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Natural Remedy for Ozena

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and effective natural remedy for ozena, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home. But first.

Ozena, also known as chronic atrophic rhinitis, is a rare disorder of the nasal passages. Ozena is more common in people living in arid regions where there’s little to no humidity and high temperatures. It is oftentimes the result of an untreated infection that had led to complications. This condition is characterized by the atrophy of the nasal pyramid and of the lining that coats the inside of the nostrils, including the nerve endings.

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Ozena Causes

  • Hormonal imbalances (as suggested by its onset at puberty and frequency in women);
  • Nutritional deficiencies (Vitamins A and D and iron deficiency mostly);
  • Prolonged infections (Klebsiella ozaenae, Diphteroides, E.coli, Syphilis, Leprosy, Rhinoscleroma, etc);
  • Genetic factors;

Atrophic rhinitis (Ozena) can also be the result of chronic purulent sinusitis or radiotherapy treatment of the cephalic extremity. No matter where you live around the globe, we have a natural remedy for ozena that everybody can use at home. Let’s get to it.

Neti Pot Natural Remedy for Ozena

Natural Remedy for Ozena - Neti Pot

Nasal washes are a very good remedy for ozena. They are highly effective if you use salted warm water or a saline solution.

  • Pour the salted water into the palm of your hand and inhale through the nose.
  • Eliminate the saltwater through your mouth.

If you find this procedure difficult to do, get yourself a neti pot. If you find a ceramic neti pot, that’s even better. This remedy is efficient for those who wake up with a sore and dry throat or a clogged nose without being sick. After the washing, use a cotton bud to smear the interior of your nostrils with seabuckthorn oil.

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This natural remedy for ozena here can ameliorate the condition and help you live a better life. Let us know if it worked for you, by leaving a comment below. Stay healthy, naturally!

Natural remedy for ozena

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