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Sea Buckthorn Uses and Contraindications

by Andreea Laza

Sea Buckthorn USES & BenefitsFor those who have heard of sea buckthorn, yet know very little about its medicinal benefits and what it can do to improve our health state, we have figured we might bring to you the bigger picture regarding sea buckthorn uses and contraindications. 

Sea Buckthron, A Natural Antioxidant

Yes, sea buckthorn is one of the most powerful natural antioxidant. This miraculous plant is also loaded with Vitamin C and a great variety of vitamins, namely Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B9, E, K, P, F. Also, it contains a high dose on natural beta-carotene, much more than carrots, which is a substance very well known for its positive effects on improving eye sight.

These are only the most important aspects related to sea buckthorn that explain why it has found so many uses in the allopath and traditional medicine today. Sea buckthorn is used in a great variety, as tea made from its leaves, buds, berries and bark, as well as syrup or juice and oils derived from its seeds.

We’ll go on naming only a few of the sea buckthorn uses and contraindications so that you know when and why to use it and recover your good health.

Sea Buckthorn Uses

  • It increases the body’s capacity to fight diseases, so it is a great help for the immune system overall
  • It helps the body recover quicker after intense physical activities (being highly recommended for sportsmen and women) and from severe conditions
  • It reduces the convalescent period after sever injury or disease
  • Some doctors recommend it along with allopath medicine to reduce the side effects of synthetic drugs
  • Moderate sea buckthorn consumption can protect against UV radiations
  • Great natural remedy for burns

Sea Buckthorn Oil Uses:

Natural Treatment for Catarrh
Natural Treatment for Gastric Ulcers
Natural Treatment for Conjunctivitis

Sea Buckthorn Juice Uses: 7 Natural Treatments for Chronic Hepatitis

Sea Buckthorn Tea Uses: 3 Natural Treatments for Hepatitis A

Sea Buckthorn Contraindications

Is not recommended for those who suffer from acute cholecystitis and acute pancreatitis. There have been cases when patients have developed adenomatous prostatitis (men) and mastopathy (women) due to the high content of phytohormones in sea buckthorn.

People suffering from asthma or have allergies should not use sea buckthorn. The reason is that the large amounts of beta-carotene found in sea blackthorn may cause them harm.

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