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2 Natural Treatments for Nail Infections

by Andreea Laza

Nail Infection RemediesThere’s nothing more painful and unpleasant than nail infections, that can occur due to fungus attack or due to other outside injuries. However, we reassure you there’s nothing you can do that nature can fix it for you. So, follow carefully the natural treatment for nail infections and enjoy healthy nails once again.

1. Borax, the Remedy for Nail Infections

If your painful nail infections doesn’t seem to go away with all those expensive medicine, do this simple remedy at home and cut the pain.

Pour some warm water into a bowl and add a pinch of borax acid powder in. 

Place your fingers in the bowl and simply stay like that while resting or watching TV. After a few more of these sessions you’ll end the nail infections nightmare that’s been bothered you for so long.

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2. Lily, the Cure for Infected Nails

However, to make this even more powerful, try the lily petals and sanitary alcohol treatment for nail infections. It goes like this.

Simply place the lily petals in sanitary alcohol and place the petals on your infected nails. If you have detached and infected nails, you’ll soon heal from your condition and enjoy beautiful nails again. It doesn’t matter the color of the lily petals, white or red, they have the same amazing effect.

Hopefully you have found here an amazing natural treatment for nail infections which will help you end your pain and aesthetics of your finger hails and put this problem aside for good. Enjoy a beautiful polished manicure and healthy finger nails!

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