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How to Make Burdock Root Salve for Rheumatic Pain

by Andreea Laza

Want to learn how to make burdock root salve for rheumatic pain? Discover a wonderful burdock root salve recipe and try it at home.

Burdock (Arctium lappa) has been used since ancient times by the tribes of the Danube Vallery as a body cleanser, and topically, it was used as a remedy for many skin conditions, but also minor wounds and rheumatic pain. This is due to its allantoin content, which soothes, calms inflammation, and speeds up healing. Before we show you how to make burdock root salve for rheumatic pain, let’s see how to harvest the burdock root.

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How to Harvest Burdock Root

The season for harvesting burdock root is either late autumn or early spring. The root is where the burdock stores its nutrients. Harvest only from plants that are one year old, that is before they start to flower. In the first year of life, the burdock plant develops its root system and leaves, so that in the second year it produces flowers and seeds, after which it dies. After harvesting, thoroughly wash the burdock roots in cold water.

Split them lengthwise and put them to dry in a thin layer, in a warm and cool place. The roots are completely dried when they become stiff and brittle and make an empty sound when you snap them. Store the burdock roots in paper bags in a dry and clean place. Now let’s see how to make burdock root salve for minor wounds.

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How to Make Burdock Root Salve for Rheumatic Pain

Prepare a decoction by boiling 3-4 tablespoons of chopped burdock root in 500 ml (2 cups) of water. Continue simmering until the water drops to half the initial quantity. Separately combine the hot decoction with 2 cups of melted pork fat or goose fat in an oven-resistant clay pot with a lid. Make a basic dough and seal the lid on the pot with a thick layer of dough. Keep the pot in the pre-heated oven overnight (do not keep the oven turned on, just heat it well before putting the pot inside). The next morning, you will see the water has separated from the fat that has solidified.

You can use this water for foot baths. Put the resulting burdock root salve in an amber glass container and keep it in the fridge. For more spectacular results, add a cup of lilac or birch buds to the pot before putting it in the oven overnight. Rub your joints very well with this burdock root salve daily.

How to Use Burdock Root Salve for Rheumatic Pain

Apply the burdock root salve daily on the sore joints. To make this natural salve for rheumatic pain even more effective, do a steam bath after applying the burdock root to the painful joints and sip on a burdock root tea (recipe here). Lay down in the sauna bath, and as the heat and steam go up, drink this natural tea in small sips. Usually, in 15-20 minutes, you will start to sweat profusely. Continue sitting in the steam bath as long as your body is still wet from the steam and sweat, and crunch your thirst with water. Do not stay in a sauna to the point of fainting, please be very careful!

After you get out of the sauna and your skin dries, grease your joints once again with the same burdock salve. Then cover the area with cotton wool and bandage so that the cotton does not fall during sleep. The next morning remove the bandage. If you don’t have a sauna bath available or in reach, you can put two large pots of steaming hot water in your shower cabin. Sit on a chair next to the pots while doing the steam bathing.

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How to Make Burdock Root Salve for Rheumatic Pain - Burdock Root Salve Recipe - NaturalTreatment.com

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