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Natural Treatment for Ringworm in Humans

by Andreea Laza

Ringworm Home Remedy

Looking for a natural treatment for ringworm in humans? Keep on reading.

In most cases ringworm is caused by Microsporum Canis, a very contagious skin fungus. This fungus is direct threat to human health as well as cat health.

Microsporum is a fungus family that can cause tinea capitis, tinea corpus as well as other dermatophytoses of the skin. You need not worry if you have ringworm on your skin because there are really effective natural remedies that fight against this fungus with success, just like the one we’ll be presenting below.

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Potassium Permanganate, the Natural Treatment for Ringworm

Perhaps the best natural treatment for ringworm in humans is this simple solution based on potassium permanganate. This is how you prepare this simple remedy:

  1. Mix 2-3 tiny potassium permanganate crystals with cold water.
  2. Continue mixing until the water turns mauve-violet color, the potassium permanganate color.
  3. Keep the remedy in a dark place.
  4. Use the obtained solution for the next few days (stop using it after it lost its violet color).

Use the solution once a day to pad the affected areas of your skin. Let the area dry on its own without padding it off with a towel. The results will become visible in a few days. Repeat the procedure until the ringworms have gone completely and your skin has regained its health.

This simple natural treatment for ringworm in humans has been recommended by a veterinary who works everyday with pets infested with this parasite. We really hope that this home remedy will also help you get rid of the unaesthetic ringworm as well! Stay healthy, naturally!

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