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6 Natural Remedies for Warts on Hands

by Andreea Laza

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If you’ve just discovered a wart on your hand or wish to get rid for good from some old warts on your hands, then you need to try one of these natural remedies for warts on hands.

Warts are 100% unaesthetic and uncomfortable and come out of nowhere, this is why most people haste to remove them off.

However, medical treatments don’t always work, at least not as good as these natural remedies for warts that our grandmothers used to apply with success. Here they are.

6 Natural Remedies for Warts on Hands

1. Celadine Herb Tincture

  1. Every evening, after a thorough wash pad the warts on your hands with celadine tincture.
  2. Apply overnight a tampon soaked in this tincture on the warts.
  3. In 3 weeks at most you’ll see the warts on your hands are gone.
  4. Also, by applying celadine juice on the warts they will disappear
  5. Break the ends of a celadine and use the yellow-orange colored juice to pad the warts with.
  6. After several days the warts are gone.

2. Duck Gizzard Remedy for Warts

Believe it or not, duck gizzard is a wonderful remedy against warts. It goes like this:

Clean the inside of a duck gizzard without washing it. Massage the warts with the inside part of the gizzard (after cleaning it). The warts will be gone in one day, no exceptions. Make sure you undergo this procedure once, because it doesn’t need repetition.

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3. Warts Remedy with Snail Slime

This another simple remedy for hands warts if you follow the simple steps:

  • Wash your warts with natural soap and pad them dry, but don’t rub them dry.
  • Find a garden snail and grab it by the shell, so that it doesn’t scare off and hide.
  • Place the snail on your hands so that the snail mucous touches the warts. Don’t wipe the mucous off.
  • Repeat the procedure at night and in the morning until the warts are gone.

Make sure you protect the snails and don’t abuse them in any ways. After you’ve placed them on your warts place them back where they belong, or in a carton box and feed them cabbage leaves and lettuce.

Don’t throw them away or kill them! They are part of nature’s wonders!

4. Propolis Tincture, a Home Remedy for Warts

Simply smear the warts with this wonder tincture twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. In a few days they will disappear.

5. Natural Treatment for Warts using Peach

Pick a well ripe peach and peel it off.

  • Apply the peach directly onto the warts on your hands.
  • Keep it there for 24 h using a gauze bandage.
  • Repeat the procedure 3 days in a row, while you don’t wet the warts with water.
  • After 3 days use a natural soap to wash the area thoroughly and then rub with a pumice.

The hand warts will disappear and your hands will look amazing once again!

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6. Remedy for Hand Warts with Vegetables

Did you know that onion and potatoes help heal warts on your hands? Well, this is how to use them properly: 

  • Peel off an onion and cut it in 4 pieces. 
  • Detach all its sheets and soak then in natural vinegar for 24 h. 
  • Take a slice of onion and put it over the wart and secure it with a bandage.

It is recommended that you use the onion 8 h per day at most because it burns healthy skin as well.

  • Use the remedy overnight.

The warts will melt away leaving the skin healthy and marks free.

This last natural remedy for warts on hands makes use of another well-known vegetable: potato. 

  • Wash one potato and take off its peel. 
  • Rub the warts 3-4 times a day using the inside part of the potato peel.

These are the most effective natural remedies for warts on hands. Find one that is most simple to follow and accessible and get rid of warts naturally, without paying a lot of money on expensive products that don’t always work.

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