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19 Best Natural Treatments for Gastritis

by Andreea Laza

Gastritis is a lifestyle condition due to excessive stress and of course incorrect eating habits.

However, besides the allopathic medicine today and taking pills, there are simple home remedies that you can try yourself, that have no side effects.

The natural treatment for gastritis we are about to show to you is based on a diet that you need to follow while the other on a grapes based diet.

You may choose anyone of the two or combine them together and see some amazing results. 

As we’ve stated earlier incorrect eating habits have a lot to do with developing gastritis, that is why we need to reverse the process by eating correctly and feeling amazing after it.

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19 Natural Treatments for Gastritis

1. Marjoram & Sage, a Great Gastritis Remedy

  • For the first two days of diet you need to detoxify the body so you need to drink only marjoram and sage infusions and teas, without sweetening them.
  • The following two days you need to have vegetable soups with only a bit of whole bread and have cabbage juice three mugs per day.
  • In order to put an end to the pains caused by gastritis you need to have lemon balm, caraway and mint tea in the same mix.
  • Also, another home remedy that will help is the cinnamon oil and polyflower honey.
  • Mix a few drops of cinnamon oil with one tablespoon of honey and have them throughout the day, whenever you feel a bit below the bar.

Besides their great taste, the cinnamon and honey combination will help you a lot to recover and get you back on your feet.

2. Egg Whites Tincture for Gastritis

Pour beaten egg whites (the foam) over 750 ml of 50° natural fruits alcohol, until you fill up a 1 L bottle. Keep the bottle in a dark place. You can use the egg white tincture right away as follows. Have 50 ml in the morning, for the next 10 days, then increase the dosage to 100 ml until you have no more tincture.

Before every usage, stir the bottle well so the content is homogenous. Don’t eat 2 hours after you’ve taken this natural remedy.

3. Milk Skin & Yolks Gastritis Remedy

Whisk well together 2 tbsp. of milk skin with 2 egg yolks and 2 tsp. of honey, until you get a buttery cream consistency. Split the quantity in 3 parts and take it 30 min before breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the day. Make sure you take the first portion right before you wake up and have breakfast at least an hour later.

4. Raw Egg Whites Remedy for Gastritis

Have 1 egg white first thing in the morning for a week. Don’t eat for an hour after you’ve taken the raw egg white. Pause the remedy for 3 weeks and then resume it. Make sure you have organic eggs from the countryside, so that you enjoy the best of this cure.

Also, pay a greater attention to what you eat and how you combine foods. Have fruits only 1 hour later after you’ve had a meal and stay away from the foods that have high levels of starches and sugars. Acid foods and milk are also not recommended.

5. Natural Remedy for Gastritis with Grapes

A great natural treatment for gastritis uses the grapes diet.

This diet will help even if you suffer from a more chronic form of gastritis. You can also undertake this diet along with the prescribed medication that you have from the doctor.

  • The first diet day you need to drink only water (plenty of) and diuretic teas.
  • The second day you shall eat ½ kg of black grapes one hour before lunch and one hour before dinner. Also, eat 250 g of grapes before breakfast.
  • The grapes must be peel free and with no seeds. Eat them with one slice of whole bread.
  • The following days you need to add another 500 grams of black grapes each day, until you have reached a total quantity of 3 kg per day.
  • Then, you shall decrease the quantity of grapes with 500 g gradually every day until you reach the quantities from the second diet day.

Also, make sure the foods you eat during these diet days are easy and almost raw. Also, eat fish at least two times per week.

Avoid fried foods, animal fats, deli meat, sweets and flour based products. 

You can easily repeat this grapes diet each year during autumn time, when the grapes season is at its peak and really enjoy a great health state, away from the pain and discomfort caused by gastritis.

6. Linden Charcoal Remedy for Gastritis

It’s easier if you can find the linden charcoal in naturist stores, but you can prepare it at home as follows.

  • Gather a few linden branches, some not that thick.
  • Break them into pieces so that they can burn easily and put them in a metal pot.
  • Let them burn until they turn turn into embers.
  • Then cover the pot with a lid, and bury it somewhere underground for a few days, a week at most.
  • Grind the linden charcoal as finely as possible using an electric grinder.

Preserve the obtained powder in sealed glass jars.

  • Have 1-2 tsp. of this powder twice a day, for the following 3 weeks.
  • You can take the charcoal powder with a glass of flat water, for easier intake.

This remedy for gastritis is just wonderful!

7. Parsley Root Tea

Boil 1 kg of parsley roots in 2 L of water until the water drops down to half. Split the tea in 7 portions and drink it all in the morning at 10 minutes distance. When you drink it, make sure it has room temperature.

8. Mustard Seeds Remedy

Swallow 1 seed of mustard with water daily and increase the seeds dosage daily with 1 seed, until you take 20 seeds of mustard with a cup of water. When you’ve reached this dosage, decrease the daily dosage again until you take 1 mustard seed. Resume the cure in a week if necessary.

9. Water Cure for Gastritis

Boil 300 ml of water 6 times like this. Give the water a simmer, take it off the fire and leave aside to cool down, then again give a simmer, take it off fire and leave to cool down. Have the entire water quantity on an empty stomach before meals. Two minutes after you’ve drunk it, force yourself to burp 5 times. The gastritis pain will go away and never come back.

3 Natural Remedies for Chronic Gastritis

10. Willow Gentian Tincture

In case you suffer from a chronic form of gastritis caused by an infection with Helicobacter Pylori you can try a combination of gastric tea doubled by willow gentian tincture for a more powerful effect.

Follow this treatment daily for the next 2 months and you’ll feel amazing.

Willow gentian tincture is also amazingly effective in case of enlarged liver and lazy gallbladder.

11. Green Apples Remedy for Chronic Gastritis

Grate 2 green apples with peels on and eat them right away. Don’t eat anything 5 hours previous and 5 hours after you’ve eaten the apples. This remedy is more efficient if you resume it 4 times, with a week pause between the cures.  After 2 weeks, you can reduce the no eating time from 5 hours to 4.

This treatment will often cause gas and bloating, hence it is recommended that the rest of your diet excludes raw fruits and veggies, cabbage, rather boiled meat and veggies.

12. Chronic Gastritis Cure with Propolis & Blueberry Tincture 

  • Take 2 drops per 5 kg body mass of propolis tincture (30%) three times per day, 30 minutes before the main meals.
  • You can add them on a piece of whole bread and eat it.
  • Continue this treatment for the next 20 days.

Double the efficiency of this natural remedy for chronic infectious gastritis with the blueberry tincture.

  • Mix together 1 part crushed blueberries with 5 parts 70° alcohol in a glass sealed jar.

Keep the tincture in a dark place for the following 15 days and don’t forget to shake daily. Slip the tincture and have 1 tsp. three times per day.

If this remedy will make you constipated, enjoy a laxative tea or 1 tbsp. of cold pressed natural oil every evening.

Tips & Diet Advice for Chronic Gastritis

  1. Keep a diet for 1-3 days consisting of equal parts of carrot, potato and cabbage juice; the quantity is up to you.
  2. Avoid eating whole wheat flour breads, deli meats, canned foods or fat meat.

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3 Remedies for Erosive Gastritis

13. Honeycomb Cure

Buy a honeycomb and cut it into pieces of 1.5 x 5 cm each. Take one piece of honeycomb each morning on an empty stomach and chew on it until you can easily swallow the comb as well.

You can eat after a half hour has passed. Follow this diet for the following 14 days. Pause for a couple of weeks and resume the treatment for another 14 days. Resume it anytime the gastritis bothers you again.

14. Honey & Alcohol Remedy for Erosive Gastritis

Macerate 500 gr of honey with 500 ml of fruit alcohol and leave it to stay for 3 weeks. Have 1 shot of this macerate every morning on an empty stomach until there’s no more left.

This is a great remedy for erosive gastritis!

Besides the honey remedies, you can try a few teas that help restore the gastric balance. 

These are the most recommended:

  • yarrow, horsetail, marigolds, liquorice, acacia flowers and common comfrey. 

Make a decoction with 1-2 plant per cup of water and drink 2-3 cups daily.

  1. Avoid meat, fried foods, eggs, fermented cheese and white bread.
  2. Calamus macerate early in the morning helps balance the gastric juices.
  3. Carrot juice is also amazing with erosive gastritis.

15. Potato & Honey Cure

Grate a medium-sized potato and mix it with a few teaspoons of natural organic honey. Have a few tsp. of this mix 30 minutes before the main meals, 3 times per day.

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Natural Treatment for Hyperacidic Gastritis

16. Herbal Infusion for Stomach Acid

Mix equal parts of marigold, horsetail, yarrow, St. John’s wort and chamomile. Add 1 tsp. of this herbal mix per 250 ml of hot water and let it infuse.

Have 3 cups of this infusion every day.

In case you experience bloating, there is another herbal tea that you can prepare.

  • Make a mix of yarrow, marjoram, garden mint, fennel, caraway or anise, thyme.
  • Add 2 tsp. of this mix per 250 ml of water and make an infusion.
  • Have a cup of this tea after the main meals.

17. Calamus Tea for Gastric Acid

Macerate in 250 ml of cold water 1 tsp. of calamus root overnight. Slightly warm it up next morning and have 6 sips per day, a sip before and after every meal.

18. Common Comfrey Cure

Do the same with common comfrey root as with the calamus, but drink it throughout the day in small sips this time.

Tips & Diet Advice for Hyperacidic Gastritis

  1. Avoid bountiful meals.
  2. Have plenty boiled veggies and compote or baked fruits, veggie soups.
  3. Have chicken and fish but only boiled or steamed.
  4. Old bread, cottage cheese and unfermented cheese are also OK.
  5. Avoid chicken soup, fat, fried or smoked meats and stews.
  6. Off the list should be fresh bread, sweets, sugar, pastry, bullion, eggplants, onion, garlic, peppers as well.

19. Home Remedy for Gastroduodenitis: St. John’s Wort

In case of chronic gastroduodenitis there are a few non-intrusive and totally inexpensive things that you can do, using a mighty herb, St. John’s wort.

  • Boil 100 g of dried St. John’s wort into 1 L of water until the water drops to half.
  • Leave the tea to macerate overnight.
  • Strain the tea next morning and squeeze the herbs well.
  • Mix the tea with 500 ml of cold pressed sunflower oil and boil again until it drops to half.
  • Leave the macerate to cool down and then pour it in glass jar, seal it and store it in the fridge, so it doesn’t ferment.
  • Take 1 tbsp. of this natural medicine before each meal, every time you eat.

Beware! This cure can cause nausea, so have some honey within reach. Stir the bottle well before each usage.

Note down the first day of treatment and the last (until you have finished the entire quantity) and pause for exactly the same number of days. If you can’t see any improvements, resume the treatment.

These have been the best natural treatments for gastritis, including chronic gastritis, erosive gastritis, hyperacidic gastritis and gastroduodenitis.

We hope you’ve found here a remedy for you! Stay healthy, naturally!

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