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3 Natural Treatments for Ingrown Toenails

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural treatments for ingrown toenails, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

Ingrown toenails can lead to infection, are most of the time painful to touch, and can relapse. In some cases, they require medical intervention, but before trying any intrusive ways to treat an ingrown toenail, here are a few simple natural treatments for ingrown toenails with herbs. These remedies are gathered from parts of Eastern Europe, where they have been used with great results. Here are a few very simple natural remedies for ingrown toenails that cost you almost no money at all and can help relieve the pain. The sooner you use these remedies the better. Let’s get to them.

3 Natural Treatments for Ingrown Toenails

1. Natural Treatment for Ingrown Toenails with Nail File

Use a high-quality nail file or coarse granulation sandpaper to softly file the nail in order to thin it out. Do this gently, so you don’t file too much of the nail. While thinning out the nail, it will turn a pale pink shade, especially towards the bottom. If the next day, the toenail is stiff and thick resume the exact procedure. In a short while, you’ll see that the toenail will straighten making it less likely to grow into the skin. Repeat the process once a month or when necessary. You can use this remedy alongside any of the other two below, or even both.

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2. Propolis Remedy for Ingrown Toenails

Propolis has amazing healing properties, this is why it’s one of the best natural treatments for ingrown toenails. Cut the infected corner of your nail as deeply as you can. Use a cotton bud soaked in the propolis tincture to anoint the corner of your nail the deepest you can. Make sure the nail is well anointed and the tincture has penetrated the infection area. Resume the procedure daily. In one week’s time, the infection is usually visibly diminished or completely gone.

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3. Natural Treatment with Salt & Hot Water

This quick remedy for ingrown toenails can also be used in case you have twisted ingrown toenails and have a lot of pain and even problems walking. All you need to do is to bathe your feet in super-hot water in which you add sea salt. Try to bathe for as long as you can bear, as sea salt may sting a little. Repeat the process the next day using the same reheated water. Continue every day until you see the inflammation has gone and the toenail has completely healed.

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As simple as they may sound, these are some great natural treatments for ingrown toenails that actually work. Hopefully, they will help you too. Let us know in the comments below what has helped you fix an ingrown toenail. Stay healthy, naturally!

3 Natural Treatments for Ingrown Toenails

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