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How to Make Comfrey Root Tincture and Use at Home

by Andreea Laza

Want to know the most important comfrey root tincture uses for health and how to make comfrey root tincture at home? Keep reading.

Comfrey has magical healing powers, and its secret is allantoin, a substance with antitumor and anticancer properties, whose healing virtues have been proven by many studies. Comfrey root tincture is traditionally used topically for skin cancer, ulcers, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids, but also for injuries, including dislocations, fractures, and burns. But before we show you the key comfrey root tincture uses, let’s see how to harvest and how to make comfrey root tincture at home.

How to Make Comfrey Root Tincture and Use at Home - Comfrey Root Tincture Uses - MyNaturalTreatment.com

How to Harvest Comfrey Root

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) grows especially alongside running waters, in wet ditches and meadows, and in swampy areas. You can easily recognize it by its strongly branched stem (up to one meter high) adorned with purple-violet flowers, in bunches of 5-10. Comfrey roots are harvested in late autumn, from mid-October to November, or at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, in the months of February, March, and April. Between January and March, comfrey root produces the maximum amount of allantoin, and it’s the ideal time to harvest them.

Thoroughly wash the comfrey roots, split them lengthwise into thin strips, and arrange them in a thin layer on a table in a shaded area to dry naturally. Drying is finished when they become rigid and make a snap sound when you break them between your fingers. After complete drying, keep them in a paper bag or glass jar before using them. Now finely grind the dried comfrey roots using a coffee grinder (if there are any unground bits left, sieve them out) and store the comfrey root powder in a sealed glass jar until you use it to make comfrey root tincture with it.

3 Amazing Comfrey Root Powder Uses for Health - How to Harvest Comfrey Root - MyNaturalTreatment.com

How to Make Comfrey Root Tincture

Here is how to make comfrey root tincture at home. Put 20 tablespoons of comfrey root powder in a glass jar, then pour 75° alcohol to cover the powder by 4-5 cm/ 1.5-2 inches. To make this alcohol concentration combine 3 parts 96° food-grade alcohol and one part water. Seal the jar and leave to macerate for 10 days. Strain the comfrey root tincture through a sterile cotton gauze to remove all powder and pour it into small amber glass bottles.

Now that you have the comfrey root tincture ready to use, you can make a powerful comfrey extract from it very easily. Put 4-5 tsp of tincture on a small plate and leave for 4-6 hours to evaporate. The initial volume will drop about three times, and you have a dark-colored and very viscous paste, with very special antitumor and cicatrizing effects. This is the comfrey extract you can easily make and use at home. Now that you know how to make comfrey root tincture and extract at home, here are their most amazing health uses.

6 Unexpected Comfrey Root Tincture Uses

1. Skin Cancer 

Clean the affected area with distilled water or with wheat bran water (you make it by macerating two spoons of fresh wheat bran in a cup of water, for 4-5 hours). Then spread the comfrey root extract over the entire surface using a piece of cotton pad. Do this three times a day. To increase skin adhesion, add 10-20 drops of propolis tincture to the comfrey root extract before spreading it on the affected areas of the skin. Internally,

2. Precancerous Moles

Combine equal amounts of comfrey root tincture and greater celandine tincture, and make the extract following the instructions above. Apply this healing herbal extract to the moles four times a day. Allow the moles to dry in the open air without covering or padding them for at least 20 minutes after applying the extract (preferably 1-2 hours). Usually, the suspicious or precancerous moles fall off after 2-4 weeks of using this extract made of comfrey root tincture in combination with greater celandine tincture.

3. Chronic Cervicitis

Combine equal amounts of comfrey root tincture, yarrow tincture, and propolis tincture on a small plate, and let them evaporate to obtain the liquid extract (see above). Fill up a small syringe (without a needle) with 5-8 ml of this extract and insert it into the vagina. For the following 15 minutes, stand in the candle pose, or rest your legs on a wall or in another position that keeps your pelvis raised so that the extract is confined within the vagina. For maximum results, repeat this process twice a day for two weeks. You can use comfrey root decoction washes of the extract. Find more information here.

Remedy for Vaginal Polyps #vaginalpolyps

4. Varicose Ulcer

Another one of the less known comfrey root tincture uses is for healing varicose ulcers on the legs. Simply anoint the affected areas a few times a day with the comfrey root tincture until you see results. Additionally, cut out or drastically reduce all fats from your diet, including the good ones, as fat thickens the blood and puts a lot of pressure on veins and arteries, leading to these kinds of health problems.

5. Sprains, Dislocations, and Fractures 

Internally, you can take 30 drops of tincture, 3 times a day, added to a cup of common knotgrass tea. Due to high the content of organic silica in common knotgrass, which helps fixate calcium in the body, and allantoin in the comfrey tincture, which helps regenerate bone tissue, this is an amazing duo in bone trauma. This is one of the most amazing comfrey root tincture uses.

Topically, comfrey root tincture is amazing for injuries, including sprains, dislocations, and even fractures that take too much time to heal. Apply compresses with comfrey root tincture over sprains or dislocations, or perform a very light massage with the comfrey root extract. To help fractures heal faster, apply the comfrey root extract twice a day, and leave to air dry naturally (don’t wipe or cover).

Herbal Remedy for Bone Calcification

6. Minor Burns, Wounds that Won’t Heal, and Unesthetic Scars

You can effectively treat mild burns, wounds, and unesthetic scars by brushing comfrey root tincture twice a day over the affected areas. If alcohol burns and you can’t tolerate it, use the liquid comfrey root extract instead of the tincture. This is one of the best-known comfrey root tincture uses.

7. Viral Skin Problems

The simple comfrey root tincture is also effective in alleviating skin diseases, including dermatitis, dermatoses, staphylococcal and streptococcal, fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, pruritus, erythema. The reason is that allantoin found in comfrey root helps regenerate the structure of the skin. You can take 30 drops, 3 times a day, added to a cup of heartsease tea, alongside 2 cups of comfrey root decoction.

8. Rheumatism & Gout

One of the less-known comfrey root tincture uses is in alleviating rheumatic and gout pains. The recommended dose, in this case, is 30 drops, 3 times a day, added to a cup of willow bark tea. Alongside, you can drink two cups of the simple comfrey root decoction, sweetened to taste, with honey, and supplement with the comfrey root powder (1/2 tsp 3 times a day, after meals, in a little honey).

9. Hemorrhoids

Topically, you can apply the concentrated comfrey root tincture twice a day to the affected areas, or the amazing comfrey root salve, which you can prepare at home according to the recipe here. Internally, the dosage is 30 drops of comfrey root tincture 3 times a day, added to a cup of couch grass tea. Alongside, you can drink 2 cups of the simple comfrey root decoction (recipe here) a day sweetened with some honey. Or use 200 ml of the combined comfrey root decoction once every three days (at least) to wash the affected areas.

Comfrey Root Safety & Contraindications

Given some suspicions regarding the relative hepatotoxicity of comfrey, it should be avoided by people who suffer from liver conditions, and long-term internal uses of comfrey root medicines should be made under medical supervision.

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Comfrey root tincture is a powerful yet mild and kind natural medicine anyone can make at home. If you’ve enjoyed learning how to make comfrey root tincture at home, and the most popular comfrey root tincture uses, please share this article so more people can use it. Stay healthy, naturally!

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Butsy December 15, 2023 - 23:03

the article was appreciated. I just bought a comfrey root and it is growing very quickly. I was researching what to do with the tincture. your article is to the point (I spent hours reading about how it was safe or unsafe, but no one mentioned how you use it…) I will split this plant off into 20 plants eventually.
So thanks you!

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza December 15, 2023 - 23:34

Hi, Butsy! This is the way common comfrey root has been used by healers in Eastern Europe (Balkans) for centuries. We are happy that we could help, much health!


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