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5 Natural Treatments for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

by Andreea Laza

Looking for natural treatments for fibrocystic breast disease? Continue reading this article and discover the best remedies for this condition.

Fibrocystic breast disease or breast lumps are a very common symptom affecting women, especially around their menstruation period. However, when breast lumps persist even after the end of the menstrual cycle and continue to be painful, please consult a medical doctor for further specialized advice. Below you will find old cures for this condition, remedies that have been used by women in parts of Eastern Europe since very old times. Without further ado, here are the natural treatments for fibrocystic breast disease.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease treatment natural

5 Natural Treatments for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

1. Old Lippovan Natural Remedy

The first natural remedy comes from an old Lippovan woman, an ethnic minority inhabiting the northern part of the Dobruja region of Romania, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. In a pot over low heat, combine equal amounts of natural honey and fir resin, into a humongous paste. Remove from the heat and allow the fir salve to cool off. Then wrap the salve in a clean cloth and apply it to the hurting breast/s, as a compress. Apply the compress during the daytime.

It is said that this paste has the property of pulling out the diseased tissue from the breast/s, hence the procedure may sometimes feel a bit painful. Remove the compress in the evening and overnight or when you experience hard-to-bear pains (with the condition to put it back in place afterward). Repeat this procedure for several days in a row. This is one of the best natural treatments for fibrocystic breast disease.

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2. Chinese Remedy for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

This is one of the most famous natural treatments for fibrocystic breast disease coming from China. This simple remedy uses boiled and chilled water and here is how you can make it at home.

Simmer 600 ml of water for 2-3 minutes in an enameled pot and leave the water to cool down overnight. The next morning (day 1), drink exactly 500 ml of the chilled water first thing in the morning before breakfast, and then you can eat normally. On day two, drink 700 ml of the boiled and chilled water. Then on day 3 drink 700 ml. Continue increasing the water quantity by 100 ml every day, until you reach day 30, in which you drink 3.5 liters of boiled and chilled water upon waking up (sip by sip, until you finish the entire quantity).

This water cure has very powerful depurative effects. Very important! This remedy is not recommended for those suffering from hypertension! It may not be easy to do, but it can cure a lot of conditions, including allergies and herniated discs.

5 Simple Natural Treatments for Fibrocystic Breast Disease - Drinking Water

3. Baba Vanga’s Natural Treatment for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

This natural treatment for fibrocystic breast disease comes from the famous Bulgarian blind clairvoyant and herbalist, Baba Vanga. She was believed to be able to predict the future and also have amazing healing abilities after she got struck by a lightning bolt. This is famous Baba Vanga’s remedy:

Combine a handful of grated beeswax with dried or fresh wormwood (a handful) and pour over it some grapes rakija (palinka) or red grapes wine, to make it into a thick paste. Anoint the breast/s with a thin layer of calendula salve, then place the composition into a clean gauze and fit into your bra, over the diseased breast. 

If the cataplasm gets really dry (usually after 4-5 hours of use), wet it with grapes rakija/palinka and place it over the breast once again. You can reuse one preparation up to 6-8 times, then make another batch. You’ll feel the breast pain reduce in intensity, and even stop after only 2 hours of application.

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Image of Baba Vanga

4. Herbal Treatment for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

The following herbal blend makes one of the best natural treatments for fibrocystic breast disease. Here is how you can prepare and use this remedy at home. Simmer 2 tablespoons of dried and ground comfrey root in 500-600 ml (2 cups) of water on very low heat. To avoid evaporation, put an upside-down lid on the pot and then put a heavy glass pan over the lid.

After 20-25 minutes of simmering, add the following herbs to the pot: 1 teaspoon of walnut leaves, 1 teaspoon of yarrow, 1 teaspoon of chamomile, and 1/2 teaspoon of greater celandine (in larger quantities greater celandine becomes toxic and dangerous). Turn the heat off and steep the tea for 10-15 minutes then strain it.

Part the infusion into 2 equal portions and drink a cup in the evening (one hour before dinner) and the other one in the morning (1 hour before breakfast). You can use the remaining herbs to make poultices to apply to the affected breast/s. Follow the treatment for 40 days.

As far as your diet goes, have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, especially carrots, celery, and fresh parsley. Reduce or cut all animal products from your diet, junk food, and deep-fried foods, as they are inflammatory. Also, very important: don’t drink alcohol during this treatment! This is indeed one of the most effective natural treatments for fibrocystic breast disease.

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5. Poultices for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

The last natural remedy for fibrocystic breast disease on the list is somewhat a combination of all treatments above, but it has its own important peculiarities. This complete remedy is both external (topical poultices) as well as internal (herbal tea drinking). Let’s begin.

Drink 2 liters throughout one day of the following herbal blend (equal parts):

  • yarrow
  • marigolds
  • nettle

Alongside, apply wormwood poultices on the painful breast. These compresses are easy to make and very effective in healing fibrocystic breasts. Here is how to make the wormwood poultice.

  • Place a handful of fresh or dried wormwood on a sterile piece of gauze and spritz it with some natural homemade alcohol (80-90 degrees). 
  • Grate clean beeswax over the poultice and close it.
  • Apply the poultice to the diseased breast and fix it into place with your bra. 

Leave the poultice overnight, or keep it during the day, whatever you prefer. Diet-wise, drinking fresh tomato juice is very helpful in this situation. The herbal tea and the wormwood poultice make together one of the most powerful natural treatments for fibrocystic breast disease.

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We hope that you have found here some amazing natural treatments for fibrocystic breast disease that we have gathered from old cultures all around the globe. These remedies here have been used with great success by many women suffering from this condition, so we really hope that these remedies will work for you too. Have faith and be consistent in your commitment to healing your physical and emotional body, and the rest will follow. Stay healthy, naturally!

5 Natural Treatments for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

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