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2 Natural Treatments for Nail Infections

by Andreea Laza

Looking for natural treatments for nail infections? Continue reading and find out.

Nail infections can be caused by trauma, microbial or fungal infections, and can be quite painful. However, we reassure you there are no health issues that nature can’t fix. This included nail infections. Follow carefully one or both of the natural treatments for nail infections below and enjoy healthy nails once again.

Natural Treatments for Nail Infections

2 Natural Treatments for Nail Infections

1. Boric Acid Remedy for Nail Infections

If your painful nail infection doesn’t seem to go away with expensive creams, do this simple remedy at home and end the pain. Pour some warm water into a bowl and add a pinch of borax (boric acid powder). Get your infected fingers/toes in the bowl and stay like that for at least 5 minutes while resting. After a few procedures, the nail fungus usually dies off.

2. Lily Remedy for Infected Nails

To make this treatment even more powerful, try the lily petals and rubbing alcohol remedy for nail infections. Here is how to do it. Simply soak a few lily petals in an ethanol-based rubbing alcohol, and then place the petals on the infected nail/s. This treatment works great if your infected nail has detached. It doesn’t matter the color of the lily petals, white or red, they have the same amazing healing properties. Important! We do not recommend using isopropyl-based rubbing alcohol, as propyl is a cancer-causing agent!

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Hopefully, you have found here some amazing natural treatments for nail infections that will help you end the pain and fix the problem. Other natural solutions that work for infected nails are methylene blue, iodine solution, or tea tree oil (especially in fungal infections). Stay healthy and beautiful, naturally!

Natural Treatments for Nail Infections

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