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10 Natural Remedies for Diarrhea

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural remedies for diarrhea, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

If you oftentimes suffer from the unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea and wish to know how to put an end to them whenever the case, well we have here the best 10 natural remedies for diarrhea. Before you try any of these remedies or medicate, it’s best to understand what diarrhea actually is.

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What Causes Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is not a condition on its own, but an underlying symptom. What happens is that the body tries to purge out something that creates havoc in the body. Most of the time is a pathogen (virus or bacteria) that causes diarrhea. This is why it’s always best to look for the cause and not just address the symptom.

If you’ve tested positive for a pathogen, or believe this is your case, look for powerful natural antibiotics, such as thyme, oregano, or clove oils. They are amazing for killing pathogens and not weakening the immune system, as conventional antibiotics do. No side effects, just benefits. When taking essential oils, make sure you don’t overdose, because they are very strong and can feel harsh. Also, don’t follow this treatment for too long, always read the label on how to take them.

We have written an extensive article about 10 Strongest Natural Antibiotics & How to Use Them, which we recommend to you. Without further ado, let’s jump right into our list of the 10 best natural remedies for diarrhea.

Natural Remedy for Diarrhea

10 Natural Remedies for Diarrhea

1. Sloe Syrup, a Great Remedy for Diarrhea

The sloe syrup recipe that you are about to see can be used as a cure for vitalizing the body during the cold seasons and besides, it is also a very good natural disinfectant which makes it a very good natural remedy against diarrhea and dysentery. This is how it’s made.

  1. Gather ripe sloes after the frost has fallen on them and wash them in cold water 3-4 times.
  2. Place them in an enameled pot and pour cold water over them until it reaches 7-8 cm above the fruits in the pot.
  3. Let the sloes boil for 30 to 40 minutes until you can see that their peel begins to break.
  4. Take the pot off the fire, cover it with a lid, and place it in a chilly place for 48 hours.
  5. After 48 hours, slip the juice through a strainer on top of which you have placed a clean wet piece of gauze and press onto the sloes so that all the juices come out.
  6. Mix the obtained juice with sugar (1 kg of sugar for 1 l of juice) and cook over very low heat until it begins to turn into a syrup with a lot more consistency.
  7. Drink a cup of sloe syrup per day with water or just as it is in the morning before eating in case you suffer from diarrhea.

Sloes, also known as blackthorn berries are amongst the best natural remedies for diarrhea.

10 Natural Remedies for Diarrhea - Sloe - Blackthorn berries
Sloe berries or blackthorn berries

2. Green Walnuts Remedy for Diarrhea

This is one of the best natural remedies for diarrhea and chronic diarrhea in particular. For this, you need 20 green walnuts and some candied sugar.

  • First, peel the walnuts and finely grind the peels after which place them into a jar.
  • Add 5 tablespoons of powdered candied sugar over the peels.
  • Mix thoroughly and let it rest for 3 days in a dry and warm place.
  • Stir the content every evening.
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Take a teaspoon of this mixture every morning before breakfast for as long as it takes to stop chronic diarrhea. It three days of natural treatment you shall see at least some improvements in the worst case, and if you take this seriously you’ll enjoy even better results and in the end, put a stop to your digestive problems. Walnut peels tea is one of the best natural remedies for diarrhea and it goes like this.

  • Collect the interior walnut peels that separate the walnut kernels.
  • Boil 2 tbsp of walnut peels in 250 ml of water for 5 minutes.
  • Strain the tea and drink it cold, in several rounds throughout the day.

3. Wood Avens Tea for Diarrhea

Add two teaspoons of dried and minced wood avens root into 300 ml of water in a pot. Boil the content until the liquid drops to half the initial quantity. Slip the tea and you’re ready to drink it. Make sure you have this tea after meals and drink it in small sips.

4. Seabuckthorn Remedy for Diarrhea

This is a really efficient natural remedy for diarrhea when you can seem to put an end to it. This one can be used by anyone, no matter the age because it has no side effects. Mash one tablespoon of seabuckthorn berries and add them to 250 ml of water for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink the entire quantity throughout the day. Repeat this procedure until things return to normal. This is one of the most powerful natural remedies for diarrhea.

5. Quince Infusion for Diarrhea

Thoroughly wash one quince and then grate it. Boil the grated quince in 1 liter of water until the liquid drops to half. Sweeten the decoction with sugar while still over the fire. Drink the entire quantity throughout the day until the symptoms are all gone. In addition to being one of the best natural remedies for diarrhea, this decoction is also good for hemorrhoids, internal bleeding, and liver failure.

10 Best Natural Remedies for Cough - Quince

6. Natural Remedy for Chronic Diarrhea with Pollen

Follow a 30 days cure with natural pollen to treat diarrhea with blood in the stool. Pollen has an amazing effect on chronic diarrhea that doesn’t respond to antibiotics or other drugs, this is why this is one of the most powerful natural remedies for diarrhea.

Have 2-3 tsp. of pollen daily. The first one on an empty stomach and the other two before the meals of the day. Chew well before swallowing. You can take them with water, milk, gem, or yogurt, but not tea.

7. Chamomile Tea Remedy for Diarrhea

Make chamomile tea with homemade wine instead of water. Prepare 1 L of fresh tea in the morning and drink it throughout the day in small sips. As simple as it may sounds, chamomile tea is one of the most powerful natural remedies for diarrhea.

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8. Black Tea Cure

Add 1 tsp. of black tea in 500 ml of water and boil the tea until the initial quantity drops to half. Drink warm in two rounds, 15 minutes apart. Drink the tea unsweetened. This is one of the most powerful natural remedies for diarrhea.

9. Grapes Seeds Remedy for Diarrhea

Boil 2 tbsp. of grapes seeds in 200 ml of water, until the water drops to half. Leave aside to cool and then drink it. You’ll need no more than two of these teas to put an end to diarrhea. Grape seeds are amongst the best natural remedies for diarrhea.

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10. Sour Cherry Stems Tea

Infuse 1 tsp. of finely minced sour cherry stems into 250 ml of hot water. Drink 1 tbsp. of this tea, 4-5 times per day. A dried sour cherry decoction is just as good.

Other Simple Natural Remedies for Diarrhea

  • Acacia Leaves. Chew well and swallow 8-10 acacia leaves. Diarrhea will end almost instantly.
  • Acorn Powder. Drink a pinch of acorn powder with a cup of water.
  • Rice. Boil rice and mix it with some of its water and yogurt. You can also sweeten it a bit. This especially good for kids.
  • Lemon. Mix together 1 sugar cube with 1 tsp. of oil and the juice from 1/2 of lemon until the sugar melts completely. Make a chamomile tea and drink it after it has cooled down. For the next 24 hours don’t eat anything but drink chamomile tea.
  • Egg Whites. Whisk 2 egg whites in 50 ml of cold water. Have 1 tsp. of this mixture every hour. This is a great natural remedy for diarrhea for kids.
  • Rose Petal Tea. Infuse 1 tbsp. of rose petals in 250 ml of hot water for 25 minutes.

2 Natural Remedies for Chronic Diarrhea with Blood

Willow Flowers Remedy 

Here is a simple way to cure diarrhea with blood in the stool. Make a decoction with 2 tbsp. of dried or fresh willow flowers in 300 ml of water. Boil and have two cups daily, early in the morning, before breakfast.

Cranberries Remedy for Diarrhea

Have 4-6 tbsp. of cranberries daily for a few days and the effect is almost instant, as you will see. If you don’t have them right away, make a cranberry leaves tea first.

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Home Remedy for Diarrhea Pain

If you experience stomach pains due to chronic diarrhea, here is what you can do. Use warm water poultices on your stomach. You can mix the water with alcohol or not, it’s up to you. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for diarrhea pain.

Don’t eat any cold foods, only warm meals. Replace water with unsweetened teas for diarrhea, such as onion peel tea. Avoid sugar and sugary foods and eat 3-4 baked apples with fresh cheese daily to your diet. Have the baked apples in the evening instead of dinner. Have plenty of cranberries!

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We sure hope that these natural remedies for diarrhea here will truly help you out. Let us know if they’ve worked for you too in the comment section below. Stay healthy, naturally!

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