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8 Natural Treatments for Hypothyroidism

by Andreea Laza

Hypothyroidism Natural Treatments - MyNaturalTreatment.comLooking for natural treatments for hypothyroidism?

One of the most common conditions nowadays is hypothyroidism. This thyroid condition is oftentimes caused by hormonal disorders caused by improper diet and a stressful lifestyle.

What Causes Hypothyroidism?

  • Bad diet: high in animal protein/fats, alcohol consumption, tobacco, coffee, processed sugars, junk food, food additives and preservatives.
  • Inflammation: a viral or bacterial loads in the body
  • Stress
  • Pollution & toxicity

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Have faith that you can heal! Here are some of the most effective natural treatments for hypothyroidism and the best remedies for this thyroid condition.

8 Natural Treatments for Hypothyroidism

1. Lady’s Bedstraw & Common Hawthorn Cure

  • Mix equal parts of lady’s bedstraw and common hawthorn.
  • And 1 tbsp of this mix into 1 cup of hot water.
  • Drink 4-5 cups of this herbal tea daily.
  • Add 1 tsp. of Swedish Bitter as well in the tea.

Use lady’s bedstraw infusion for repeated gargles throughout the day.

  • Prepare the lady’s bedstraw tea by adding 1 full tsp of plant per 1/4 L of water.
  • Drink 200 ml of this tea with 1 tsp. of apple cider and 1 tsp. of honey, 30 minutes before meals.
  • Continue the treatment until you’ve finished 1 L of apple cider.

Pause for 2 weeks and resume the treatment.

  • Anoint the thyroid area (neck) with lady’s bedstraw tincture.
  • Then continue massaging it softly with lady’s bedstraw oil.

Reflexology is great if you experience hypothyroidism-related dizziness. This is a long-term treatment, so try to be consistent for at least 1 month.

2. Walnut & Honey Remedy for Hypothyroidism

This natural treatment for hypothyroidism increases appetite, resets metabolism and with the iodine contained in the buds, helps the good functioning of the thyroid gland. It also strengthen the body, eliminates tiredness and asthenia, gland insufficiency and endemic goiter.

  • Make a simple composition with 200 gr of walnut buds, 400 ml water and 300 gr of high-quality honey.
  • Boil the buds until the water level drops to half and then crush them and leave aside to cool down.
  • After they’ve cooled down, now you’re ready to add the honey.
  • Store the remedy in the fridge.
  • Have 3 tbsp. daily, one before each of the main meals.

Follow 4 cures every year with this wonderful remedy.

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3. Spiny Cocklebur Remedy

Spiny cocklebur plays a major adjuvant role in curing thyrotoxicosis. It is also a great treatment for thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer nonetheless.

  • Have 3 tsp of prickly burweed powder per day, in 3 weeks long cures.
  • Pause the treatment for 10 days and resume it for another 3 weeks.
  • Do not interrupt this treatment until your have healed completely.

4. Clay Water Remedy for Hyperthyroidism

Prepare this amazing remedy by adding 1 tsp. clay in 300 ml spring water. You can also use still water if you don’t have fresh spring water around.

  • Leave the clay to soak in the water for 12 hours.
  • Stir with a wooden spoon and drink while it’s cloudy.
  • Drink the clay water only and leave the clay residues on the bottom aside.

Continue the clay water cure for 21 days and then pause for 30 days. The clay cure remineralizes the body, helps regulate the metabolism and cleanses the blood.

For best results, do the clay cure every month.

5. Tea Mix for Hypothyroidism

  • Add 1 tsp. of yarrow, juniper, sage, common dandelion, globe artichoke and corn silk in 750 ml of boiling water.
  • Infuse for 30 minutes.
  • Slip and drink throughout the day.

6. Miraculous Herbal Tea for Hypothyroidism

  • Drink 1 L of 50% nettle, 20% horsetail, 30% marigold, basil and walnut leaves tea mix throughout the day.
  • Make the herbal tea remedy more effective by drinking 3×50 ml of green barley juice a day.

7. Fir Needles Cataplasm

  • Make a fir needles decoction by boiling 4 tbsp. fir needles per 500 ml of water for 5 minutes.
  • Leave to cool down and then use it to make a cataplasm that you put on the thyroid area on your neck.
  • Keep the cataplasm on overnight.

8. Simple Clay Cataplasms

Make simple clay cataplasms with walnut leaves infusion. Place them on the thyroid gland area overnight. Alternate them with crushed cabbage leaves cataplasms, one day clay cataplasm and the other day cabbage leaves cataplasms.

Grated onion and clay cataplasms are also amazing for hypothyroidism. Apply them daily.

Before following any natural treatments for hypothyroidism consult with a herbal doctor.

Natural Supplements for Hypothyroidism

1. Propolis Tincture

Propolis tincture has an anti thyroid nodules action, preventing the formation of tumorous nodules as well as strengthening the immune system.

  • Chew on 0.5 cm of a natural propolis bar daily. 
  • Take 30% concentration propolis tincture; 1 drop per body kg split into 3 equal portions; 30 minutes before the main meals of the day.

2. Pollen 

  • Have 4-5 tsp. of pollen daily in a 30 days cure and then pause for another 30 days.

3. Honey & Royal Jelly

Mix in a cup 2 tsp. of natural honey with 2% royal jelly, apilarnil 4%, 2 tsp. pollen and 90 drops of 30% propolis tincture.

Take 1/3 of this composition 20 minutes before each meal of the day. Give up on coffee and drink daily 500 ml of water in which you’ve added 6 tbsp. honey and apple vinegar.

Sweeten the drink with a but of honey and you’re ready to enjoy it.

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4. Spirulina

Spirulina helps regularize the metabolism and is a powerful heavy metals detox.

  • Have 1-2 gr of spirulina (dietary supplement) daily for 3-6 months.

5. Garden Angelica Herb

Add 1 tsp. of garden angelica root per 250 ml of cold water. Leave to macerate for 12 hours and drink 1 cup a day.

6. Rose Hip 

Drink 1 cup of rose hip tea at breakfast. Sweeten the tea with honey after it has cooled down (under 40°C).

The Best Diet for Hypothyroidism

The main aim of a special hypothyroidism diet is to help redress the good functioning of the liver so that it starts to eliminate toxins through the kidneys, lungs, skin and intestines. For this, a 12-24 months specific diet is recommended.

Healing Foods for Hypothyroidism

  • Foods that are loaded in Vitamin B: brewer’s yeast, whole natural yogurt, rose hip tea.
  • Raw veggies: salads, garlic, onion, spinach, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and raw fruits.
  • Fresh veggie and fruit juices/smoothies.
  • Plant based proteins: raw hazelnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, walnuts, soy, germinated wheat, slightly scalded wheat brans with honey, and sesame. Fats should be reduced, even healthy ones.
  • Cooked vegetables (30% of your daily intake): green beans, dried beans, lentils, peas, mushrooms and potatoes

Keep a 10-days cleansing diet with fresh juices and smoothies made with fruits and veggies. 

Foods to Avoid

  • Coffee, Tobacco, Alcohol, 
  • Refined sugars (replace with honey, dates or stevia),
  • Vinegar & pickles (replace with lemon juice),
  • Meats (replace meat with fish, hazelnuts, walnuts, beans and sesame seeds)

We hope that you’ve found here enough resources to help you heal hypothyroidism without any intrusive medication. Natural treatments for hypothyroidism have a longer action and don’t work on the spot. That’s why, if you decide to follow a remedy for this condition, be consistent. 

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