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Parsley, The Natural Treatment for 1000 Conditions

by Andreea Laza

Looking for a natural treatment for many conditions? Continue reading and discover an amazing natural treatment for 1000 conditions.

For those of you who know little about the medicinal properties of parsley, we have to say that it is a wonderful healing herb for very many conditions. One of the reasons is that parsley contains a great amount of natural vitamin C, boosting immunity naturally. On the other hand, it acts as a natural disinfectant for the digestive tract, being also a great digestion aid. Moreover, parsley is a natural hormonal regulator, supporting the good functioning of the endocrine system. This makes parsley an amazing natural treatment for impotence and infertility in women. But parsley also acts as a natural remedy for hypothyroidism, as it stimulates pancreas activity.

Needless to say, parsley is a panacea for at least 1000 diseases and symptoms. Here is a simple way to use parsley as a medicine, not just a condiment.

Parsley Salad, The Natural Treatment for 1000 Disease

The best way to use parsley for all its miraculous properties abovementioned, plus many others is to prepare the fresh parsley salad below or add fresh parsley leaves to your daily salad. This is how you make this healing salad with parsley.

  • Thoroughly wash parsley bunches multiple times.
  • Chop them as finely as you can and put them in your salad bowl.
  • Add a bit of fresh lemon juice, and a splash of cold-pressed olive oil, and season with salt.

Eat 1-2 of these salads a day for 3 to 6 weeks. After eating this salad, you’ll feel revived and full of life and your digestive tract will improve. If possible, buy fresh organic parsley because leafy greens tend to store a lot of pesticides. Or, even better grow your own parsley for salads, so you have fresh and organic parsley at your disposal all the time. Parsley is an easily adaptable plant and you won’t have a hard time growing it.

Parsley, The Natural Treatment for 1000 Conditions - Parsley Salad

If you don’t like the taste of parsley that much, you can add a thinly chopped tomato and 2-3 smashed garlic cloves to it. This will change the taste of your parsley salad. Or make a tabbouleh by adding some non-GMO bulgur and chopped red onion to it. This simple parsley salad is an amazing natural treatment for many conditions. Hope you’ve found our parsley salad recipe useful as a natural treatment for your condition. Stay healthy, naturally!

Parsley Natural Treatment Digestion

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