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5 Best Natural Sleep Aids with Recipes

by Andreea Laza

Do you often suffer from insomnia or restless sleep?

Sleep aids have been used for centuries by our ancestors. They used simple herbs to make teas, tinctures and powders for a good night sleep.

Today we know little about natural sleep aids given the tons of sleeping pills out there.

But before you go for prescription sleeping pills, you can try these natural sleep aids.

Using the healing power of plants that have natural sedative properties, the sleep aids recipes below are easy to make at home.

Besides the 5 natural sleep aids recipes, we also want to share with you some of the most effective sleep aid teas that will fast you asleep. Let’s begin!

5 Best Natural Sleep Aids with Recipes

1. The Natural Sleep Aid “Wine” with Valerian

This natural sleep aid is amazing if you feel agitated, stressed or restless throughout the day. Even more it’s amazing if you suffer from meteoropathy (weather-related discomfort) or have a hard time falling asleep or sleeping uninterruptedly. Here is how you can make it at home.

Ingredients: 50 g dried valerian root, 10 g fresh lemon balm leaves, 10 g of fresh or dried St. John’s wort, 1 orange, 2 g dried hop cones, 2 g lavender flowers, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 tbsp. organic honey, ½ l homemade red wine.

Instructions: Mince the lemon balm leaves and the St. John’s wort and peel the orange. Put all the herbs in a large jar, then add the orange peel, the cinnamon stick, the honey and the wine. Stir very well and seal the jar with the lid. Let the jar stay for 3 weeks in a warm, but dark place. Shake from time to time so that the active substances from the herbs and the other ingredients are absorbed in the wine. After the 3 weeks strain the content and pour the obtained sleep wine in a bottle. If kept in a cool and dark place, the sleep wine will stay potent for 2 months.

How to use: Have 2 tbsp. of the sleep aid wine in the evening, half an hour before bedtime. Hold the wine in your mouth as much as you can before swallowing it for the best results

2. Calming Tea for Restful Sleep w/ Recipe

Ingredients: 40 g passion flower (passiflora), 20 g hop cones, 20 g lemon balm, 10 g lavender flowers.

Instructions: Pour 250 ml of hot water over 1 tbsp. of this herbal mix. Let the tea infuse, then strain it and sweeten with natural honey. Honey makes this sleep aid tea even more potent, so it’s best to add some to your tea.

Tip: After you prepare the tea, cover the pot so that the etheric oils from the plants don’t volatilize.

How to use: In case you suffer from insomnia or other sleep problems, drink this calming tea ½ hours before bedtime. You will get the maximum effect if you have this tea every night for 4-6 weeks

3. Natural Sleep Aid Pillow with Herbs

It’s enough to breath in the etheric oils from hop, lavender, lemon balm and rose to have a better night sleep. These plants are great natural soporifics. In fact, there is another sleep aid that you can make at home using the herbs here mentioned. And that is herbal pillows or sachets, depending on the quantity of plants that you dispose of.

To fill in a pillow, you should use only well dried plants and not fresh ones because fresh plants may mold. You don’t have to make a very large pillow; a small sachet will do if you keep it close to your nose when you sleep.

The aromas from the herbs penetrate the central nervous system when you breathe in. They have a positive action on the mind, as well as on the metabolism and the hormonal balance in the body

4. Lemon Balm Shots for a Good Night Sleep

This natural sleep aid is also amazing for strengthening the nervous system, not only for helping you fast asleep. It will also help you regain your mental balance, concentrate better, become calmer and of course, beat insomnia. In addition, it can boost productivity.

You can use lemon balm tincture from the very first symptoms of catching a cold.

Ingredients: 1 large bunch of lemon balm, 1 lemon, 1 piece of ginger (the size of a walnut), 1 tsp. dried angelica root, 2 tsp. freshly-crushed coriander seeds, ½ cinnamon stick, 10 cloves, 10 pepper grains, ½ tsp. powdered cardamom, 1/3 tsp. grated nutmeg, 750 ml vodka or double distilled brandy.

Instructions: Wash the lemon balm thoroughly and remove its leaves. Peel the lemon, then wash the ginger (but don’t remove the peel) and slice it finely. Put all the ingredients in a jar and pour the alcohol in. Seal the jar and place it in a warm place for the following 8 weeks. However, don’t keep it in direct sunlight! Shake the jar as often as possible. After the 8 weeks have passed, stain the content and pour it in a bottle. Store the lemon balm brandy in a cool place.

How to use: Have 1 tsp., 1-3 times per day. Have 2 tsp. of water right away

5. The Best Natural Sleep Aid: Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea is known to aid the body to adapt to changes as well as protect itself from overstress. In fact, Rhodiola is one of the best stress remedies out there. Less stress equals better sleep, don’t you think? So here is the recipe for this sleep aid.

Ingredients: fresh Rhodiola Rosea roots, 150 ml vodka

Instructions: If you have fresh Rhodiola Rosea root available, wash them well, cut into pieces and put them in a jar. However, dried and minced Rhodiola roots are also OK. Pour the alcohol over the roots and seal the jar. Let the jar stay for 3 weeks in a warm and bright place. Strain the content and pour it in 3 small, dark colored glass bottles with dripper. If you keep the bottles in a cold place, the extract will preserve its properties for the following 6-8 months.

How to use: Have 1 tsp. of this extract in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Don’t take this tincture in the evening!

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8 Teas that Are Amazing Natural Sleep Aids

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm tea is recommended for those who have trouble sleeping because of stress. Infuse 3-4 tsp. of this plant in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Drink the tea in the afternoon to relax, and in the evenings, before bedtime.

You can also use lemon balm to make a salad to eat before bedtime. You can find this salad recipe here. This remedy is not recommended for people with thyroid problems.

Sage Tea for Sleeping

Enjoy this tea whenever you feel agitated and you worry you cannot fall asleep. Have 2-3 cups of sage tea per day to beat off insomnia.

Hop Cones Tea

Infuse 2 tsp. of hop cones in 150 ml of hot water for 15 minutes. Drink it in the afternoon and in the evening before going to bed. This tea is not recommended for children and pregnant women.

St. John’s Wort

One of the herbs that you can always count on for having a good night sleep is St. John’s wort. Have a couple of cups of this tea in the evening. You can also take St. John’s wort instead.

Have 30 drops of this tincture in a cup of water before bedtime. It has calming, antidepressant and soporific effects.

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Onion Tea for Sleep

Onion tea is also a great remedy for people who have fragile nerves or suffer from panic attacks.

To prepare this tea, all you have to do is peel two small onions and boil them in 500 ml of water. When the onions begin to boil, remove the pot from the fire and let the tea cool down.

Once it has reached room temperature, sweeten it with honey. Have 4 cups throughout the day.

Passion Flower Sleep Aid Tea

If you are experiencing panic attacks, you can use passion flower tea. Infuse 2 teaspoons of passion flower in 150 ml of hot water for 10 minutes.

Drink three cups a day until you regain peace and fast sleep. This tea is not recommended for pregnant women and children!

Linden Flowers Tea

This tea has natural soporific action. An infusion made from 1 or 2 teaspoons per cup of hot water will bring you the relaxation you need.

Enjoy it with a little bi of honey, a cup in the afternoon and another one in the evening.

Poppy Seeds Sleep Aid

Poppy has a sedative effect and may be the sleeping aid you need. To enjoy its soothing effect, add a teaspoon of raw poppy seeds in a mug of boiling water. Drink a cup four to five hours before bedtime and another one right before you go to bed.

You can also add lavender, valerian root tea, marjoram or yellow sweet clover to this list. Other things that you can do to beet off insomnia is meditation.

A good 5-10-minute meditation before bedtime will help you fall asleep quicker. There is also music for sleep and relaxation that you can listen to.

This music is using binaural beats, alpha or theta waves that induce sleep and relaxation.

Last but not least, worry less and have more faith in how your life is unfolding. When things may look sour, know that they always happen for a good reason!

Whatever the reason is, you will soon find out. Meanwhile, embrace all that is and make the most of everything! Nighty, night!

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