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Home Remedy for Scrapes

by Andreea Laza

Looking for a good home remedy for scrapes? Continue reading this article and find out what the remedy is.

Scrapes and bruises can happen all the time, especially as a kid or when playing sports or doing a lot of physical activity. While they usually heal on their own, scrapes can get infected if not treated properly. However, there is a simple home remedy for scrapes for faster healing and without any complications. Let’s get straight to it.

Home Remedy for Scrapes

The Best Home Remedy for Scrapes

For scrapes, one word: red grapes. Red/black grape peels are a fantastic remedy for scrapes, so if you have grapes around, use the grape peels to make a simple poultice to apply to the wounded area. Or you can simply apply a few grapes peels directly to the scrape, and a bandaid on top to secure them in place. This is a very fast-action remedy for scrapes. If you don’t have fresh grapes around, there is another home remedy for scrapes from grapes.

We do not recommend using seedless grapes, as they are GMOs!

This time, we’re talking about grapeseed oil. This oil is one of the best sources of unsaturated fats, it helps maintain the elasticity of the blood veins, and similarly to grapes peels, it is full of antioxidants, preventing premature aging. All you need to do is to anoint the scrapes with grapeseed oil and then wait for the scrape to heal completely.

Home Remedy for Scrapes - Grapeseed Oil

Grape peels and grape seeds are powerful medicines for degenerative brain conditions, have laxative, diuretic, detoxifying, liver cleansing, antiaging, and even anticancer properties (oral and colon cancers in particular). They are oftentimes prescribed for arthritis, rheumatism, gout, hypertension, fragile capillaries, Alzheimer’s disease, but when used topically, they make the best home remedy for scrapes, due to their amazing antiseptic and wound cleansing properties. Along with grapeseed oil, grape peels are a fantastic cure for scrapes.

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If you’ve enjoyed this short article, please share it so more people can use this information at home. Remember, grapes peels and grapeseed oil make the best home remedies for scrapes. In addition, when the wound is clean and you want to speed its closing, pad a little propolis tincture. Propolis tincture is a powerful antiseptic and wound healer. Stay healthy, naturally!

Grapes, the Best Home Remedy for Scraps

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