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3 Amazing Home Remedies for Dust Allergy

by Andreea Laza

If you are looking for simple and effective home remedies for dust allergy, continue reading this article and find out what the are. But first.

Dust allergy is possibly the most common allergy people around the world confront with. The most common symptoms of dust allergy are frequent sneezing, the impossibility to breathe properly, and the sensation of suffocation. Although it is a very common allergy, it doesn’t mean one should live with dust allergy all their lives. Hence, here we have for you some of the best home remedies for dust allergy. Let’s jump into the remedies!

3 Home Remedies for Dust Allergy - MyNaturalTreatment.com

3 Home Remedies for Dust Allergy

1. Pollen, the Best Home Remedy for Dust Allergy

This is one of the most effective home remedies for dust allergy. For this simple remedy, you’ll need to finely grind 1 tsp. organic pollen and then mix it with 10 tsp. powdered sugar for 30 minutes, while you pause every now and then so it doesn’t warm up too much. Mix 1 tsp. of this mix with another 10 tsp. of powdered sugar, mixing the ingredients for another 30 minutes, with breaks. Repeat once again with 1 tsp. of the new mix and other 10 tsp. of powdered sugar and then the 4th time in the same manner.

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Two-three months before the flower and trees bloom, when you’re most likely to suffer from allergy, take 2 tsp. of the final mix (mix no. 5), one in the morning and the other in the evening. Once you finish all the mix, continue with the 4th, then the 3rd, 2nd and last, you will continue by finishing the 1st pollen and powdered sugar mix. Prepare the pollen remedy before you start the treatment and keep it in jars sealed with lids.

Tip! Stick labels on them numbers from 5 to 1 so you don’t have any trouble knowing which is which. If you don’t want to use sugar, replace it with organic honey.

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2. Saline Home Remedy for Dust Allergy

Use a warm saline solution for nasal washes in the morning and in the evening. If you find the saline solution in pharmacies rather expensive, you can prepare it at home as follows:

  1. Boil 1 L of water for 20 minutes and then add 1 tsp. of natural raw fine salt in it (Himalayan salt or sea salt are recommended).
  2. The proportions of salt and water are 1 tsp. salt per 1 L of water, it’s up to you how much solution to make.
  3. Leave the saline solution to cool off and when it has reached a bearable temperature, use it for nasal washes.
  4. Make sure your hands are clean when doing this.
  5. Use approx. 200 ml of saline for each wash. Inhale the water through both the nostrils alternatively until it reaches your mouth and then you can spit it out.
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Tip! If you find this difficult to do, try it with a neti pot. This is a long term treatment, but highly effective. This is amongst the best home remedies for dust allergies you can do at home. This is one of the most powerful home remedies for dust allergy.

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3. Dust Allergy Remedy with Lemon Juice

Last but not least, lemon juice is one of the top home remedies for dust allergy. Add 1 drop of lemon juice in each nostril using a dropper. Soon enough the nasal blockage caused by dust allergy will be relieved. This natural remedy is a bit unpleasant because it will sting a bit, but it’s very good with dust allergy reactions. You can make your own mix with 1 vial saline solution and 20-30 drops of lemon juice. This way it won’t sting as badly. Indeed, putting lemon juice in your nose is one of the best topical home remedies for dust allergy, as well as for stuffy nose and sinusitis.

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We hope these home remedies for dust allergies here will help you out. Give us your feedback on how you used them and whether the remedies have worked for you too! Stay healthy, naturally!

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