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9 Natural Remedies for Panaritium

by Andreea Laza

Panaritium Home RemediesPanaritium, also known as nail infection caused by a microtrauma, is manifested through swallowing of the finger or toe, puss and pain. 

This is why we’ve gathered here a whole bunch of natural remedies for panaritium that have helped many people so far. Still, you need to consult a doctor before anything!

9 Natural Remedies for Panaritium

1. Natural Remedy for Panaritium with Comfrey Root

  • Grind a few well-dried comfrey roots using your coffee machine so that you obtain 1 teaspoon of herb. 
  • Put the minced root into a cup, add a little bit of hot water and a few drops of oil and mix well.
  • Spread this mix on a piece of clean material in a thin layer and wrap it around the infected finger.

Next day, place your hand/foot in chamomile tea or in comfrey root (prepared cold). 

  • Heat the tea up a bit, then place your hand/foot in it with the bandage still on, until the bandage soaks up.
  • Then take the bandage off and put a new one in place. 

This is a 1-week treatment.

2. Aloe Vera and Clay Remedy for Panaritium 

  • Cut an Aloe Vera leaf into two and apply it on the infected nail with the gel on the nail. 
  • Wrap the leaf with a piece of nylon and then bandage it.
  • Leave it for a few hours.
  • At night, make a paste of clay and water and place this cataplasm on your nail.

You may as well take hot chamomile baths before doing the clay cataplasm because it helps the abscess open so that the clay’s amazing properties take their course of action.

Alternate the two compresses so that your nail is bandaged 24/7 until it heals.

3. A Remedy for Panaritium with Bread

Perhaps the simplest remedy for panaritium is bread. 

  • Take a walnut size piece from the core of a bread, chew it well until it gets soaked in saliva. 
  • Add salt on it, mix it well on a small plate and then apply it directly on the nail. 
  • Fix it into place and bandage the nail. 

Do this procedure twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

4. Cabbage Poultice for Panaritium

Wrap your finger with a well washed and beaten cabbage leaf (so that the juice comes out). Fix the leaf into place and leave it for 12-24 hours and then use a fresh leaf. 

Repeat until the infection breaks down.

5. Lily Flowers Tincture Remedy

Another successful home remedy for panaritium uses lily flowers.

  • Place in a jar a few lily flowers, those that have the most powerful scent and pour over sanitary alcohol (70°) so that the flowers are all covered.
  • After they soaked for some time, apply 1-2 petals on the infected nail (after you’ve washed the area well) and bandage it.

 In 2-3 days, you’ll see the inflammation is gone.

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6. Egg Whites Home Remedy

Mix 1 egg white with shredded natural soap (using a razor blade) until you get a paste consistency, just like toothpaste. Anoint the infected nails with this paste and repeat if necessary.

7. Lamp Oil Cure for Panaritium

Pour lamp oil and plum made alcohol in a small jar. Keep your ginger or thumb in this solution a few time per day. If the infection is at your toe use a pipette to drip this liquid under your toe nail. Let the finger dry well by itself and then drip petroleum a few time per day. In 2-3 days the pus will withdraw.

9. Panaritium Salt Cure

Make a concentrated solution of natural salt. Stick your infected finger/toes in this solution for 30 minutes in the morning. You can do the same with milk in which you’ve boiled garlic instead of salted water. Healing is 100% guaranteed!

These natural remedies for panaritium have helped so many people deal with this dreadful nail infection, release the pain and eliminate the pus. We recommend them to you and we wish you fast and complete healing!

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