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Natural Remedy for Itchy Scalp

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and effective natural remedy for itchy scalp, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home.

Itchy scalp can be caused by dandruff, a reaction to (chemically-loaded) conventional shampoos and hair products, but it can also point to a scalp irritation. The good news is that there is a simple and effective natural remedy for itchy scalp that you can try at home. This simple remedy uses egg yolks and only a few easy steps. Let’s get to it.

Natural Remedy for Itchy Scalp

The Complete Natural Remedy for Itchy Scalp

One of the best natural remedies for itchy scalp are egg yolks. Here is how you can use this simple recipe at home. What you need to do is to whisk 4 egg yolks with a little bit of warm water. To make a homogenous compsition, you can whisk the first two egg yolks with a little bit of water and then add the other two yolks and continue mixing. Now you have made a simple egg yolk hair mask.

Recipe #1

Rub the egg yolks mask on your scalp and the roots of the hair. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with plenty of water. This is a simple way to wash your hair without using conventional shampoos, as egg yolks nourish the hair and scalp, and leave your hair shiny and great looking. Continue washing your scalp and hair with egg yolks until the annoying itch is gone. After shifting back to hair shampoo, opt for a very soft and natural shampoo. Ideally, make your own shampoo to avoid any harmful chemicals in shampoos. If you are interested in making your own, find a great recipe here.

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Recipe #2

Another way in which you can use egg yolks as a natural remedy for itchy scalp is this one. Wash your hair with a homemade natural soap (like the ones grandma used to make) and warm water. Then whisk 3 egg yolks and use the raw eggs to massage your scalp and the roots of your hair with the tip of your fingers. Rinse well and then prepare a simple hair solution by adding 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar to one liter of water. Use this solution to rinse your hair once again.

The scalp itch is usually gone after the first use of either the first or the second natural remedy for itchy scalp. You can repeat the procedure even if you don’t itch anymore, as these remedies also make your hair healthier and feel smoother. Another simple way to alleviate scalp itch is to use medicinal sulfur soap to wash your hair with (instead of shampoo), for at least a month. If you enjoy the way your hair feels after washing with sulfur soap, you can continue using this soap to wash your hair with, instead of shampoo.

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Itchy scalp is favored by a depressed immunity, hence a holistic approach to curing this problems is to boost your natural immunity. For this, we recommend that you read the article on the top natural immunity boosters and how to use them at home. When immunity is strong, we much more easily overcome the aggressors from the environment and rarely experience symptoms.

This natural remedy for itchy scalp has been used with great results by people in Central and Eastern Europe. Let us know if it has also worked for you, in the comments below. If you’ve enjoyed this article, please share it on social media. Stay healthy and gorgeous, naturally!

Natural Remedy for Itchy Scalp with Egg Yolks

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