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Natural Remedy for Purulent Otitis Media

by Andreea Laza

A Home Remedy for Purulent Otitis Media

Purulent otitis media is a form of otitis, namely a media ear infection that comes with puss and a purulent manifestation. We have here a simple natural remedy for purulent otitis media that we think is really helpful!

Vitamin C Remedy for Purulent Otitis Media

Take natural Vitamin C 4 times per day with lots of water each time. One can take Vitamin C up to 12 grams per day, so don’t be afraid. If you also have stomach problems, take liquid Vitamin C.

If you reach the assimilation limit you’ll experience diarrhea and if this happens you need to reduce your dose, keeping in mind the dose you took when you have diarrhea. Take Vitamin E and Vitamin A (3 times per day).

In addition, arnica is amazing for purulent otitis.

Take 5 drops of arnica (5 drops, 4 times per day) and Aloe Vera extract (one cap 4 times per day, summing ½ L of Aloe Vera extract per week).

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Diet for Purulent Otitis Media

Don’t eat meat, have plenty of freshly squeezed veggies juice (no fruits) along the treatment week. Keep an eye on your diet until all the puss and inflammation is gone and if you stick with it, you might feel better after 4 days of treatment. Bano Bitter is an amazing natural remedy for purulent otitis media.

Hopefully this natural remedy for purulent otitis media will help you put an the noisome and infected ears for good.

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