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Natural Remedy for a Peaceful Sleep

by Andreea Laza

Peaceful sleep home remediesIf you have hard times enjoying a peaceful sleep, then perhaps you may want to read this one. This natural remedy for a peaceful sleep doesn’t refer to insomnia, but having troubles enjoying a restful sleep at nighttime.

Lavender, a Natural Remedy for Peaceful Sleep

Often times daily events give us a hard time sleeping and just letting it go when it’s time to let it go, and that’s where the chamomile and lavender cushions may come in handy.

You will need:

  • one small pillow cushion (15×25 cm),
  • cotton wool,
  • 50-150 grams of dried hop cones, chamomile, lavender, perfumed roses and lemon balm leaves.

Fill in the cushion of this small pillow with these wonderful dried plants and herbs. Then add the cotton wool as well. Sew the pillow so that you make sure nothing can come out of it and use it on top of your regular pillow.

These scented odors of the plants and herbs will help you better relax and enjoy a peaceful sleep altogether due to their relaxing properties.

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If your kids often times have a hard time sleeping or they have nightmares, make them these herbs filled pillows.

Let them manufacture their own pillows and involve them into gathering the necessary plants and drying them. They will be really pleased with making their own good night sleep pillows.

This natural remedy for a peaceful sleep has helped so many who have tried it. We now know that there are plants that have these scented aromas that calm you down, induce relaxation and in the end help you enjoy a peaceful, relaxing sleep.

Good night sleep, everyone and we really hope you’ll enjoy a peaceful sleep after you’ve used this simple home remedy.

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