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5 Natural Remedies for Intestinal Parasites

by Andreea Laza

Intestinal Parasites can make any living organism their home, feeding on the nutrients that the parasite organism intakes and contributing to damaging or sickening the individual that has them. 

There are a few amazing natural remedies for intestinal parasites based on pumpkin seeds, garlic and carrots that will help you out!

5 Natural Remedies for Intestinal Parasites

1. Pumpkin Kernels Remedy for Parasites

  • Grind 1.5 kg of raw (unroasted, unsalted) pumpkin kernels.
  • Mix them with 0.5 kg of honey and 100 ml milk.
  • Stir well and split the quantity into 3.

Have a tablespoon of this powerful mix first thing in the morning and then continue taking a tablespoon every hour. After the first 3 hours have 3 tbsp. of castor oil. Repeat the procedure the next day. In the evening, enjoy a cup of wild thyme tea.

In addition, take 10 drops of propolis tincture daily, for 10 days. Pause for 7 days and resume if needed.

2. Pumpkins Seeds Remedy for Intestinal Parasites

  • Eat 40 unroasted pumpkin kernels after the last supper.
  • Then drink a wild thyme infusion in small sips (1 tsp. of wild thyme per 200 ml of water, infused for 3-4 minutes).

The treatment lasts for 3 weeks, then pause for 1 week and repeat 4 months in a row. A vegetarian/vegan diet is recommended alongside.

3. Onion Remedy for Intestinal Parasites

  • Finely chop a medium size onion and then put it into a jar.
  • Pour water in the jar over the onion, so that the water covers the onion. 
  • Close the jar and let the onion macerate for the next 12 hours, shaking the jar every now and then. 

Have 1 tsp. of the onion macerate every 12 hours, for 3 days in a row. Pause for 7 days and resume the treatment for at least 3 days. The results are amazing!

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4. Simple Garlic Remedy for Parasites

  • Add 1 cup of apple cider, 1 cup of honey and 8 crushed garlic cloves into a wide glass container with a cork.
  • Let the composition macerate for at least 5 days in the fridge, shaking few times per day. 
  • Add 2 tbsp. of the macerate into 1 glass of still water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. 

When you run out of it, make a new batch and can continue the treatment for 1 month. A complete treatment lasts for 3 months with 1 week pause in the middle.

5. Herbal Remedy for Intestinal Parasites

For this remedy you’ll need 100 gr of each of the following dried herbs:

  • common liverwort
  • silver thistle
  • tansy or bigroot geranium
  • dried wormwood

Grind each plant individually and put them in separately in 4 800 gr jars. Mix equal parts water and 96° alcohol and pour the diluted alcohol in the 4 jars. Mix while you pour it in, so that the herbs are well soaked. The alcohol level in the jar needs to be 5 fingers over the powder level. Close all 4 jars and let the herbs macerate for 14 days, after which strain the content using a thick cotton gauze.

  • Mix all the 4 tinctures together and pour in small bottles. 
  • Dilute 2-3 tbsp. of tincture in ½ cups of water.
  • Take this medicine 3 times per day on an empty stomach.

A complete treatment is 12 days after which you pause for 2 weeks. Try one or two of these natural remedies for intestinal parasites and heal yourself naturally!

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