the chest pain is due to pericarditis, you can check out these 2 simple home remedies for pericarditis here.

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8. Folk Remedies for Severe Cold

From ancient times, the Caucasus people used these folk remedies for severe cold. Fill up your sleeping socks with mustard seed flour and wear them overnight. Another thing you can do is to soak a piece of wool in vinegar mixed with oil and camphor. Apply it to your chest overnight as a poultice. On the backside of your neck apply another poultice with grated horseradish.

Folk Remedies from The Caucasus Mountains

9. Neuralgia Folk Cure 

Hard boil an egg and cut it in half. Apply both egg halves to the most painful areas, while they are hot. When the egg halves cool down, they say that the pain will be gone. Worth trying! Also, we have 4 simple natural remedies for neuralgia right here, if you want to check them out.

10. Menstruation Cramps Remedy with Horsetail

Infuse 1 tbsp of horsetail herb in a hot cup of water. Strain the infusion after 20 minutes of sitting. Have 2 tbsp. of this tea every 2 hours. When the symptoms start fading, gradually reduce the quantity of tea you have.

11. Anemia Folk Cure using Rosehip

Boil 3 tbsp of dried and minced rosehip berries in 3 cups of water for 2 minutes. Leave aside to infuse for 15 minutes, then strain and you’re done. Have 1 cup of this tea, three times a day. Other simple and effective natural treatments for anemia, you can see here.

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12. Swollen Feet Home Remedy from Armenia

A folk Caucasus remedy for swollen feet and edema is this one. Add 4 tbsp flaxseeds to 1 liter of water, put the pot on low heat, and boil the water for 10-15 minutes. Leave the pot aside with a lid on for the following hour. Strain and drink 2 tbsp every 2 hours, 6 up to 8 times a day.

13. Folk Remedies for Healthy Liver

For a healthy liver, Caucasus people drink a mix of 250 ml carrot juice, 150 ml celery juice, 60 ml endive juice, and 60 ml parsley juice every day. Plums are also amazing liver decongestants and sustain liver health.

14. Caucasus Mountains Remedy for Sprains

While the sprain is “fresh” apply ice immediately to the painful area. Then apply a poultice soaked in arnica flower decoction. Massage the leg with camphor alcohol.

Old Folk Remedies from The Caucasus

15. Bruises Remedy from The Caucasus with Sheep Lard

Mix together 1 tbsp. fresh goat or sheep lard with ½ tsp. of salt and 1 tbsp. of finely chopped onion. Apply this natural balm to the bruise and fix it in place with a bandage for the following 12 hours. After the 12 hours have passed, take it off and apply a new one. After 2-3 applications, the bruise will go away.

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These remedies have been passed through generations and we are happy to share them with you here. Hopefully, you’ve found some really interesting folk remedies from the Caucasus that you use in need. Stay well, stay healthy!

traditional folk remedies from the Caucasus region

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