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5 Natural Remedies for Shingles & A Holistic Approach

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective natural remedies for shingles, continue reading this article and find out what they are. But first.

Shingles is a viral infection affecting the nerve cells, and it usually manifests through the typical skin rash when one goes through an intensely stressful situation, but not only. According to the best-selling intuitive healer, Anthony Williams, there are seven different strains of the shingles virus, which are responsible for very many mystery illnesses and symptoms. Not all strains of the shingles virus have the skin rash manifestation. The more dangerous ones create havoc inside the body, with symptoms that medical doctors cannot diagnose. Hence the mystery illness diagnosis.

Generally speaking, shingles is not such a very severe condition, and it can be treated within 2 to 3 weeks. Still, for some people the discomfort can be quite severe, leading to excruciating pain in some cases. We have searched to find multiple ways to cure shingles, from different perspectives. Below are the most powerful natural remedies for shingles, that alongside diet can actually help one heal. Without further ado, let’s get to the remedies.

Natural Remedies for Shingles & A Holistic Approach

5 Natural Remedies for Shingles

1. Plantain Remedy for Shingles

(Plantago major)

Grind some dry plantain leaves using the electric coffee grinder. Put the powder in a bowl and mix with a little bit of warm water until you obtain a paste. Use this plantain paste to make poultices that you apply to the affected areas. For even better results, grind peppermint and yellow rattle together with the plantain to make the powder. Alongside this topical remedy, drink calendula, lavender, yarrow, and cowslip teas throughout the day. These herbs are some of the best natural remedies for shingles.

Plantain - Natural Remedies for Shingles & A Holistic Approach - MyNaturalTreatment.com
Plantain (Plantago major)

2. Echinacea Tincture Remedy for Shingles

One of the best natural remedies for shingles is undoubtedly the echinacea tincture. Use the echinacea tincture internally as recommended on the bottle or leaflet. Echinacea tincture is also a great topical remedy for shingles. You can also use it to pad the affected areas on the skin with it a few times every day.

3. Quince Remedy for Shingles

One of the most effective natural remedies for shingles that we recommend to you is this quince remedy. Remove the seeds and the hard inside core from 10 quinces. Quarter them and put them in a large jar. Fill the rest of the jar with cold water and leave the quinces to macerate for 7 days. Strain and pour the quince maceration into a bottle. Apply to the affected areas a few times a day. Usually, in a week’s time of using this remedy, the pain has reduced or is gone completely.

10 Best Natural Remedies for Cough - Quince

4. Natural Remedy for Shingles with Aloe Vera

Another simple remedy for shingles is the mighty Aloe Vera. What you need to do is to apply the juice from one Aloe Vera leaf to the affected areas of the skin. The Aloe Vera juice helps the vesicles go away. Alternately, pad the area with lemon balm tea prepared as a regular infusion. This medicinal plant has strong antiviral properties, this is why it is one of the best natural remedies for shingles.

5. White Vinegar Remedy for Shingles

Wash the shingles vesicles two times a day with natural soap and water and leave to air dry. To ease the pain, apply cold compresses with water and white vinegar (30 ml of white vinegar dissolved in 1 liter of water), 2-3 times a day. Then anoint the affected area with a calming solution such as calamine

A Holistic Approach for Shingles

When allopathic medicine fails to help, a holistic approach to the problem can actually help. In addition to the natural remedies for shingles above with medicinal herbs (phytotherapy), here are other simple holistic remedies for shingles virus.

1. PhytotherapyApply fresh Aloe Vera extract over the pustules that erupt and then use verbena or yellow rattle as natural ointments or oil infusions to stop the neuralgia. 

2. Aromatherapy – Eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, chamomile, and bergamot essential oils have antiviral, and analgesic properties, and also help to dry the shingle pustules. Bergamot is most potent against the herpes virus while tea tree oils help to strengthen the immune system and to support the body’s natural recovery after infection.  

3. GemmotherapyBlackthorn buds extract (Prunus spinosa) stimulates the immune system, shortening the recovery period. This extract is highly recommended to boost natural immunity, post-flu convalescence, and against herpes zoster ophthalmicus (HZO). Add 50 drops of blackthorn buds extract in 100 ml of water and drink three times a day, before meals. Alongside this gemmotherapy remedy, apply echinacea gel – highly recommended in the topical treatment of herpetic lesions. 

4. ApitherapyPropolis is an amazing natural disinfectant for wounds and a great remedy for shingles. Spray the propolis-based solution over the affected areas at least 2-3 times a day. You can also use a propolis 20% salve.

5 Natural Remedies for Shingles & A Holistic Approach - Blackthron
Blackthron (Prunus spinosa)

Diet Recommendations for Shingles

The most important part of healing from any condition is nutrition. Why? What you put in is exactly what you get back. Alongside the natural remedies for shingles above, supplementing the body with Vitamin B, bioflavonoids, and natural Vitamin C is key. For this, load yourself with:

  • As many whole citrus fruits as you can, cherries, tomatoes, mangoes, wild blueberries, coconuts, papayas, red-skinned apples, pears, artichokes, bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, asparagus, lettuce (leafy and deep green or red varieties), green beans, avocados, peanuts, seeds, and whole cereals, olives, sunflower seeds, and oils need to be included in your diet plan.
  • The probiotic bacteria contained in fermented yogurts are a great source of Vitamin B.
  • The fatty acids from various fish varieties (sardines, wild-caught salmon, herring, mackerel) or algae, are ideal for skin regeneration, especially when shingles are in the dry vesicle phase. 
  • Cat’s claw herb is also very recommended in the case of shingles. You can use it as a tincture or drink cat’s claw tea regularly.
  • In addition to the diet recommendations, use this simple and effective poultice. Combine some apple vinegar with a little natural honey and apply it to the skin lesions affected by shingles.

A healthy diet plan together with good natural supplements can prevent the outburst of shingles, not just enable the healing. Remember, it is better to prevent than to cure. Fixing is much more difficult than preventing, but it’s never impossible. When you understand that it’s completely in your powers to decide your fate, you once again become the powerful person that you are, and are ready to heal. It’s just a matter of mindset.

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Hopefully, you’ve found here some useful natural remedies for shingles for you. We really hope that the natural remedies for shingles here will help you as they did many others before you. Let us know how you’ve healed from shingles naturally by leaving a comment in the comment section below. Stay healthy, naturally!

5 Natural Remedies for Shingles & A Holistic Approach

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