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Natural Remedy for Dark Circles

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for a simple and effective natural remedy for dark circles, continue reading this article and find out how to follow this remedy at home. But first.

Dark circles are not a serious health problem, but many people feel that the dark circles under their eyes make them look tired, older, or unhealthy. Although dark circles are most commonly caused by fatigue, there are other causes that can contribute to their appearance or worsening, including:

  • allergies
  • allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
  • atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • contact dermatitis
  • lack of sufficient sleep
  • a poor diet lacking nutrients needed by the body, such as iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 or vitamin K
  • cold and sinusitis
  • endocrine imbalances
  • drugs that have blood vessels dilating properties (vasodilators)
  • smoking
  • alcohol and caffeine consumption
  • stress
  • anemia
  • pregnancy
  • menstruation
  • dehydration
  • kidney or liver problems
  • scratching or rubbing the area around the eyes
  • sun exposure
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The good news is that there are plants, herbs, and fruits that in certain amounts and combinations can help the skin rejuvenate, reduce dark circles around the eyes, and wrinkles. The simple natural remedy for dark circles we have here for you uses one simple ingredient that most of you already have in your pantry, a time, and very simple instructions. Let’s get to the remedy.

Apples, the Natural Remedy for Dark Circles

Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other elements that together help your skin revive to its normal state and glow. They help tone the skin, regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, and are also extremely helpful against acne. All you need to do in order to enjoy the amazing effects of this natural remedy for dark circles is make an apple poultice. Here is how to prepare and use this natural remedy for dark circles.

Natural Remedy for Dark Circles - Apple Puree
  • Wash two apples and bake them on a tray in the heated oven until they soften.
  • Smash the apples with a fork and spread the warm puree over the dark circles around your eyes.
  • Let the apple puree take action for 30 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Besides being amazingly easy to do and with minimum costs, this natural remedy for dark circles has been proven to be such an effective simple remedy against dark circles that you can try at home. To enhance the effects of this remedy,  use rosemary poultices. This is how you can make them at home.

PS: Apples are also great remedies against acne as you can see in this article: 7 Natural Remedies for Acne that Work.

Rosemary, the Natural Remedy for Dark Circles

Another simple natural remedy for dark circles around the eyes is the rosemary herbal poultice. You can follow this remedy alongside the apple puree eye mask above. For this, make a simple rosemary macerate as follows.

  • Pour 100 ml of cold sparkling water over 50 gr of the rosemary plant.
  • Leave to macerate in a pot to macerate for the next 24 hours. 
  • Make two simple poultices with this rosemary macerate and apply one over each eye.
Natural Remedy for Dark Circles

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We hope these natural remedies for dark circles will truly help you out. Let us know if they’ve worked for you or what other remedies helped you clear the dark circles around your eyes in the comments below. Stay healthy and beautiful, naturally!

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