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10 Natural Treatments for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

by Andreea Laza

natural treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis

If you happen to suffer from pulmonary tuberculosis or you know someone who does, we have to assure you that there are highly efficient natural treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis, this being one of them.

10 Natural Treatments for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

1. Seabuckthorn Root Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

This is a very old remedy for pulmonary tuberculosis and for it, you need 2-3 seabuckthorn roots.

  • Wash the roots well in cold water and brush them thoroughly.
  • Put them in a large pot and pour 2 L of cold water.
  • Put a lid on and put the pot over fire. Boil until the liquid drops to half (1 L).
  • After it has cooled down, slip it and drink the tea throughout the day.

This is a 3 months cure. Besides the remedy, there are a few advice we give you: Avoid smoking, alcohol, physical effort and lead an organized life.

2. Ransoms Wine, The Cure for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Besides the strict diet we advise you start a ransoms wine cure, that you can easily prepare at home.

  • All you need is a handful of fresh ransoms leaves that you need to chop thoroughly, 600 ml of white superior wine and natural honey.
  • Leave the ransoms leaves to soak in 300 ml of wine for about one hour, filter them through a gauze and then place them in a pot along with the other 300 ml of wine and place them over the fire until they boil.
  • Let the concoction to cool for 10 minutes after boiling and sweeten with honey.
  • Mix it with the cool concoction after the wine has cooled down.
  • You need to drink a small cup before the meals of the day for as long as you need.

This is a wonderful adjutant and natural treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis, after which you`ll feel so much better as if you aren’t suffering from any type of condition.

3. Propolis Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Make inhalations with propolis tincture 30% put in basil, fir, pine or mint teas. You can use propolis as pulverization as well by mixing 50 gr of propolis tincture with 50 gr of the one of the teas mentioned previously. Make a propolis balm with 30 gr propolis and 50 gr linden or wild flowers honey.

There is another remedy with propolis you can try.

Mix 1 handful grated horseradish with 1 kg honey. Mix thoroughly every day and leave aside to macerate. Have 2 tsp. per day of this mix before the meals of the day. Alongside, take 20-40 drops of propolis in a cup if warm milk 3 times per day, 1 hour before meals. This is a 4-10 months treatment. Also, 3 raw garlic cloves per day are also highly recommended.

4. Honey Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Drink 250 ml of borsch soup in which you’ve added 1 tbsp. of honey. Or, mix 1/2 kg of honey with 100 gr finely grated horseradish. Mix well and leave to soak for 7-8 days. Take 2 tbsp. of this macerate, 2 hours before the main meal, until you finish the entire macerate. Also, chew on honeycomb until there’s no more juice left.

Or make a delicious rose and honey remedy for tuberculosis.

Make a mix with 100 gr of rose petals (the ones you use for jam) and 150 gr of honey. Wash the petals well and chop them finely. Put them in a glass container along with the honey and mix until the content become homogenous. Take 2 tbsp. per day, in the morning and evening. Keep the mix in a cool place and consume in maximum 2 weeks. If you keep it longer, it becomes toxic!!!

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4. Old Siberian Remedy for Tuberculosis

Mix in a pot 1,100 kg honey and 1 cup of finely chopped Aloe Vera Barbadensis plant and boil them for 10 minutes on low heat. Meanwhile, boil 26 gr birch branches and 13 gr linden flowers in 2 cups of water for 2-5 minutes. Leave the honey mix to cool down. Afterwards, add in the honey mix the water in which you’ve boiled the branches and the flowers. Add 1/2 cups of olive oil in as well. Keep in a cool place. Shake before usage. Have 1 tbsp. three times per day.

5. Plantain Jam Cure for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

  1. Fill up 3 nylon bags with fresh plantago leaves and stuff them well.
  2. Wash them well and cut their stems, then put them in a pot with enough water to cover them.
  3. Boil them on low heat with a lid on.
  4. When they turn soft, crush them slightly and mix them with 2 kg grated carrots.
  5. When the carrot is boiled completely, add 2 kg of honey and continue to boil for a few minutes.
  6. When the mix turns a bit cold pour it in 800 gr jars (you’ll get around 6-7 jars).
  7. In more severe cases take 3 tsp. per day the first couple of days and then increase the dosage to 3 tbsp. per day.

This is a long-time treatment, depending on the severity in could last at least 3 months.

Plantain tea is also amazing if you drink it instead of water.

6. Garlic, a Home Remedy for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Garlic is one of the most efficient remedies for tuberculosis and lung conditions if used as follows:

For this cleanse you’ll need 500 gr of natural garlic. First day have 30 gr of crushed garlic in 3 reps (1 tsp. before each meal) with 1/2 cup of pickled cabbage juice. Increase the dosage so that, by the end of the week (day 7) you’ll eat 100-150 gr of crushed garlic. In addition, drink plenty still water. We also recommend that you do enemas in the evening. When the organism begins to cleanse, you’ll experience some unpleasant sensations at first, so don’t worry. In addition, eat 4-5 garlic raw cloves with or without some smoked lard and borscht soup.

Another remedy with garlic is this one below.

Take off the garlic cloves from a garlic head, put them in an enameled cup, pour sunflower oil over to cover them and then keep in the oven until the garlic softens. Make sure you don’t burn it! Take the garlic from one end and they will slip easily in your mouth. The more garlic you eat per day, the better. Do this for at least 1 month.

7. Beetroot, the Natural Cure for Tuberculosis

Beetroot is the best root vegetable for treating tuberculosis. We have here not just one, but 3 natural treatments with beetroot for this condition. Let’s start with the first.

You will need 2 10 L jars. Peel and grate 2 large beetroots (approx. 1 kg) and put them in one of the jars. Pour boiling water over the beetroot to fill up the jar. You can use this remedy starting with the next day. Every time you get thirsty drink this liquid instead of water. When you’ve almost emptied the first jar, prepare the macerate again in the other jar, so you don’t interrupt the cure. This is a 3 months cure, but you can extend it if the case be.

The second remedy is with beetroot and borsch.

First thing in the morning eat 3 pieces of smoked lard (liver suffering patients should have unsmoked lard). Don’t chew on it, shallow it with your own saliva or a bit of water. Afterwards, prepare a mix with 1 fresh egg, honey and a bit of fresh borsch soup and eat it. Make sure that the soups ass have borsch in them; you may also replace water with borsch throughout the day. All the salads you eat need to have beetroot and horseradish in them. Basically, your diet should be based on beetroot and borsch. 4-5 cups of horsetail tea sweeten with a bit of honey is also recommended.

Together with horseradish, beetroot is also amazing.

Mix 1 handful of grated horseradish, another one of carrot, a large glass of beetroot juice and the same amount of honey in a bottle. Seal the bottle and bury it underground for 2 weeks to macerate well. Wrap it in a gauze before burying. Before use, shake the bottle well and have 1 shot before meal time, 3 times per day

8. Aloe Vera Remedy  for Tuberculosis

Cut around 400 gr from an 2-3 years-old Aloe Vera plant. Don’t wet the plant 5 days previous to the harvest. Keep it in the fridge 2 days, then grind it. Put it in a 2 L jar and pour 3/4 L sweet red wine and 400 gr liquid honey. Mix everything together and leave the macerate for 10 days in a dark place. For a week’s time, take 1 tsp. of the macerate, three time per day, 1 hour before meals. Starting with next week take 2 tsp. three times per day, 1 hour before meals. This is a 1 month and a half treatment.

9. Lemons & Eggs Natural Treatment

Mix the juice from 1 kg lemons with 10 fresh eggs, well washed and 250 ml of brandy. Put all the ingredients in a large jar and seal it tightly. The macerate is ready after the egg shells are completely dissolved. Take 1 shot of this brandy before lunch. Kids should take half the dosage.

10. Cure Tuberculosis with Cabbage Wine

Wash and cut 2 white large cabbages into 3 cm cubes and place them in a 3-4 L jar. Pour 3-4 L of homemade white wine. If you don’t suffer from diabetes, you may add 5 tbsp. of honey as well. Place the jar in direct sunlight and leave it to macerate for 4 days. Then, take 1 cabbage cube and two sips of wine three times per day. If you see improvements in your state, repeat the cure 2-3 times.

Diet for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Eat raw vegetables only 1 to 3 days of the week. Quit smoking, alcohol, coffee and spices in excess. Drink plenty goat milk mixed with goose fat. Replace water with oat tea. Eat 2 tbsp of horseradish mixed with honey daily. Eat loads of walnuts and other nuts. Chew on 5-10 cm of comfrey root bit by bit and then swallow it. Make sure the comfrey root is freshly harvested when using it.

Drink 4 cups of yarrow in small sips daily. Drink the tea as hot as possible. Also, drink 2 cups of horsetail tea, 1 cup in the morning on an empty stomach and the other with 30 minutes before supper. Chew on calamus root throughout the day and then throw it away.

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