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Cottage Cheese, a Natural Treatment for Cold

by Andreea Laza

While it may be more practical to open the drugs cabinet and pop a pill for headaches or mild cold, there are natural alternatives. This wonderful natural treatment for cold uses a simple ingredient you may already have in your fridge.

That is fresh cottage cheese. This simple natural remedy is best used at the very first symptoms of a cold, such as chest pain. Here is how you can prepare this natural treatment for cold at home.

Natural Treatment for Cold

Cottage Cheese Natural Treatment for Cold

Although it may seem too simple to be true, the cottage cheese compress is a natural treatment for cold, that has been used for centuries in the rural areas of Europe. Here is how you can make it at home. Slightly warm up a large piece of natural cottage cheese in the oven, place it on a clean kitchen towel, and wrap the cheese inside. Place the compress on the chest area, where you feel the pain, and keep it there for a full 2 hours until it gets cold again.

Immediately after you take the compress off, you need to get in the bed, get as comfy as possible and sweat under the warm quilt. After you’ve sweated for 2-3 times you’ll know that by that time the cold has gotten out of your body and you will feel amazing the next day. In addition, the mustard powder remedy can help heal from cold even faster.

Cottage Cheese, a Natural Treatment for Cold

Home Remedy for Cold with Mustard

This natural treatment for cold is simple and efficient. What you need is black mustard seed powder and a piece of cheesecloth. Before applying the mustard poultice, anoint the body with a bit of oil or body milk. This diminishes the mild burning sensation from the mustard powder.

  • Sprinkle black mustard powder on the poultice and apply it on the chest and back area.
  • Wrap a wet cloth over the poultice and then a dry scarf to keep the poultice in place.
Natural Treatment for Cold – Mustard Powder Seeds
Mustard seeds powder

Let the poultice on for about 3 minutes and then check to see if the skin has turned red. If it has, take the poultice off until the redness goes away. Resume the treatment afterward. If the skin is OK, apply a new poultice and keep it on for 3 to 15 minutes.

Be aware! Don`t ever follow this natural treatment for cold and flu if your skin has wounds, burns, eczema, or rashes. It is possible that the mustard powder aggravates your skin condition. If you have a white skin complexion that is highly sensitive to sunlight exposure, anoint your body with a natural oily body lotion before applying the poultices, to reduce the risk of burns.

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This is a miraculous natural treatment for cold and flu, based on such a simple yet natural medicine: the black mustard powder. Alongside the cheese poultice, these two remedies help fight colds really fast, with no side effects. Let us know if these remedies have worked for you too in the comments below. Stay healthy, naturally!

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