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12 Best Home Remedies for Strep Throat

by Andreea Laza

Strep throat is usually the symptom that accompanies a cold or the flu, but it can also be a sign of laryngitis or an infection.

The best home remedies for strep throat are natural homemade syrups that have the ability to sooth down the pain and allow the inner linen of the throat to heal up completely.

However, there is more than one natural cure for strep throat and we want to share a few with you, so continue reading.

remedy for strep throat

12 Home Remedies for Strep Throat

1. Fir Buds Syrup Remedy for Strep Throat

This is a very old monastic remedy that is still performed in isolated monasteries across Central and Eastern Europe.

If you don’t find good quality fir buds syrup at your local naturist shop or pharmacy, then we want to show you how to do it at home.

How to Make Fir Buds Syrup at Home

For this remedy you will need the fresh fir buds that start to grow in springtime. It’s is important to pick only the new fir buds and it is also important not to wash them.

You will need to fill a 5 kg jar with fir buds.

Make sure the jar is very well washed and dried before putting in the buds.

  • First, add a 2 cm thick layer of sugar on the bottom of the jar.
  • Then layer in the fir buds in a 3 cm thick bed.
  • Press them down in the jar and continue layering sugar and fir buds alternatively until you fill up the jar.
  • The last layer should be sugar that needs to cover the buds really well.
  • Seal the jar tightly with foil wrap and then put the screw cap over the foil.
  • Make sure the jar is completely sealed.
  • Bury the jar 30-40 cm deep in the ground in springtime and get it out in late autumn, before the first frost.
  • If you don’t have any place to bury the jar, store it in the pantry, somewhere really cold and dark.

If there is still undissolved sugar left, stir well with a wooden spoon, seal the jar once again and store it in a dark and cool place for 2 more weeks. It is recommended to stir every once in a while.

  • Strain the obtained fir buds syrup and store it in corked bottles. The fir bud syrup is ready to use now.

Besides being an amazing strep throat home remedy, fir bud syrup is also great for most lung conditions, coughing and bronchitis.

2. Strep Throat Homemade Remedy with Anise

For strep throat and a calm sleep, anise infusion is a simple and effective remedy.

  • For this, you need to prepare an infusion using 1 tsp. of anise in 400 ml of boiling wine.
  • Let the wine and anise cool off for 1 hour before using it.
  • Have 1 cup of this anise infusion 4 times a day, a few minutes before bedtime.

This infusion works really well for bronchitis, simple cold and sneezing. Instead of anise, you can also use the powdered roots of the plant.

3. Strep Throat Reedy with Cottage Cheese

For this simple remedy you will need fresh cottage cheese and a piece of linen to make a compress.

  • Spread a thick layer of fresh cottage cheese on a linen napkin, sprinkle with some apple vinegar and apply in on the neck with the cheese layer facing down.
  • Tie a comforter around the compress to hold it in place.
  • If possible, keep the compress on overnight, or at least until the cheese dries out.
  • In addition, drink plantain herb tea in small sips. Plantain helps sooth the inner linen of the throat.

4. Honey and Lemon for Sore Throat

Mix 2 tbsp. of honey with the juice of one lemon and heat the mixture up over the fire. When they are hot enough, but still bearable to swallow (make sure you don’t burn yourself!), have small bits of the lemon honey until you’ve finished it all.

5. Honey and Onion Cure

A great remedy for painful swallowing is this one. Mix equal parts of honey and freshly squeezed onion juice.

Have a tsp. multiple times per day, allowing the mixture to melt down on your tongue. Don’t rush it down, allow it to linger in your mouth and throat as much as possible.

6. Eggs and Milk Remedy for Strep Throat

Crack 2 eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Mix the yolks well with 4 tbsp. of sugar or honey, until a white-ish foam is formed.

Eat the egg and sugar mixture and then drink 1 glass of hot milk afterwards. You can also pour the milk over the egg and sugar mixture and drink it like that.

Try to drink the milk as hot as possible, without burning yourself.

7. Salt and Lemon Treatment

Pour the hot juice of one lemon over a handful of coarse sea salt.

Put the salt on a cheesecloth and apply it on the neck. Keep the compress on for 1 hour.

8. Sunflower Oil Pulling for Sore Throat

“Chew” on a tbsp. of sunflower oil for 15 minutes without swallowing it. When it has thinned out and turned white in color spit it out and brush your teeth.

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4 Simple Gargles for Strep Throat

  • Baking soda. There’s nothing better for strep throat than baking soda gargles. Add 2 tsp. of baking soda in a cup of warm water and use it for gargling 5-6 times per day. The more, the better.
  • Salt gargles are also great for strep throat. For the salt gargle, simply add 1 tsp. of salt to a cup of warm water. Gargle every hour.
  • Lovage leaves. Hot lovage leaves infusion gargle can work wonders for your strep throat. Make the lovage infusion with 4 tbsp. per 1/2 cup of hot water.
  • Thyme infusion. Finally, if the two don’t seem to work, which I doubt, thyme infusion should put an end to it. To make the infusion, add 3 tsp. of dried thyme to 2 cups of water and sweeten with honey. Gargle as many times per day as possible, the more frequently the faster your strep throat will be gone. This is also a great remedy for stable angina. Clove infusion gargles and cloves chewing is also a simple and efficient remedy for strep throat.

We hope you’ve found here more than enough home remedies for strep throat and we wish you a great health!

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