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15 Best Herbs for Love Spells and Magic Recipes DIY

by Andreea Laza

Looking for the best herbs for love spells and how to use them? You’re exactly where you need to be. I’m sure there isn’t one lover out there who wouldn’t want to know one magic love spell, herb, or enchantment to cast on their crush and make them fall head over heels. Before anyone attempts to do this, let’s contemplate Avicena’s take on magic loves spells:

“Using love remedies against one’s will and forcing them to fall in love, is a great sin.”

Magic elixirs can, indeed, cause an unaware person, to be unexpectedly engulfed by the flames of love. But sooner or later, they will realize that their inflection does not come from the heart and that hot love will turn into blind addiction, and eventually, into hatred.

True Love Goes Beyond the Power of Magic Spells

This being said, I hope you understand that this article aims to help you learn about love herbs and how herbs can heal a heart, but not use them to make magic potions and break the natural laws of the universe. Remember that everything we do in life comes back to us tenfolds.

Best Herbs for Love Spells and how to use them in magic love rituals

Magic Love Herbs & The Moon Phases

If you plan to use the magical properties of love plants, it is best not to buy them from the store or markets. Experienced magicians teach us that the plants harvested with our hands have much greater powers.

Harvesting Herbs for Love Spells According to the Phases of the Month

It is best to collect them either before sunrise or after sunset, because love herbs have to do with feelings, and the planet that governs our feelings is the Moon. And the moon is associated with the night. Some herb magicians go further and collect their herbs exclusively on certain days of the week, according to the planets these herbs are ruled by. Thus, they collect:

  • Monday – plants governed by the Moon
  • Tuesday – plants ruled by Mars
  • Wednesday – plants governed by Mercury
  • Thursday – plants governed by Jupiter
  • Friday – plants governed by Venus
  • Saturday – Saturn-ruled plants
  • Sunday – plants governed by the Sun
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However, it’s too complicated to find the dominant planet of each plant, nor are their correspondents always perfect. Therefore, you can resort to a reasonable compromise, gathering your love herbs on a Monday, the day that governs our feelings, or on a Friday, the day dedicated to the goddess of love.

5 Golden Rules for Love Spells that You Should Never Break


  1. Never make a love spell for the benefit of a person unless he/she has asked for it.
  2. You should never make a love spell to make money.
  3. Never perform a love spell to satisfy your pride or your hurt ego.
  4. Never make a love spell to hurt anyone.
  5. The supreme law: when it comes to love, magic should always be an act of natural love.

10 Love Aches & Magic Herbs to Use

There are many plants known to act as aphrodisiacs, without needing to swallow or smoke them. Many of them have withstood the test of time, although scientists have not found in them the substances that stimulate the senses, or have detected them in absolutely negligible quantities. The reason behind it is that love herbs act energetically, rather than physically, and have different effects. Here are some of the best herbs for love spells and what to use them for.


1. Herbs that send out love signals

– lemon balm, basil, chickweed, cilantro, common lady’s mantle, common verbena, lovage, marjoram, mint, and rosemary. They manage to draw attention to the wearer or gatherer who spreads their fragrance.

2. Herbs that arouse erotic appetite

– cumin, cinnamon, dill, garlic, orchid, hibiscus, mint, nettle, sesame, and saffron.

3. Herbs to prevent falling in love

– camphor and green lettuce.

4. Love herbs for unwavering fidelity

– chickweed, clover, elderflowers, licorice, rhubarb, rosemary, walnut, and cayenne pepper.

5. Love herbs for fertility

– belladonna (highly toxic), mustard, mistletoe, wheat, poppy, geranium, myrtle, oak, hazel, and common hawthorn.

6. Herbs to break unwanted love bonds/spells

– lily, lotus, and pistachio.

7. Love herbs for strong couple bond

– catnip, lavender, lily, marjoram, Japanese meadowsweet, saffron, quince, and St. John’s wort.

8. Herbs for reconciling after a fight

– basil

9. Herbs for heartaches

– valerian and Persian cyclamen.

10. Herbs to control inappropriate sexual appetite

– camphor, myrtle tree, common rue, valerian, dill seeds, and green lettuce.


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Magic Herbs for Love Spells - How to Use Herbs for Love Aches

How to Use Herbs in Magic Love Spells – 4 Ways

Herbs for love spells can be used in different ways. Here are some examples, gathered from the Nordic traditions, where pagan practices are still perpetuated today. Use any love herbs in any combinations from the list above, that match your needs and desires.

1. Make a Herbal Sachet to Attract Love

You will need lavender, dried cornflowers, a little valerian root, and 1 bay leaf.

How to Make the Love Spell

  • Crush the love herbs for your needs in a mortar and mix well.
  • Put the herbal mix in a small square-shaped canvas bag.
  • Tie the sachet with the same color cord or a thin ribbon.
  • Make two knots, while focusing your thought on what you want.

If you want to meet a love partner, take the herbal sachet permanently with you. Continue to carry the herbal sachet in your purse until you find the love that makes your heart skip a beat.

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2. Love Tea for True Love

Put a teaspoon of love herbs in a cup, and pour over the hot water. Cover and infuse for 10 minutes.

How to Make the Love Spell

Sit in a quiet corner and drink the tea with small swallows. During this time, envision how you meet your beloved partner and find true love.


3. Magical Herb Bath

The magical power of love herbs embraces your whole body when you add them to your bathwater.

How to Make the Love Spell

  • Put the desired herbs in a linen bag and hang it under the tap, in your bathtub.
  • Let the hot water wash down the linen bag.
  • If necessary, add a few drops of essential oils extracted from the same herbs.

It is important that, as you start bathing, imagine very precisely what you want to achieve with the help of these love herbs.

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4. Herbal Fumigation

The best love herbs for fumigation, are the following: lemon balm, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla. You can use them in any combination. Allow your intuition to guide you to make the best herb combination for you.

How to Make the Love Spell

  • First, finely crush the herbs in a mortar, until they turn into a fine powder.
  • Fill a small jar or a bowl halfway up with a mix of salt and sand.
  • Place a lighted piece of charcoal in the bowl over the salt.
  • Sprinkle the herbs over the charcoal in the jar.


3 Magic Love Spells with Herbs

For the love ritual, you can either burn the herbs together with a sheet of paper, where you write your heart’s wish, throw them into the sea, or bury them in the ground. Keep your mind and intention focused on what you want, then return home, with a peaceful and confident heart.

1. Magic Ritual to Attract Love with Herbs


  • a few dried rose petals
  • a little catnip
  • half a handful of yarrow
  • some mint
  • coltsfoot
  • raspberry leaves
  • ground iris root
  • chrysanthemum
  • a little verbena

How to Make The Love Spell

Mix the herb well on a Friday night, when the moon is growing. Divide the herbs into 3 equal parts and use them on the same night, as follows.

  • First part: Take the first part into the garden at night, throw the herbs up towards the moon and ask the moon to send true love into your life.
  • Second part: Sprinkle the second part in your bedroom.
  • Third part: Sew the third part in a canvas sachet, tie it and carry the sachet always to you, until the love spell has worked its magic.
Copie a Magic Herbs for Love Spells MyNaturalTreatment.com

2. Magic Herb Spell to Soothe a Heartache

Take a glass and a few fresh lemon balm leaves and go to a nearby brook. Rest sitting on the shore, listen to the sounds and the whispers of the water, and acknowledge the pain in your heart. Do nothing, but stay silent and still. After a while, fill your glass with water from the brook, but with care, so that you do not lose the lemon balm leaves. Drink from the glass, saying in a determined tone: “Water may heal me, the leaves may soothe me. I will be happy again.”

Before leaving home, fill the glass with fresh water again, add lemon balm leaves in and place the glass on your nightstand. Three nights later, the dark clouds from your soul will dissipate and your heart will be fully healed.


3. Magic Herb Spell for Reconciliation

Add a few drops of basil oil to the aromatherapy lamp. Basil’s scent will urge both sides to lean toward reconciliation. After a fierce fight, share a verbena tea. This simple tea is the elixir of reconciliation that also ignites your craving for love!

Basil, a Natural Soporific Herb - Basil Tea

15 Powerful Herbs for Love Spells

1. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is one of the so-called “bedding herbs” – perfumed herbs, with healing virtues, on which the new moms and newborns babies rested. In ancient times, this love herb was used in the worshiping of the goddess Freya, considered the protector of love by the Germanic tribes.

Young girls often used St. John’s wort as an oracle for their love dilemmas. In June, during the feast of Saint John the Baptist’s birth, they gathered a fistful of St. John’s wort buds and put them in a linen sachet. They thought of their lovers and were enchanted: “If he has a good heart, red blood will come out if he holds anger – only sheer foam”.

The chances of their lover being devoted to them were, quite frankly high because when you squeeze St. John’s wort flowers between your hands, a deep yellow to reddish color comes out. This is what we know today as St. John’s wort oil. This is one of the most popular herbs for love spells to this day.

St John's Wort - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells - MyNaturalTreatment.com

2. Myrtle

Since ancient times, myrtle was associated with love, marriage, and fertility and is one of the best herbs for love spells. Both myrtle and rose enjoy special protection from the goddess of love, Aphrodite (Venus, in Roman mythology). Girls were convinced that by offering a cup of myrtle tea to their boyfriends, they would never leave them.

The myrtle branch was never absent from the bridal bouquet, or from the groom’s boutonnière. Once, there was a custom that in the morning after the wedding, the bridesmaids plant a myrtle branch from the bride’s bouquet in the garden. If the branch was rooting, this was a sign that a new wedding would take place in the house soon: usually the bridesmaids!

Myrtle - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

3. Willow

Burning willow leaves can light up the love and attraction of the person that we love towards us. Did you know that magicians would carve their magic wands for moon rituals from willow wood? Do you want to know if you’re getting married next year? Throw your shoe in a willow tree. If it doesn’t immediately cling to a branch, you are entitled to eight more attempts. If you are lucky and the shoe is stuck in the willow crown, it means that you will get married in the next 12 months.

Willow - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

4. Dill

Brides from the last centuries were longing for an obedient husband. So, they would secretly slip mustard berries and dill leaves into their grooms’ shoes, before going to the altar. It is said that, when added to the bathwater, dill makes us extremely attractive. In addition to flavoring food, dill stimulates lust and sensuality. Perhaps this is why dill seeds are used as natural breast-enhancing supplements. And that truly is magical! Hence, this is one of the best herbs for love spells.

Dill - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

5. Lavender

It is believed that lavender scent attracts men irresistibly. In other times, prostitutes used lavender water to perfume their bodies to advertise and attract the attraction of men like crazy. Lavender is also a natural remedy for restless sleep and relaxation and one of the most popular magical herbs for love spells.

Lavender - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

6. Vanilla

This orchid variety is commonly used to make sachets for love spells. It seems that vanilla fragrance intensifies sexual appetite and drive. A vanilla bean added in a jar of sugar, not only flavors the sugar but also creates “love vibrations” that cast magic spells. Given its aphrodisiac properties, the best way to use vanilla for love spells is to add it to a sweet dessert and share it with the one you love.

Vanilla - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

7. Rosemary

This love herb brings gratitude, joy, and love to the one who uses it. Rosemary has been used since ancient times to prepare magic liqueurs, amulets, and fumigating rooms in love spells. One of the best herbs for love spells and inviting new love into your life.

Rosemary - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

8. Basil

This is probably the most beloved “love herb” by Romanian women. They believe that women who drink basil water (a cup of water in which they soaked 3 basil branches overnight) every day before meals, will stay forever young and will be loved as on the first day by their beloved. Young girls and boys who put a basil branch under their pillow will dream of their destined one.

This is especially true on certain days of the year: on St. Andrew’s Day, February 24th (On Romanian Valentine’s Day called Dragobete) on March 1st, or June 24th (Night of Sânziene, a pagan Romanian summer solstice celebration). Wearing a basil branch in the hair and or in the bosom will bring good luck in love. Definitely one of the most popular herbs for love spells in Eastern Europe.

Basil - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

9. Jasmine

Jasmine flowers are a love elixir, especially for women. Herbal witches would make a potion with dried jasmine flowers in milk and honey. They would use this to girls who cannot seem to get married, but also against the evil eye. This magic remedy was also used to rekindle the love towards the husband. One of the most amazing herbs for love spells.

Jasmine - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

10. Lady’s Bedstraw

It is one of the most amazing herbs for love spells used by Romanian women to stay youthful and beautiful, to arouse love, and protect them from evil and various addictions or ardors. The lady’s bedstraw flowers wreath woven on June 24th (pagan Romanian Sânziene celebration) was kept all year long at the top of the bed, for the girl to be sought by boys, and to protect her from night flyers (a pagan Romanian creature depicted as a young handsome man who would come to young ladies at night and trouble their dreams by falling in love) and to give them goon night sleep.

Women would bathe in lady’s mantle macerate to give the skin and eyes a special glow, which acts without mistake in attracting men. The best time for this magic bath is two days prior to a full moon, or Fridays.

Lady's Bedstraw - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

11. Herb Robert

Herb robert is a love elixir, especially for men. Teens and young men were dressed in a shirt soaked in herb Robert’s concoction, to increase their vigor, and to make them more attractive to women. Herb Robert juice and concoction are a proven cure for impotence.

Herb Robert - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

12. Cow Parsnip

The flower and seeds of this plant maintain love between spouses, strengthen their marriage, and helps them have more children. In some parts of Eastern Europe, the godfather would secretly give the bride and groom a cow parsnip tincture after the wedding, for good luck in their home. Yes, cow parsnip is a natural aphrodisiac and one of the best herbs for love spells.

Cow Parsnip - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

13. Apple Blossom

Parents and relatives would throw an apple-blossom branch in the fountain where young men and women ready for marriage lived so that they would “be clean and righteous children before their marriage, like the flowers of the apple tree”. The blossoming apple branch was the symbol of the purity, stability, and strength of a love relationship. There is now the custom, in some Romanian villages, that young people very much in love who never want to break up, should secretly kiss under a flowering apple branch. This magic ritual strengthens their loving bond forever.

Apple Blossom - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

14. Frankincense

Frankincense is a magic cure for the couple’s protection against evil interventions. People believed that if you’d keep a piece of frankincense in the bedroom, under the pillows this prevents the two spouses from arguing. Incense was also held by the spouse in a small pouch, close to the body, especially when the husband went on a long journey. This was done so that they would not “fall into any temptation that would ruin their marriage”.

Frankincense - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

15. Valerian Root

Valerian root is especially known as a protection herb against magic curses. Women consumed minced valerian root when their men were leaving with sheep flocks into the mountains, to be protected from dangerous love temptations. In Romanian mythology, Forest Girl was a tormented, avenging woman spirit that haunts the forests at night and can make a great deal of harm, both physically and mentally, especially to men. Young shepherds would always carry this root in a pouch, together with the green figwort and lamb mint, in order to be protected from the Forest Girl and other apparitions, that could ruin them.

Valerian Root - Powerful Magic Herbs for Love Spells

Herbs for Love Spells, Our Conclusion

What we are allowed to do with these herbs is to send our signals into the universe. “I would like to love and be loved, I am looking for someone, whoever they are, to love me, and to tie their life to mine.” People who use herbs for love spells for their own selfishness and to impose their will upon others will have much to suffer.

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History records a lot of situations in which, by refusing to listen to the voice of reason, people resorted to magical spells. When two souls truly love one another, and their feelings are pure and true, the use of love herbs only intensifies their love. As if they would add natural spices to their love, using secret magic recipes that don’t harm anyone. Stay healthy, loved, and happy, naturally!

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15 Powerful Herbs for Love - Use herbs for magic spells

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