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9 Miraculous Monastic Remedies You Should Know

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective monastic remedies that work, continue reading this article and find out some amazing home remedies from the Nămăiești Monastery, Romania. But first.

Located in Argeș County, southern Romania, Nămăiești Monastery is an ancient rock-carved monastery where pilgrims gather to pray and recollect. It’s not clearly known when The Nămăiești Monastery was built, but its beginnings are related to the times of Negru Vodă. Negru Vodă was the first ruler of Wallachia and lived in the mid-to-late 13th century AD.

Natural remedies from Romanian Nun Monastery Nămăiești

The Short History of Nămăiești Monastery

According to some historians, the monastery served initially as a Christian catacomb dating back from the times of the Roman Empire. Others claim that in fact, the halidom was a temple dedicated to Zalmoxis, the almighty God of the Dacians, the ancestors of the Romanian people.

The monastery suffered considerable damages due to the 2nd World War bombings. It is said that Nămăieși is indeed the oldest nuns’ monastery in Wallachia. The monastery’s church is carved in a cave and it shelters a very old painting of the Virgin Mary, which is said to perform miracles for those who touch it or pray at it.

Even more, the nuns at the Nămăiești Monastery have kept some simple and effective natural remedies for mild conditions that have been said to actually work. The miraculous monastic remedies we are about to reveal to you have been communicated by nun Isodora.

9 Miraculous Monastic Remedies that You Should Try

1. Remedy for Dust in the Eyes

If small insects or dust has entered your eyes by accident, here is what you have to do. Cut a white onion and smell it until you start tearing. Tears naturally clear the eye from debris, so just allow your eyes to clear naturally. This is one of the most popular monastic remedies in Romanian monasteries.

Eye Irritation Home Remedy

2. Monastic Remedies for Urinating Problems

Boil 1 handful of cherry pits in ½ liter of water, until the water reduces to half. Leave the tea to cool down, then drink it sip by sip. Urine will loosen almost instantly and you will be able to go. Don’t drink this tea right before bedtime.

3. Herbal Cure for Excessive Sweating

Add 1 tbsp of each of the following herbs to ½ liter of water:

  • horsetail
  • sage
  • nettle
  • valerian

Boil the plants for a half-hour on low heat. Strain the tea and pour it into your bathwater. Bathe with this tea until your sweating normalizes. This is one of the most popular monastic remedies in Romanian monasteries.

4. Age Spots Remedy 

Boil 1 tbsp. of silver birch bark in 250 ml of water on low heat for 10 minutes. Let the tea infuse for 15 minutes. Apply the obtained liquid to the areas affected by age spots and rub it in well.

Health Benefits of Birch Bark and Natural Remedies - MyNaturalTreatment.com

5. Natural Tip for Persistent Hiccups

Place 1 glass of water on the edge of a table. Lean over the table and drink the water in the glass, without using your hands. Then stand up and continue to drink the water, as you would normally drink it, but with smaller sips and inhaling only through the nose. This may sound funny to do, but it’s great with persistent hiccups.

6. Monastic Remedies for Rheumatic Pains

Heat up 200 ml of sunflower oil until it starts smoking, but not past its frying point. Add 1 full tsp of chamomile flowers to the oil and leave it to cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Pull the pot aside and leave it to cool off for 2 hours. Afterward, pour the infused oil into an airtight jar and keep it in a cool place. If you use it frequently on the sore areas caused by rheumatism, you will see that the pains will eventually come to an end.

6 Natural Remedies for Periodontitis - Sunflower Oil

7. A Miraculous Monastic Remedy for Cough

According to Isodora nun, violets make an efficient herbal remedy for coughing and even bronchitis that won’t go away. Steep tbsp of dried violet flowers in 1 liter of water for 5 minutes, then strain the tea. Add some organic honey into the tea and drink it throughout the day.

8. Irritated Eyes Remedy with Apples

If you suffer from irritated or puffy eyes, apply on your eyelids 2 slices of baked apple. Apply them while hot, but not hotter than you can bear so that you don’t get burned. So pay attention! After the slices have cooled down, rinse your eyes with lukewarm water. This is one of the most popular monastic remedies in Romanian monasteries.

5 eye conditions remedies

9. Monastic Remedies for Hoarseness

Boil 2 bread buns in 250 ml of milk until you make a porridge. Apply the porridge on a cheesecloth or another natural fabric and make a poultice with it. Apply the poultice to the neck-chest area and keep it there for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure until the hoarseness in your voice is gone.

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Life can throw at your quite a handful of problems and health issues, we all go through this. But if you have faith that everything happens for a reason and look at things from a positive perspective, the answers will come to you. We hope these simple monastic remedies will help you. Stay healthy! Body, mind, spirit.

Monastic Remedies for Mild Conditions

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