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10 Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

by Andreea Laza

Natural Hemorrhoids TreatmentsEmbarrassing and painful as it is, there is a natural treatment for hemorrhoids made from plants and herbs from nature’s garden. If you need to learn more, follow the steps of this amazing natural treatment for hemorrhoids and enjoy a healthy life without the pain and suffering hemorrhoids cause.

10 Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

1. Beeswax, the Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids

This remedy is absolutely wonderful and efficient. Here is what you have to do.

  • You need a piece of beeswax the size of a hazelnut, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of natural sunflower oil and one teaspoon of Aloe Vera leaves, thoroughly minced (make sure the Aloe Vera plant from which you get the leaves is older than three years).
  • Mix the ingredients in a small stainless steel kettle and place them on low heat to start boiling. Continuously mix the composition with a wooden spoon so that it doesn’t stick to the utensil and the pot.
  • When it has well homogenized pour the mix into a small plastic container that has previously been washed and disinfected. 
  • Use the obtained ointment to grease the affected area every night before bedtime after you’ve previously clean the area thoroughly with a lot of care.

Don’t worry, you’ll soon see some great improvements and if you are really determined to heal from hemorrhoids and go all the way, you enjoy a better life without this embarrassing and painful condition.

There’s another beehive produce that might just do the trick for you: propolis!

2. Melon Seeds Remedy for Hemorrhoids

All you need is to prepare an old recipe that will help you pass the painful crisis and along with the diet, put you back on your feet.

Boil a teaspoon of dried melon seeds in 250 ml of fresh water on low heat for about 15 minutes. Let it cool down covered for a few minutes.

Drink two cups of this amazing remedy, one in the morning and one at night before bedtime. Besides the fruit and legume based diet that you need to follow and the ointment that you need to rub the area with, this will come very handy for you and we have to say that it works. 

Many have claimed that this remedy has worked wonders for them and due to the simplicity of it, we believe anyone could give it a shot.

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3. Green Walnut Treatment for Hemorrhoids

This is an old folk remedy, but you might want to try it, since it’s really simple and totally inexpensive. Pick a green walnut from the tree, section it in half and remove the core of one half. Grate a horseradish and fill the walnut shell with it.

Apply the horseradish filled walnut shell face down on your right arm, directly on the skin. Tie it around your hand with a dark-colored scarf and keep it overnight. When you remove it, you’ll see a blister has formed on your hand. Leave the blister to break on its own.

It will leave a mark on your hand resembling the vaccine shot and you’ll experience some itching for the following year. When the blister is gone, the hemorrhoids will be gone also.

4. Chestnut Balm for Hemorrhoids

You’ll need 4 dried wild chestnuts and 150 gr of freshly rendered pork lard. Remove the peels of the chestnuts and turn the cores into a flour-like consistency. Then mix it with the lard in an enameled pot over fire. Place the pot on low heat and leave it to boil for 15-20 minutes, until it gets this cream, brown coloration.

After it cools down, put the content into a glass or plastic recipient and store it in the fridge.

Wash your anus with chamomile or yarrow tea gently, wipe it softly with cotton towels and then apply the balm on the anus. Get an old pair of panties on, because it stains. Do this procedure every night for 7 days in a row and you’ll get rid of hemorrhoids for good.

5. Oak, a Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids & Goiter

Often times not taken into consideration, the healing powers of the oak bark need not pass unnoticed since they have been emphasized by so many naturopaths and still is today. You can also read 20 Health Benefits of The Oak Tree | Uses and Remedies.

Sebastian Kneipp is the one who, throughout his research, found that oak bark (Cortex quercus) is a great natural treatment for goiter and hemorrhoids, as well as for diarrhea and many other illnesses.

  1. The young bark tree boiled for half an hour makes a very powerful decoction with amazing healing properties.
  2. What you need to do is to sink a handkerchief in this concoction and tie it around your neck, just as a poultice.
  3. Make sure it touches your neck all around.
  4. These sort of compresses prevent the developing of goiter and even help goiter pull back if it hasn’t yet turned into a big and really hard goiter.
  5. This is the most powerful goiter natural remedy Sebastian Kneipp recommends.

Apart from being an amazing natural treatment for goiter, oak bark may also be used against hemorrhoids as in the remedy below.

Whoever suffers from hemorrhoids needs to take oak bark seize baths, but make sure to thoroughly wash the area and even introduce some of the liquid in the anus, using a small pumps.

The oak bark tea heals the painful swellings, often times dangerous and is also a great remedy for weakened blood vessels, strengthening as a resin the blood vessels. The oak bark boiled in good quality red wine is extremely useful against strong diarrhea.

Who would have thought that a simple natural produce could be so helpful is no many different conditions? Well, now you know more on oak bark, this simple natural treatment for goiter and hemorrhoids.

6. Eggplant Stems Treatment for Hemorrhoids

For this remedy, you can use either fresh or dried eggplant stems. Wash well 5-6 large eggplant stems and dry them in paper bags. Add the stems into a pot of water and pour 2 L of water over them. Boil for 30 minutes on medium heat. Slip the obtained liquid and pour it into a metal basin. Use it for evening washes.

This is how you do it.

Position your behind in the liquid for 10-15 minutes and make sure it is as hot as you can possibly bear. Repeat the washes every night with liquid obtained from other stems. 10 consecutive baths should do. In fact, the results will be visible after the first 3-4 baths.

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7. Cabbage Leaves Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Slightly crush a cabbage leaf so that its juices come out. Then apply it on the affected areas. If you suffer from internal hemorrhoids, you can make cabbage leaves suppositories prepared as the compress. The leaves must be fresh and have no ribs (remove them with a scissors). You can apply 2-3 leaves one on top of the other. At first, there may be a suppuration. Clean the blood and puss with boiled water and then apply the leaves once again.

8. Natural Propolis Suppositories

Procure some high quality raw propolis and make small suppositories with it. If it’s too sticky to actually work with it, water them with chamomile tea.

Use the propolis suppositories in the evening after you’ve rigorously washed the affected areas with water and soap. In a week’s time you will be completely healed.

You can also make a potato suppository. Cut the potato in small pieces in suppositories form and introduce them into the anus. Keep them inside all day long.

9. Bananas Remedy

Cut a green unpeeled banana into 2 cm slices. Place the banana pieces in a glass bowl or a sieve over a pot with boiling water. Keep the banana pieces on bain marie until the banana peel softens and can be eaten.

Eat all the banana pieces and continue this treatment until the problem is cured completely.

10. Quince & Carrots Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Grind some quince seeds, pour water over and leave to soak overnight. Stir every once in a while. Use a sterile gauze to soak it in this water and apply on the affected areas multiple times per day.

Raw grated carrots in large quantities for each meal can heal even the most stubborn hemorrhoids. You can accompany the raw carrot meals with a cup of patience dock decoction (1 tbsp. of dried plant per cup of water; 10-15 minutes boil).

These are some amazing 10 natural treatments for hemorrhoids that we recommend to you all! Stay healthy, naturally!

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