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Amazing Home Remedy for Postmenopausal Bleeding

by Andreea Laza

Looking for a home remedy for postmenopausal bleeding? Continue reading.

Home Remedy for Postmenopausal Bleeding

Postmenopausal bleeding or postmenopausal metrorrhagia is a condition that occurs when a woman gets her period or spotting after menopause. Menopause is when you haven’t had menstruation for at least one year. Postmenopausal bleeding can have different causes. It is more likely, the underlying symptom of a condition, in some cases a severe one. This is why we recommend that you consult a doctor right away. If you are looking for a more natural approach to treating this condition, the remedy here may be of great help.

Home Remedy for Postmenopausal Bleeding with Horsetail

Sebastian Kneipp, one of Europe’s forefathers in naturopathy, has praised the horsetail herb for its amazing properties in treating abnormal menstrual problems, especially postmenopausal bleeding. He recommends the following herbal remedy.

Horsetail Remedy for Swollen Axillary Lymph Nodes - Horsetail
  • 4 tbsp of horsetail tea, every 2 hours
  • a pinch of dried horsetail powder diluted in water, 3 times a day

Powdered horsetail is highly mineralizing for the body. It also supports calcium absorption. Follow this treatment or cure for at least a month, and resume whenever needed. The effects of this home remedy are almost immediate for postmenopausal bleeding. It is also a great aid in treating and preventing osteoporosis naturally, which is very frequent in elderly women. We sure hope that this home remedy for postmenopausal bleeding will work for you as well. Stay healthy, naturally!

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Home Remedy for Postmenopausal Bleeding

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