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17 Natural Ways to Beat the Autumn Blues

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural ways to beat the autumn blues, continue reading this article and find out how to enjoy the autumn season. But first.

We’re in full-autumn season and besides the beautiful leaves falling and delicious pumpkin spice lattes, there are a few setbacks that fall season brings along. Such as the autumn blues.

Yeah, I totally understand you, I’ve been there too. And although I love autumn, it sometimes gets to me and for no particular reason, I get drowsy and lacking the energy to do stuff.

But What Is the Autumn Blues?

Well, going into the fall season after a warm and lovely summertime that went by a tad too quickly can bring along a poor mood, sadness, melancholy, and even depressionAnd it is true that autumn is a time to dive deeper within.

But instead of worrying about what you might find, why not embrace this discovery with open arms? For this, we have a few natural tips that will help stimulate your vitality, boost your energy levels, but also strengthen your immune system altogether throughout the autumn season.

So here are the 17 natural ways to beat the autumn blues that we want to share with you today!

17 Natural Ways to Beat Autumn Blues

7 Natural Ways to Beat the Autumn Blues w/ Remedies

1. Beat the Autumn Blues with a Seabuckthorn Cure

World champion at the Vitamin C content it has, seabuckthorn is autumn’s treatment for depression, poor mood, and lack of vitality. Exactly! Seabuckthorn contains 30-40 times more Vitamin C than oranges. And the best part about it is that autumn is their season! Which means it’s time for a seabuckthorn cure. This is how you do it:

  • Grind the sea buckthorn berries and mix them with organic honey
  • Keep the mixture in a glass jar in the fridge and have a tbsp. of this mixture every day

You Can Find Sea Buckthron Here:

2. Beat the Autumn Blues Naturally with Herbs

Plant buds contain the highest concentration of active elements, namely, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, polyphenols and many more goodies. And the best part about it is that bud extracts can be used by each and every one, from kids, elder people, pregnant ladies, without no restrictions.

During autumn, the best energizing plant bud cocktails are black currant (Ribes nigrum) and oak (Quercus robur) glycerinated extracts.

Take the bud extract drops as recommended on the prospect, but make sure you dilute them in warm water beforehand. You can start this natural autumn blues cure from early October and follow it for 2-3 weeks.

You Can Find The Extracts Here:

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Black Currant Oil 2500 Mg 200...
Jarrow Formulas French Oak Extract...
Black Currant Oil 2500 Mg 200...
Black Currant Oil 2500 Mg 200...
Jarrow Formulas French Oak Extract...
Jarrow Formulas French Oak Extract...

3. Ginger, a Natural Way to Beat the Autumn Blues

Ginger. Widely known for its tonic and immune-boosting effect, what you may not have known about ginger is that is loaded with Vitamin B, C, and D, mineral salts, and trace elements. Here is what you have to do:

  • Consume 1 gr. of dried ginger root per day (5 gr of fresh ginger root)
  • You can either make a ginger infusion that you can drink at the beginning of the day, or add it as a spice to your food.

You Can Find Ginger Tea Here:

4. Herbal Infusion for the Autumn Blues

Plants have a miraculous action over the wellbeing of our mind and body if we use them properly. We have here a simple herbal recipe to help you boost up your morale for the long autumn days. First off, you need to mix together 25 g of the following herbs:

  • St. John’s Wort
  • Nettle
  • Great Yellow Gentian
  • Lemon Balm

Prepare the herbal infusion as follows:

  • Pour 1 cup of boiling water over the plants
  • Let them infuse for 10 minutes, then strain the tea
  • Drink this tea 3 times per day 2 weeks straight

You Can Find The Herbs Here:

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Starwest Botanicals Organic St....
Organic Nettle Leaf | Herbal Tea...
Organic Nettle Leaf | Herbal Tea...
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Starwest Botanicals Organic Gentian...
Lemon Balm Leaf Cut & Sifted...
Lemon Balm Leaf Cut & Sifted...

5. Royal Jelly, a Sure Natural Way to Beat the Autumn Blues

Also referred to as “bee’s milk”, royal jelly is considered an excellent natural antibiotic, due to its immunostimulatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. Royal Jelly is a great natural source of phosphorus that helps the body produce energy and zinc, an essential mineral that aids the immune system and prevents fatigue

It also contains very many vitamins, fatty acids, and the 8 essential amino acids the human body needs. Easy to understand why royal jelly is such a great way to say bye-bye to the autumn blues. Take 1 vial of royal jelly every day, following a 15 days-long cure.

You Can Find Royal Jelly Here:

6. Boost Your Mood Naturally with Tyrosine

The precursor of serotonin, Tyrosine is an amino acid that regulates the mood, emotions, and ameliorates restless sleep. As a dietary supplement, Tyrosine can be administered together with B6, B9, B12, C, and trace elements like copper and magnesium.

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7. Precious Elements that Keep You Safe from the Autumn Blues

Brass, gold, and silver. This is the metal trio that keeps you safe from the “autumn inconveniences”. Brass has anti-inflammatory properties while gold and silver are tonics. You can find pills or liquids that contain these precious metals. A 2-3 weeks cure is recommended to boost the immune system and your morale as well.

10 Simple Habits that Beat the Autumn Blues

1. Wake Up Early

You know they say that the early bird gets the worm, right? Well, the early bird also beats the autumn blues and enjoys the best fall time of his or her life. How about that? The simplest depression antidote during the colder autumn days is to get up early every morning. Why so?

  • Staying longer in bed disturbs the good functioning of the body and weakens the immune system.

When you wake up, all the bodily functions start working immediately. Dawdling in bed will send your body contradictory orders, making your neuro-vegetative system to mope. The result: you wake up tired and you have a rough start. And who wants that? The solution? Set your alarm clock at the same time every morning!

Natural Ways to Beat the Autumn Blues - Wake Up Early

2. Stay Active

The more tired we are the more we feel the need to exercise, yet, we prefer to mope around and watch TV or just lounge. But this is no solution to beat the autumn blues and make yourself feel better! The reason is this! Endorphin and serotonin, the two happy hormones are secreted by the body when we do something that takes a few physical efforts, such as working out.

When we do some physical activity, these two chemicals are secreted by the body and we become happier! Even more, working out gives you a sense of empowerment and feeling good about yourself. The choice is yours!

3. Spend Time Outdoors

OK, yeah. So, waking up early and doing some physical activity every day is great! But other ways to enhance your mood is to get out of the house every day! Why is this so important? Mainly because of 2 things:

  1. Fresh air stimulates the oxygenation of the lungs, of the heart, and ultimately of the blood
  2. The lovely light of autumn helps secrete serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

It’s really important to get out of the house, for at least 20 minutes, even when the weather isn’t so nice.

Natural Ways to Beat the Autumn Blues - Wake Up Early

4. Mindful Walking

Speaking of which, if you’re ready for a walk outside, you may as well make it a mindful activity.

French psychiatrist Christophe Andre recommends mindful walking as a simple and efficient means to get connected to our inner resources, our inner selves, basically.

How to walk mindfully?

  • Walk slowly, peacefully, without a clear destination, just for the sake of perceiving the sensorial stimuli that the body can experience.
  • Focus on your legs, of your breathing, of your entire body, and on the noises and sounds surrounding you.

Mindful walking is, in fact, an active form of meditation that helps you reset the connection he inherently has with everything that surrounds us, with all that is. In the end, you will feel this pleasant sense of peace and quiet overwhelming you. What better treatment for the autumn blues? Or for any blues

5. Laughter, the Best Mood Enhancer

Another very important habit that reconnects us with our true selves is laughter. Yup, good old’ laughter. Science has called laughter, joking, and having fun natural anxiolytics. With each burst of laughter, our body releases dopamine, a chemical that plays a paramount role in creating happiness.

Why not create your own “laughter time” every day, where you recall funny memories, or watch something hilarious online.

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The more you laugh, the happier you are, my friend!

Natural Ways to Beat Autumn Blues

6. Chromotherapy to Kick the Autumn Blues

According to chromotherapy, colors correspond to different vibrations of the body, thus, they have a big impact on our health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you feel drained of energy, then you need to surround yourself with colors that speak energy.

The energy color is RED!

You don’t have to start painting all your walls in red, but simply imagine this color in the back of your mind, in order to benefit from its positive effects. Whenever you feel disoriented, apathetic, or on the verge of depression, call for the color red in your mind. Imagine that color red is on your lower back, and it’s going up towards your head, just like mercury goes up in the thermometer.

7. Body Towel Rub

Although it used to be very popular in the days of our grandparents, apparently we’ve forgotten this simple yet useful way to raise your vibration. This is what you have to do:

  • Make a simple mixture with 1 part water and 1 part natural apple vinegar
  • Take a rough hemp towel and soak it in this mixture
  • Squeeze the water out good and use it to rub your entire body with it: your hands, back, legs, stomach
  • Continue rubbing until your skin has turned slightly red
  • Next up, it’s shower time

This is what we call a revitalizing, and mood enhancing method! Bye-bye autumn blues.

8. Acupuncture, Nature’s Way to Beat the Autumn Blues

When a body’s meridian doesn’t carry the energy to the corresponding organ, the latter gets imbued with waste and toxins. Thus, this general feeling of being tired all the time. Acupuncture helps release the energies that are stuck, stimulating the meridian that malfunctions. And if you haven’t tried acupuncture yet, you might want to give it a shot this fall

Natural Ways to Beat the Autumn Blues - Cozy Autumn

9. Boost Your Mood with a Chinese Self-Massage

Whenever you feel that stress is taking over, close your eyes and pad your forehead with the tip of your fingers. Massage your scalp starting from the top of your head moving to the sides until you reach right above your ears. This simple Chinese massage that you can do whenever you feel low, helps put your energy back in motion.

10. Beat the Autumn Blues with Some Tai-Chi

This global energetic gymnastics is all about controlling your breathing. Once you start practicing Tai-Chi, you will see your mind is stronger, your focus is better, as well as your memory and sleep. Originally from China, this therapeutic martial art allows the rebalancing of the flow of energy and better oxygenation of the body. The best part about it is that it can be practiced by anyone, no matter the age or gender.

A 15-20 minute Tai-Chi training every day is a sure cure for the autumn blues.

Hopefully, you’ve found here at least one effective natural way to beat the autumn blues to try out. Don’t forget to stay positive, trust your path, and embrace everything that comes your way!

Natural Ways to Beat the Autumn Blues - Cozy Autumn
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