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3 Natural Treatments for Wrinkles

by Andreea Laza

3 Natural Treatments for WrinklesIf your first fine wrinkles have just made you wonder if you need to take some action regarding them, well perhaps that is what you should do. Don’t bother going for the most expensive anti-wrinkle face cream and spend all your money on chemical produce. There are simple less expensive home remedies for wrinkles that you can prepare yourself. Let’s begin.

3 Natural Treatments for Wrinkles

1. Black Tea, the Natural Treatment for Wrinkles

One great and efficient natural treatment for wrinkles is one of the oldest Chinese tea, the black tea. Black tea is obtained out of the tea leaves, that are let to fully oxidize naturally before dehydration. This natural process takes 6 weeks on an average and it`s followed by the oxidation stopping, eliminating the remaining moist.

Black tea is a great stimulant for subcutaneous blood circulation, effect that prevents the formation of wrinkles. It is also a remedy for cellulite. Black tea poultices help attenuate age spots. The reason is that black tea is very rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • We recommend drinking 2-3 cups of black tea a day.

Don’t overdose on black tea and don’t drink it after 5 in the afternoon. It has almost the same effects a coffee due to the caffeine content. Black tea is a great natural treatment for wrinkles.

2. Quince Compress Remedy for Wrinkles

Quinces have been considered to be women’s best natural ally when it comes to fighting back the first few symptoms of aging skin: wrinkles.

This natural treatment for wrinkles we are about to present to you here is a very old one. It has been used by women from Central and Eastern Europe since ancient times. The remedy has been passed on from generation to generation because it works. Still, no remedy for wrinkles will ever work if we do not pay great attention to what we eat in the first place. Avoiding toxic habits such as smoking, drinking, coffee and pollution is a must.

This is the recipe for the remedy:

  1. Peel several quinces and save the peels to prepare a simple homemade remedy. 
  2. Boil the quince peels into ½ mug of fresh milk for a few minutes, until the peels have really softened.
  3. Making some simple poultices and apply them on your face over the wrinkles. 
  4. Cover your eyes, chicks and forehead with quince poultices.
  5. Let them rest on your face for 20 to 30 minutes. 
  6. Rinse your face well with fresh cold water afterwards.

If you wish to enjoy the amazing effects of this simple home remedy for wrinkles, repeat this treatment on a daily basis for about one month. Also, if you don’t like to waste the delicious quinces, keep in mind that the fresh quince juice helps your skin eliminate the excess sebum, being a really helpful home remedy if you have fat skin.

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3. Quince Macerate Treatment for Wrinkles 

There is another way to use this magical fruit for wrinkles. Here is the recipe:

  • Mix quince peels with alcohol and let them soak and macerate for 15 days.
  • The alcohol level in the jar should cover the quince peels by 1 to 2 cm.

After the 15 days, the quince’s beneficial properties have immersed in the alcohol. Strain the content.

  • Pad the macerate over the wrinkles.
  • Store the macerate in dark glass bottles.

For best results, use this treatment regularly. It’s very important to avoid all the toxic food and bad habits that load our body with toxic waste and age the skin. Stay healthy and beautiful, naturally!

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