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3 Natural Treatments for Gastric Ulcers

by Andreea Laza

Home Remedies gastric ulcers - MyNaturalTreatment.comDefinitely one of the most painful and annoying conditions that we know today is the gastric ulcer. Still, there are handful of natural remedies and herbal cures based on plants and simple recipes that ameliorate and treat this condition.

We have gathered here today no less than three wonderful natural treatments for gastric ulcers. Find one that you find easy to follow and before you do, consult with your doctor and ask for his opinion, since gastric ulcer is a severe condition that needs thorough treatment. Let’s begin.

3 Natural Treatments for Gastric Ulcers

1. Natural Treatment for Gastric Ulcers with Seabuckthorn

No matter which doctor you ask, they will all say that in this situation you need to undergo a really strict diet. Hence, before taking any of these natural remedies for gastric ulcers, please do consider adopting a different lifestyle, starting with what you put on your plate.

For those who didn’t yet knew, the sea buckthorn oil works wonders in cases of gastric ulcers if you know how to use it. Well, you’ll need to follow a strict diet for at least 2 months and at the same time have the sea buckthorn oil.

  • Take three teaspoons of sea buckthorn oil a day, half an hour before the main meals of the day.
  • This simple oil is as indicated in curing ulcers as the rosehip oil.

After 2 months you’ll see a radical improvement of your health state and even complete healing, as some have stated. Again, you’ll never cure without a strict and proper diet.

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2. Aloe Vera Remedy for Gastric Ulcer

Aloe Vera is a wonder plant, that basically helps heal the outer and inner skin tissue, which means it also works on the stomach walls, as well as the intestines, esophagus and the throat itself. If you wish to go for the miraculous Aloe Vera you’ll need to closely follow the directions.

  • Mash 500 grams of Aloe Vera leaves (make sure the plant has more than three years, otherwise the success of the remedy is not guaranteed) with a wooden utensil in a non-metallic bowl (ceramic is best).
  • Place the mashed Aloe leaves into a jar and pour 1 liter of blackcurrant wine or 1 liter of black grapes natural wine.
  • Make sure the grapes wine is older than three years and of high quality.
  • Add in the jar 7 lemons all chopped in small pieces and 1½ kg of acacia natural honey.
  • Mix everything up in the jar and place the jar somewhere at room temperature to stay for a week.
  • Mix every day the ingredients in the jar using a wooden spoon.
  • After one week has passed, slip the content and pass the liquid into dark glass jars with corks.
  • Store the bottles in a dark place.

This remedy is also indicated for anorexic children or for those who lack minerals in their body.

  • They need to have a teaspoon of this syrup every morning before breakfast.
  • You’ll need to have half a glass of this syrup three times per day, half an hour before the meals of the day.

This treatment goes on for an indefinite period of time, until the gastric ulcer has healed for good.

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3. Herbal Remedy for Gastric Ulcers

Well, the third home remedy is best against the outbreak of the painful ulcer crisis. You’ll need to make a mix of herbs and prepare a delicious and amazing tea to undergo a cleansing of the stomach. 

  • You’ll need: plantain leaves, chamomile flowers and wild rosemary leaves (2 parts each), yarrow leaves and flowers, minced rosehip fruits (one parts each).

Add 10 grams of this herbal mix into 1 liter of hot water and let them infuse for as long as 5-6 hours and then slip the infusion. Drink 100 ml of this special tea, three times per day before the main meals of the day. 

If you wish to make the best of this home remedy it is recommended that you follow it for at least two weeks, two times per year (at the end of summer and winter).

Hopefully, you’ve found here enough information that you now know how to heal from gastric ulcers and even forms of gastritis. These natural treatments for gastric ulcers are among the most efficient that you can find online.

Again, before deciding to treat this condition at home, you need to consult with your doctor and ask for his opinion as well. Stay in great health!

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