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2 Natural Remedies for Obesity with Herbs

by Andreea Laza

Natural Remedies for Obesity

Obesity is one of the most dangerous conditions of the 21th century.

Although the obesity epidemic has started at the same time with the 60’s boom in the fast food industry as well as usage of natural and artificial sweeteners in almost every foods, it’s only now that people have really taken it serious.

Obesity is the main cause for very many dreadful diseases such as diabetes and even heart attacks, this is the reason why we believe these natural remedies for obesity will come in handy for everybody who wishes to keep their weight into normal parameters.

2 Natural Remedies for Obesity

Elderflower Remedy for Obesity

One of nature’s ways to aid and assist you in keeping a normal weight is the wonderful elderflower tea. Why is elderflower tea such an amazing obesity prevention remedy? The elderflower tea has a slightly laxative effect, helps eliminate toxins from your body as well as the water retained in the body. This is why elderflower tea is a wonderful remedy for obesity and a great weight loss solution guaranteed 100% natural. If you wish to enjoy the amazing benefits of the elderflower tea, you need to know how to infuse it perfectly.

  • Add one tablespoon of elderflower tea to one cup of water and let it infuse for 5-10 minutes.
  • Have 3-4 cups of warm elderflower tea per day so that you can see the amazing results.
  • The first cup of tea must be drunk first thing in the morning and don’t have anything to eat in the next half hour.

Associate this natural remedy for obesity with a low caloric diet plan, regular long walks and a great dose of optimism!

Remedy for Obesity with Herbal Tea Mix

Another simple home remedy for obesity is also based on tea consumption. This time we’re talking about a tea mix made of hawthorn, marjoram, oregano, green tea and couch grass. Have 2 l of this herbal tea per day. Take your 500 ml of tea bottle always around so you can continuously drink this tea throughout the day. 

Also take care of your diet and make sure your eating habits support the weight loss process. Mostly, avoid sugary foods and fatty foods, eat fresh raw legumes, simple veggie soups and eat less bread.

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Best Diet for Obesity

When you are overweight it is clearly that you’ve done something to gain this much weight, especially eating more than you need. This is why there are some diet adjustments that you can do to return to your normal weight.

Have 250 ml of whey (90% acid lactic concentration) two days every week (Mondays and Tuesdays). Dilute the whey with flat water or herbal tea that hasn’t been sweetened. If you feel really hungry boil some potatoes with the skins on and eat them with a little bit of salt. In the rest of the weekdays have lean meat, preferably boiled, for every meal.

Add vegetables and fruits to as well. At the end of each meal have 30-40 g of natural honey, but don’t exceed this quantity. Keep this regime for a month and while you’re following it don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, don’t undergo exhausting physical or mental efforts. If you don’t respects these requirements the diet plan has no effects whatsoever.

There are many natural remedies for obesity, diet programs, physical exercise, it’s just that you need to decide when it is the right time to really start losing weight and regain your health back.

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